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Cast Members Making a Difference

Cast Members Making a Difference

I recently had an opportunity to observe and photograph two cast members at the Magic Kingdom, each doing their part to create smiles for guests young and old alike. A merchandise hostess welcomed guests along Main Street, USA with a great smile and a “you-know-who” glove.
Cast Members Making a Difference

And a second cast member from Magic Kingdom Operations was also spreading smiles — delighting children with bubbles as they waited for the afternoon parade.
Cast Members Making a Difference
Both cast members said they were convinced that they had the coolest jobs around. And I believe it showed. So, what’s your dream Disney job?


  • I grew up in Tampa, an hour and a half away from the magic. I can’t remember a time I didn’t have an annual pass. Disney has always been my way of escaping reality for a couple days at a time. I’m a photographer and I would love to be able to show people my perspective of Disney through my art. I hope one day I can return to Florida and help document the kind of joy happiness that is experienced no place else on Earth. Blogging in tandem would be the icing on this glorious cake.

  • My Disney Dream Job would have to be at the Art of Disney stores. I have always DREAMED about creating Disney art sketches that so many people have seen in those stores. To make a Disney character come to life on paper is truly art. My Disney hopes and dreams lie within my heart and I hope I WILL find myself working for Walt…Thanks Walt! 🙂

  • ANY JOB! Cannot wait to be a cast member

  • I would like to work in the Haunted Mansion. I love their costumes.

  • My dream job would singing on Main Street as a Dapper Dan!

  • I did had a very special attention from one of the employe who help me a lot during my shoppong experience in Magic Kingdom in 2007 (Mr. Desrosiers). It was at the Mickey mouse village. Thanks !

  • I have wanted to be an imagineer since 1st grade, but so many people have told me that I’d be great as a face character like cinderella (even though I’m brunette :0) which would be great too!

  • It all started in 1994 and I was in Recreation for nine years, mainly as a Lifeguard. At the time I worked in all 13 resorts and all 3 waterparks. Yes, THREE waterparks. Long live River Country. Hands down it is the best job I’ve ever had. I met so many people and was able to make ‘MAGIC’ every day. When you wear that nametag and put on that costume and get on that stage. Being a Disney Cast Member made me who I am today! You are entertaining those who come to your area. One day I hope to be back to provide the magic again!!! If anyone wants to know about Recreation and wants to provide the “Magic”, I’ll be happy to talk to you about it!

  • Thanks Mr. Duncan for your wonmderful advice

  • I was a Conductor for the Disney trains that travel around the perimeter of Magic Kingdom Park in Disney World. I would love to be able to perform that role again! It was so much fun and you got to talk to so many people while they waited for the train to arrive. I didn’t realize how many children had an interest in trains!

  • Thank you to Sarah from ON who wrote about the Parking Lot trams. That what I did when I was on the WDW college program and had a blast.

    Having said that, I would be interested in working in the communications control room, coordinating activity across the parks. “Magic Kingdom 3” or even better “Magic Kingdom 1” would be nice…

  • I would say my Disney Dream job would be to wander around all the parks taking note of my fellow CMs. Many go above and beyond (even for Disney) and I’d like to see them receive recognition.

    You can learn a lot by standing in line and talking to people. On my last Disney trip I made sure to go on the Jungle Cruise to see “Captain P”; he was so enthusiastically “punny” that others were still commenting on him hours later.

    Nice question Gene!

  • I think I would like to be Minnie Mouse or Goofy. I would just love to work at Disneyland.

  • The cast members are one of the key things that make the Disney Resorts heads-and-shoulders above the rest. The next time we go down, I’m going to make a point of getting the names of the cast members that go out of their way for us, and make sure that I let someone in management know that we appreciate it.

  • My dream job would be like yours Gene! Capuring moments & blogging about everything Disney – what a dream to be able to connect with everyone on what’s current and what’s happening in the “Magical World of Disney”! Just getting the Disney Parks Blog updates keeps me smiling! 🙂

    • Thanks Christie- It is, indeed, a real pleasure to be a small part of this blog, and I sincerely appreciate the feedback from viewers like yourself.

  • My Dream job would be one similar to yours. Where I could capture the magic of Disney in images for all to enjoy.

  • After a great, funfilled and exhasuting day at Disney, I always appreciate those CM’s who drive the parking trams. They are always sure to ask if you enjoyed your day and the last people to say “have a great nite”! No matter how tired I am, hearing “we are at rows “Goofy 30 through 45, have a safe trip home and hope to see you again soon” just completes an always perfect day. One day, my best friend and I always say when we retire we will move to Florida and work part-time at Disney. I want to be on the back of one of those trams wishing tired, happy visitors a save trip home.

  • Everytime I visit Walt Disney World I am astounded with the landscaping. The parks and the resorts are always so beautiful. I spend just as much time wandering and enjoying the grounds as I do riding the awesome rides. The landscaping and topiaries for special events like The Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot are unbelievable. The landcaping at the gates to the Magic Kingdom at Halloween are so cute. I’d love to be a part of creating these living works of art for everyone to enjoy.

  • friends with the princesses [:

  • My wife and I have always dreamed of being a street preformer cast member. People always say I can bring a room to life. We love Disney World.

  • I can hardly wait to be a Cast Member! My dream job would be to be a part of the Magic Kingdom Operations Dept. “Plain clothes” cast member with the ability to go in to the park during the day as part of my job…to be able to interact with the guests and make their visit more enjoyable and magical. I don’t have a role yet, but hopefully within the next two years! See ya real soon!

  • I apply for any and every position that I qualify for at the WDW resort. I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of making Disney magic on a daily basis! I have to say my dream job would be to be a part of the Project Management team on any and all construction projects at the resorts and parks. I have extensive construction experience and nothing would be more magical for me than to be a part of bringing an attraction to life and then watching the magic that it brings to the lives of the children and adults that get to enjoy it at Disney.

  • I love your amazing pictures Mr. Duncan, I just wanted to ask if you would know how to get the job of filming for the Disney Parks? If you would know any information on this that would be great to help pursue my dream to work for this wonderful company.

    • Ryan, I would suggest that you go to the Walt Disney World Casting Center, located across the street from Downtown Disney, and inquire what positions are available.

  • Work as a Dancer in the parades,shows anything will be fine !while im in college. 😀

  • Show Quality Operations
    Parade Float Operator 1
    Character Performer

  • I’m certain that my dream job would be as a Disney Photographer.

  • I would love to work as a gardener in WDW! Imagine being able to help beautify WDW every day! I would especially love it during the Flower and Garden Show! Such creativity happens then!
    I also thought it would be fun to work at The Land in the greenhouse. Working on new and innovative projects there would be a dream job for me!

  • To laura:


  • My retirement dream is sweeoing Main Street or working on the Railroad……

  • the pirate experience at magic kingdom, shouting “we have a new pirate” all day long!!!

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