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Celebrating the Art of… Randy Noble

Michelle Harker has been taking you behind the magic and introducing some of our talented Walt Disney Imagineers and Disney inspired artists in a special Artist Corner series titled, “The Art Of…” I enjoyed reading Michelle’s Art Corner so much, I asked her if I could take the reins this month and introduce you to one of our talented artists from Disney Design Group, Randy Noble.

Randy has a rich history with Disney. He began his career with Disney Parks in the fall of 1998, when he joined Disney Design Group as a Senior Character Artist. Randy has a true passion for Disney and in shows in all of the imaginative and beautiful art that he creates.

Cinderella Watercolor

Dara: Our Guests have gotten to know you through your Disney art and collectible merchandise as well as your original artwork. How would you describe your art style to someone who has never seen any of your work?

Randy: I guess as far as my paintings go the paintings guest react the most to are my watercolors. They are loose with big washes of color and are more free flowing in style not worrying about where the color may go. I like to work in a variety of mediums like oil, acrylic, casein, and gouache but watercolor is still my favorite.

Dara: In addition to limited edition art work, what additional projects have you worked on that our Guests may not be familiar with? Are there any past projects that you have worked on that you’re most passionate about?

Randy: I have been very lucky to have worked on many great projects during my time at Disney Design Group such as Star Wars Weekends, Food & Wine Festival, Pin events, Disneyana, and the creative for our Disney Store on 5th Avenue in New York. I guess I was most passionate about Vinylmation. This was a project that my partner in Arts & Collectibles (Aaron Babcock) and I started from scratch and have watched it grow much larger than we first envisioned.

Goofy Watercolor

Dara: When selecting the characters that will appear in your art, is there a process you go through to help determine what character you’re going to focus on? Where do you draw your inspiration for each piece?

Randy: Each time I sit down and think of a new painting I try and keep in mind our guest and what characters they love. I do have favorites like Goofy and Pluto but I really enjoy painting all the characters. My inspiration comes from Disney Parks, I’m reminded every day as I drive onto Disney property what a great job I have, and how lucky I’ve been in my career.

TIP: On Friday, August 27, Randy Noble will be debuting three new original pieces of art at the Art of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace. Visit for more information about Randy’s upcoming appearance.


  • My husband and I have been desperately trying to find an art piece or really anything other than a photo of the Cinderella Wishing Well outside of the castle… It is where we got engaged and have yet to find anything that we could have in our home (artwork etc.) Is there any place we can check or artists that can create a rendering?

  • Ditto Kim’s post! Still watching for an answer to her regarding purchasing Randy Noble’s work. I’ve searched on line, but didn’t find anything. I love the Goofy with the DCL in the background. Wonder if on-board is the only option?

  • The Cinderella watercolor painting is gorgeous. 🙂

  • Love these pictures! Can you purchase them anywhere?

  • Love love LOVE Randy Noble’s work! We’ve got a few of his paintings (Figment, sorcerer’s apprentice Mickey, Pooh, Tink), tons of Vinylmation, and my new favorite, a great paintin of one of the Disney cruise ships that we just got on our last cruise.

    Thank you so much for featuring Randy Noble. My favorite Disney artist!

  • The paintings are really imaginative, but what else would you expect from someone representing Disney?

  • Randy is an amazing artist. I have never seen another capture the heart of our characters, especially the princesses, the way that Mr. Noble does. He is a true GEM!!!

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