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Update: Candlelight Dinner Packages at Epcot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Update – October 13: We’ve posted the latest 2010 Candlelight Processional schedule. See below.

'Candlelight' at Disney's Epcot
I know more than a few Disney Parks Blog readers who’ll be thrilled to learn that Candlelight Dinner Packages at Epcot now go on sale on August 26. Candlelight Dinner Packages include dinner, a guaranteed seating section for the Candlelight Processional, and pre-arranged fireworks viewing. You’ll be able to purchase tickets by calling 407-WDW-DINE on the 26th.

We’ll have more details on the event’s schedule in a future blog post but we can share an early look at some of the confirmed narrators for the 2010 Candlelight Processional:

  • Isabella Rossellini – 11/26 – 28
  • John O’Hurley – 11/29 – 12/1
  • Corbin Bernsen – 12/2 – 4
  • Susan Lucci – 12/5 – 6
  • Jodi Benson – 12/7 – 9
  • Whoopi Goldberg – 12/10 – 11
  • Steven Curtis Chapman – 12/12 – 15
  • Thomas Gibson – 12/16 – 18
  • Trace Adkins – 12/19 – 21
  • Brad Garrett – 12/22 – 23
  • Edward James Olmos – 12/24 – 27
  • Marlee Matlin / Jack Jason – 12/28 – 30

And as you probably know by now, narrators are subject to change without notice. So, is this one of the special events you look forward to each year? Let us know in the comments.


  • I have been waiting to book the Candlelight Processional since May. We are having Girl’s Week at WDW the week of Dec 5th. I can’t wait to book the Dinner Package.

  • My oldest daughters High school Choir got to sing in this when Whoopi did it last year (all the ones on the right/left in yellow robes), its Disney Magic at its best. If your in Disney at this time of year it is a must see.

  • Candlelight is one of my favorite Disney Christmas traditions! I have to get by with the CD most years though. Maybe next year I’ll get to go at Christmas time again.

  • What is “prearranged fireworks viewing?” I know that the dinner package gives you dinner and a seat in the reserved section (if you get there in time.) But I did not know anything about the fireworks! Thanks!

  • Any idea when the TBD narrators will be announced?

  • Christmas time at Disney World is the best, the food, decorations and the story tellers at Epcot are cool. My family and I have attended the CP twice at WDW it was really nice. The last time we saw CP with Neil Patrick Harris and he did an awesome job. Would love to see Trace Adkins present the CP but will be stuck in CA this year. My family will see the Disneyland CP on main street unless they change it this year to the theatre at DCA.

  • Yes, we used our DDP credit for Coral Reef last year. As far as I know it still works! (You cannot, however use your Tables in Wonderland discount on any “package” including CP or Fantasmic.)

    The CMs told us that they do hold back some seats for the CP. In fact they suggested (when I also was told Le Cellier was booked) that I should try for a CP date since there will be some additional tables then!

    Love it! Have seen Louis Gosset Jr, Eartha Kitt, Neil Patrick Harris, Angela Bassett/Courtney Vance (sorry for the misspellings) and enjoyed all. Eartha Kitt is probably number one, but LG Jr is a VERY close second! 🙂 We hope to go again this year. Thanks for the information! 🙂

  • Dining CM told me that ADRs will not convert over to the Candlelight Package i.e. if you already have an ADR at LeCellier, they won’t just convert your reservation over to be used with the CP.

  • My husband and I always come down right after Thanksgiving. For the last several years we have had the pleasure of celebrating our anniversary at the Candlelight Processional with John O’Hurley. We will really miss him if he is not there. He really makes the program very personal. I also enjoy the interpreters for the deaf that sign the program. They are all very enthusiastic and really add so much to the program. Their movements are beautiful as well as graceful, and they truly do “sing” with their hands.

  • Nobody better than Lou Gossett.

  • I am disappointed that WDW could not get this scheduled any quicker. We will be there the first week of December and it is a shame that we could not have booked the CP/Dinner package at the same time we booked our other reservations. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and we were hoping to get this all scheduled and done. I am surprised that they could not schedule the narrator before this time.

  • I can’t wait! We love Jodi Benson!

  • This is a phenominal event that is very moving and inspiriational. My sister and I saw this 2 years ago and loved it so much we went a second time while we were there that year. We were lucky enough to see Marlee Matlin and Jack Jason the second night and it was incredible. The Candlelight Processional is an event you should not miss!

  • I’ve been going to this since the early ’90s with the ‘dinner package’, and I liked it more back then when you could go to the Candlelight show first and then have your dinner reservation after. But for some reason Disney had to change it a while back, where you now have to have your dinner reservation first (feeling rushed) then go to the Candlelight show. I tried this “new” way a few times, and much prefer the original way of doing it with the show first followed by dinner. The past few times we went, we opted not to do the ‘dinner package’ so we could go to the 1st Candlelight show and then dinner after.

  • OMG – Mike Rowe would be a GREAT speaker! Such a powerful voice! I have the CD of Lou Gossett Jr. doing the story and sooo wonderful! Would love to hear Mike Rowe – (he would probably love it as well since he has a music background.

    Or James Earl Jones…

  • This year will be bittersweet, my son will not be singing with his school for the first time in three years! He’s off to college, but we will be at Disney!

  • Oh how I wish I could see this just once every year… I get excited for the next time (whenever that will be i dont know…) that I will get to experience the Candlelight processional. Beautiful, moving, and amazing are all that I can say. Everyone that is going – – Enjoy it. and Bring some kleenex. This will be something you’ll remember for YEARS!! to come.

