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Flying Through the Sanctuary

This is another quick peek at some of the beautiful wildlife one can observe in the butterfly garden outside of the Outpost at the Fort Wilderness Campground. These three images represent less than 4/1600ths of a second in time, yet reveal something I have never seen before.
The Monarch lands by Gene Duncan
The Monarch is one of 17,000 species of butterfly, and is probably the best known of them all. They are extraordinary in many ways, including flying to an altitude of 10,000 feet, and are capable of transatlantic crossings.
The Monarch near a flower by Gene Duncan
Monarchs experience 4 senses: touch, hearing, sight and taste/smell. They sense touch through hair-like structures called tactile setae, which are attached to nerves and extend through sockets in their exoskeleton. (See what looks like a furry mane on the back of this beautiful female as she lifts off). The setae help her sense gravity, wind, and the position of her body parts- all important to know when you are flying.
The Monarch by Gene Duncan
This final image would suggest that she and her guidance system are functioning just fine. And, with so many species being threatened with loss of habitat, how cool is it that Walt Disney World Horticulturists create and maintain sanctuaries like this one? Cheers.


  • How fantastic ,that you were able to get these photo’s!Real photographyis my favorite to decorate my home with!. I will try to get a photo like this when we go in Nov. this year… Thanks a bunch for sharing yours

  • Great capture on that 2nd shot!

  • These are wonderful! You truly have my dream job! I am a photography student right now, and my biggest dream is to work for Disney taking pictures at the parks! Maybe I could shadow you one

    Beautiful work!

  • coulorfull creatures i love butterfly

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