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Disney Trading: Time For Steampunk

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Vinylmation Steampunk set

A few months ago I wrote an article for the Disney Parks Blog about a Steampunk-inspired pin collection called “The Mechanical Kingdom.” The response was overwhelming! Disney Cast Members from various divisions of the Walt Disney Company sent me messages sharing their love for all things Steampunk. To those fellow Cast Members and to Steampunk fans in general, I have something exciting to share with you today – a look at some upcoming Steampunk inspired merchandise.

Vinylmation Steampunk set

The above images feature figures from the upcoming limited edition Vinylmation Steampunk set created by Disney Design Group Artist Mike Sullivan. This set will contain six figures and will be released in early 2011. You may notice that the figures I photographed are actually hand-painted samples. For some of the more detailed figures, we receive hand-painted samples that are used to verify details, colors and other elements. In other words, we use them to ensure we are creating the best figures possible.

I spoke with Mike Sullivan about designing these figures.

“I started work on the set about a year ago,” said Mike. “I wanted to tell a story with this six-figure set, similar to the story I told with the ‘Mechanical Kingdom’ pins. The packaging for this Vinylmation set will really complete the whole story. It’s exciting for me to see these figures come to life.”

Vinylmation Steampunk Watch

While Mike was developing the limited edition figures, he found the time (yes folks, I’ll be here all week) to create an incredible Vinylmation Steampunk pocket watch. Wow! I love pocket watches; I used to have a Mickey Mouse one in high school. This watch will be packaged with a 3-inch figure that was inspired by the watch. The watch and figure combination will have an edition size of 750 and is scheduled for release in California and Florida in December 2010. Put that on my “Wants” list!

Steampunk Map

Mike provided me with one last concept drawing for a pin set that will be released at the Sci-Fi Academy event at Disneyland Resort in Summer 2011. Do I see a Steampunk Tiki from Adventureland?! Okay, make that two things for my “Wants” list.


  • Thanks for answering, Steven. Looking forward to it! It would be a nice surprise if the 9″ were released then too, but that could be just wishful thinking 🙂

    • @Carla – Good news! The 10th Anniversary of Pin Trading set will be released on August 27 at D-Street in California. It will also be released on August 29 at the Vinylmation Showcase event at Epcot.

      @Andrew – More good news! I confirmed that the Toy Story Series will be released on August 27 at D-Street on each coast. For those Guests attending the Vinylmation Showcase event on August 29, we will quantites of the Toy Story series at the event. We are only releasing the 3-inch figures at this time.

  • That pocketwatch is definitely a MUST HAVE, like the 10th Anniversary of Pin Trading Vinyl set! Speaking of which…(LOL) It was released yesterday then was marked unavailable. Will it be for sale again online or in the parks? I am hoping it will be for sale at the Trade City Vinyl (or Pin) Event as I will be going to both.


  • Love the Steampunk, but first thing’s first, when will TOY STORY vinyls be out at Disneyland and D-Street?!

    • Andrew –
      We are looking for a August 27 release at D-Street in California and Florida, provided all goes according to plan. As soon as we confirm, we will post on

  • Ooooooo I will be in WDW in May I hope I can find them. Last May I got all the steampunk pins.

  • I love that set. Especially the watch and vinyl. But I’m very disappointed that it will be sold at D-Street only…Many of the Disney fans live nowhere near either Disney resort (believe me many of us would love to). But we don’t and still want to collect Disney items to have that little bit of magic in our homes. I’m very disappointed that the Disney fans not able to make it to D-Street are being alienated. 🙁

  • I like the current Steampunk Vinylmation figure and the t-shirt, but these are spectacular! Going to put the pocket watch set on my Christmas list!

  • Looking nice…would there be any hint yet when the Figure/Watch set is being released? I’ll be in WDW from 12/1-6…

    The map looks quite nice as well. Might the artist be talked it to letting it be printed for purchase?

    Also…the DisneyStore online shops have had yet another set of steampunk inspired pins that your readers may be interested in. 🙂

  • Is there any chance that a few sets of the Pocketwatch combo might make it out to Disneyland Paris? *Hopeful stare*

    I’ve been saving all year for Vinylmations for when I get to Disneyland Paris in early January of next year. 🙂 I live all the way down here in New Zealand so it shall be my once chance to stock up on all things Vinyl! 🙂

  • my daughter turned me on to steam punk last year… is so amazing! I love this……. 😀

  • Walt was a huge fan of all things mechanical and Steam, (DLRR,the Mark twain, Mine train through natures wonderland(now removed). I think it would be totally appropriate to make a Steampunk themed land.

  • I have to agree with Mayra. A movie and soundtrack! Can you imagine the coolness and magic? I think we all can. I say, “Yes, please!”

  • Do you know when in December the watch will be going on sale? We are heading down the day after Christmas and I am hoping to get one.

    • Paul –
      Unfortunately, we don’t have a date yet. We are still a few months away from the release. We’ll have a better idea closer to December. Keep watching as we’ll post the date there (under the “Events” section).

  • Steven the more I look at this the more magic that comes to mind. This is fantastic. We need a Disney Movie and soundtrack by Paramore to follow! Walt was right as long as there’s imagination, Disney will live on!

  • Yes, I love them too!

  • LOVE the pocket watch! I hope it is wind-up as a battery run watch would not quite be the same. If it is wind-up then I am so getting one!

  • Woo hoo! Any idea on pricing for the vinyl/pocket watch combo?

    • Danielle –
      The edition size is 750. It will be released at D-Street in California and Florida later this year. The retail is $150.00.

  • WOW! The pocket watch is AMAZING!! All of the vinyls are awesome!! I LOVE the concept drawing for the pin set! A must have for us!!

    I hope to see some of these items previewed at Trade City!! Only 8 days until Early registration! Can’t wait!! I also can’t wait to see the silent auction catalogs for both events! (Hint Hint) LOL

    • Katie –
      We are finishing the Disney Pin and Vinylmation auction lots for the upcoming Trade City, USA event as we speak. Some really awesome stuff in both auctions. Stay tuned as we’ll post them within the next couple of days on and

      Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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