  • Do you happen to know the list for the Disneyland California narrators for Candlelight?

  • The Candlelight Processional has been our special thing to do for several years now. It is the highlight of our annual Christmas visit every year. I love it!!!

  • I always sing at this so YAAAY!!!

  • We have been looking forward to making our reservations for weeks now! We’ll be calling on the 26th for sure! If you need ideas for narrators, here’s one: Jim Caviezel. We saw him 2 years ago (I think) and loved him! He did such a great job. You need to bring him back!

  • Edward James Olmos…absolutely the BEST narrator! Christmas Day with him is so wonderful, hope he comes back.

  • Thanks for listening and finally putting out a specific date for reservations. I am sure the Dining Reservation agents are thrilled to have this info! Looking forward to future blog entries that fill in the TBD narrators, but also the 2010 costs and restaurants that will be participating. A SPECIAL thanks to all the reservation agents who were caught in the middle for so long. Enjoy your days until the 26th!

  • My family has already booked dining reservations at Biergarten, would it be possible to get these existing reservations converted to the CP dinning or would we have to cancel the original and hope we can get new ones?

  • Yeah! It is so good to have a date – I think the CM’s are tired of me (and others) calling everyday multiple times!!

    Thanks for posting this info…now just waiting until 7am on Aug 26th!!

  • I’m with Dale from MD.

    I love the Candlelight Processional, but after taking away Lights of Winter, it makes me very disappointed.

    You bring back Lights of Winter using LED’s…since those aren’t “obsolete” then it would be better.

  • Will there be dinner packages available at Via Napoli now that it’s open? Thanks.

  • Can you use your dining plan meal tickets for this

  • If you need possible names for the TBD times, Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) and/or Dennis Haysbert (24, The Unit, Allstate commercials) would be great!

  • Does anyone know if a guest is staying at a disney resort and is using the disney dining plan, will that cover the cost of the candlelight package?

  • Thanks for the info, Thomas. Can you tell us if some slots have been reserved for Candlelight Processional packages? For example, on the day I want to go, 11/29, Le Cellier is currently completely full. When the booking for the CP Package opens on 8/26, will there be slots available for the package that are not currently available for normal reservations?

  • I wasn’t able to have the pleasure to see a Candlelight Processional until a few years ago because my family usually just went to WDW during the summer. I saw this put up and told my family that this is what I want to do for my birthday and Christmas this year. I really hope to see the rest of the information soon. Thanks so much for the early information though.

  • Is there no date for December 25th? And can we book on Aug 26 with DVC Member Services?

  • I was fortunate enough to be at one of the Candlelight performances last year. What a was to get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Years ago, this event was held in the WDW Magic Kingdom, and high school choirs from around the country were able to audition and be selected to perform in a concert. Lucky me, I got to perform twice. One year, Pat Boone was the narrator, the other year it was Rock Hudson (I think – this was a long time ago!). Happy I got to go back a second year because during the first concert, I barely sang a note: I was so moved by the beauty of it all, I cried through the entire Hallelujah Chorus. Truly one (or two!) of my best memories. Thanks WDW!

  • Look forward to Candlelight every year because it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. I absolutely love the whole program.


  • If we have the dining plan and reservations already is there anyway to link the two together or add this to a reservation already made?

  • I’d love to see Neil Patrick Harris come back for Candlelight! I lived in CA that year and couldn’t catch that showing but we did see Abigail Breslin. NPH+CP= Legendary.

  • This is great news… looking forward to my first visit to Walt Disney World.. and at christmas time. Yeah. It looks like a great show. I hope to see Whoopie even though Im sure they are all fantastic. Im soo excited and now to wait 20 more days till booking. When do you expect the pricing and restarants to be listed. Ill keep my eye out.. Thanks soooooo much Disney.

  • Very excited for Thomas Gibson!!!

  • We were lucky enough to see Eartha Kitt one year, she was great!

    We won’t be back to WDW for the holidays until Lights of Winter are back though — or something similar to take their place.

  • It’s so good to finally have a firm date, although it is still a long 20 days away! Thanks for posting this blog entry. We attended our first CP last year with the dinner package and it was the highlight of our trip. I’m looking forward to more details on this years complete package.

  • I’m excited to see Jodie Benson…will def be in the phones the morning of the 26th.

  • Do you have to call to book this or can it be done online? I’ve been calling to check on when they were going to begin taking reservations for 2 weeks. Thanks for finally giving us a date. This will be my first visit in December and I’m really looking forward to it!!

    • Glad to hear, Cristine. And yes, you’ll need to call to book – 407-WDW-DINE.

  • YAY, been WAITING for this info (as I bet the CMs we’ve all been harassing over the phone for weeks were, too). This will be my family’s first time to experience it, looking forward to it. Looking forward to the tier and pricing options. Already have our day and back-up day in mind.

  • I saw Whoopi last year at my first Candlelight and decided I will go back every year to see it with Whoopi. I can’t wait to make my ressie:)

  • Any information on pricing and dining credits?

    • Hi, gathering this information for a future post. Thanks.

  • Wow there are a lot of TBD days. My friends entire trip is TBD, I hope you post the names of the narrators for the entire time before we have to book. Thanks so much for giving us a definite date.

  • This looks great! May want to check the entry for Trace – I think you meant 12/19 – 21. Have a great Disney Day!

  • I’m so excited to experience this! It will be my first year in Disney during Christmastime, and I’ll be celebrating my honeymoon! I’m sure there will be loads of magic to experience throughout my stay there, including the Candlelight Processional. Can’t Wait!

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