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Expression of France

Expression of France by Gene Duncan
A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to France, photographing various venues for Adventures by Disney. In the south of France, I came upon a tranquil view out over the Luberon Valley. I made a few photos and moved on. Months later, I was still reeling from the vast amount of art I had been witness to on that excursion, and I just wondered how Van Gogh might have treated that landscape. Well, having no ability to paint for real, I just experimented with some of the tools at hand, and ended up with an expressionistic image that made me smile. Now, don’t think that I take this picture seriously, it’s just that I do enjoy a brief retreat from reality once in a while.


  • Great picture. Where were you? I was in Provence last June and saw old villages in the Luberon that were similar to this, have you ever been in Gordes? Sadly, I have no link to my picture at the moment, but I’m sure you would appreciate it.

    Montreal, Canada

    • Thanks Eric. I’ve forgotten the name of this village, but will go through disks next week at the office and will try to come up with it. And yes, Gordes is stunning- I have a print of it on my wall at home.

  • Absolutely beautiful! So jealous that you get to do this for a living….

  • Love it!!!

  • Beautiful! I love it. What a great job to do things like this for a living. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the way your picture turned out. It’s very Van Gogh.

  • Gene, I love your version of Van Gogh! I especially appreciate the color palate you captured or manipulated. The yellow/orange, greens and slate blues are a perfect combination. Thanks for posting!

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