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Fishin’ with Friends at Walt Disney World

Goofy, Mickey and Pluto fishing at Camp Minnie-Mickey
As I strolled through Camp Minnie-Mickey this week, I happened upon three of our favorite Disney personalities quietly waiting for “the big one.” I’m glad they brought a lunch box along, as I reckon it is going to be a long day. Goofy, wake up! I think you’re getting a nibble.



  • I’m so sad I’ve missed this the 3 times I’ve been to WDW. Perfect excuse to go back though! 🙂

  • I can’t believe we missed this one!!! We always see the nephews with Daisy but I’ve never seen this one!!! Will be on my “to see” list next time!

  • I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this when we visit Animal Kingdom on Monday.

  • I love this scene and the one around the corner from it where Daisy is leading a “Scout Troop” on a hike.

  • Brain – Donald with the boot is across the stream/river
    Daisy & the nephews are heading that way – across the “street” & closer to camp M&M sign

    I took almost that same pic last week – AK was great, meeting the gang & Ber Bear — wanted to meet Thumper & GF but my oldest started getting fussy so I just snapped a pic & waved to them

  • What a great pic…It’s a favorite of mine

  • I wish i could set up a pond in my yard that looked liek this

  • I love Animal Kingdom, but Camp Minnie-Mickey should become the long-awaited “Beast’s Kingdom”. We already have an elephant, a dinosou, but not a dragon yet 🙂

  • THIS is a REALLY GREAT Disney Pic!
    Y can’t we get pictures like this to use on our comp.walls?!?

  • I love this too! I have took a similar photo – I never pass up a photo op with Mickey. It’s great to find these little treasures in WDW.

  • Great shot! Do I remember correctly that a nearby Donald Duck has caught a boot on his hook?

  • How cute is that? I have taken this picture, just when I was on my way to The Lion King Festival!!
    I love the Animal Kingdom, great place 🙂

  • How cute is that? I have took this picture, just when I was on my way to The Lion King Festival!!

  • This is one of my favorite – an often overlooked – hidden character spots in all of Walt Disney World!

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