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Making a Splash from Coast to Coast!

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Looking to beat the heat this Summer? Not only will you make a splash when visiting one of Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom parks’ most famous attractions, Splash Mountain, but you’re bound to create a wave of excitement with friends and family when they see you in some of our new Splash Mountain inspired tees.

You may remember my interview with Product Developer, Summer Bloomfield, a while back, when we announced the Since ’55 – Happiest Memories on Earth program. Once again, Summer has been hard at work and wanted me to share with you some of the new artwork that will be appearing on our Splash Mountain inspired merchandise this September and October at Disney Parks.

Splash Mountain Inspired T-shirt Design Splash Mountain Inspired T-shirt Design

Splash Mountain Inspired T-shirt Design
So if the heat starts getting unbearable, head for your nearest laughing place and stay cool with these new looks. Keep in mind that items and art will vary by park, but you never know where they’ll splash down next, so keep an eye out. For a look at some of our new Splash Mountain t-shirts that are currently available visit


  • personally i love the “its soaking awesome” shirt! i rather my child walk around saying that or wearing a shirt like that than the real word. keep em coming and dont get rid or rethink ideas just because some people dont have a sense of humor or are going to be too sensitive. just dont buy the shirt. 🙂 Disneyland is a place for young and old so these shirts in my opinion are perfect! 🙂

  • I love the “It was Soaking Awesome” shirt and plan on buying one… I am an adult. Not everything at Disneyland HAS to be aimed at children.

  • I think the shirts are great. The “soaking awesome” is a great play on words. I don’t find it offensive at all and would let any of my kids wear it. I personally would love something a little more low key and possibly more subliminal. I like when people need to use their experiences to figure out what the shirt means. That way not everyone gets it. I agree with Michelle, i’d prefer it not even say Splash Mountain. I’d really love a Laughing Place t-shirt.

  • Very cool Splash Mountain artwork. 2 requests… more Splash Mountain pins and please release the Song of the South DVD. For those worried about the “controvery” or being politically correct, I have four words “Gone With the Wind”.

  • If you don’t like the shirt, you don’t have to buy it. I think they’re all really cool!

  • AWESOME! Dude people are really going to get upset about the “soaking awesome” shirt? Please. That’s what is wrong with so many people today. Hence why they won’t release Song of the South on DVD. Go find something better to get upset about. Like people straving in 3rd world countries.

  • I love this ride and was disappointed never to find any Breir bear or Breir rabbit merchandising. I would totally buy some! I don’t really care for it actually saying “splash mountain” but it’s fine I guess. It’s funny that it’s so popular and the song all our children sing, “Zippity Doo Dah” comes from a movie they will never be able to see (unless you get a copy on e-bay or other such site). It was the first movie I ever saw as a child and to this day I think it is beautiful. The relationship between the boy and the man – it is beautiful, ESPECIALLY because of the timing. However, in today’s society, I suppose it is viewed as not being PC and Disney doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes or hurt anyone’s feelings. But I bought a copy because I think it is too special not to share with my son, who is bi-racial. We both get to see it whenever we want and the memories it brings back to me are priceless.

  • OK a few comments. #1- song of the south will never be released because it is politically incorrect of current times. Not agreeing with why it wont be released but thats just why it wont. IF you have good timing you can buy it on ebay from people in Europe 🙂 Thats how I got my copy 🙂

    And I don’t find the soaking awesome shirt offensive, and I actually didn’t catch onto the phrase its coined after until everyone started talking about it in the comments, and i even had to think hard about it. I’m not stupid by any means, but I don’t thinks kids will get what the shirt means, and it’s also a GREAT t for a teenager, it’s “edgy” enough (as far as disney edge goes) for a teen to feel cool “ohh i’m swearing but NOT cause there’s no swear word ohhhh” lol ya know? And I personally wouldn’t buy the vulture shirt, but I think it’s nice that disney is reaching out to other fans! Bier shirts are awesome! 🙂 I would love to see a biker or other “tough guy” walking down the street in that shirt, man could the two of us relate then!

    Any ways, just my thoughts.

    And I love splash too its my fav! always the first and last ride of the day! plus many other times in between 🙂

  • I love the ” looking for trouble” one. I would buy it for the kids and myself. 🙂

  • I have to strongly agree with Paul and Greg. While we all love attraction specific merchandise, certainly don’t get enough of it, the selections you have is actually kind of offensive. The “It was Soaking Awesome” shirt, I don’t even need to comment on. It seems others have that one under control. But the Vulture shirt is really bad as well. Splash would lend itself to a wonderul line of worn out, aged shirt. Similar to Junk Food style, as well as the type of costuming the cast members wear at the attraction. A modern day Bikers style shirt with a tagline that isn’t even from the attraction, isn’t something I’ll be buying.

  • I agree with Paul about the “soaking awesome” shirt. Michelle, could you please explain the meaning/inspiration that your Product Developer, Summer Bloomfield, had with that phrase??

  • More attraction-specific, resort-specific, theme-park specific, and retro merchandise, please! It means the difference between a one t-shirt trip vs. a 5 t-shirt trip!

  • That Boot Hill Boys T-Shirt is fantastic.

  • Those are some great Tee’s!! Makes me nostalgic! Kudo’s to the designer!

  • I love attraction-specific clothing! And I love Splash Mountain! I do wonder at the wisdom of the “Soaking Awesome” shirt; I wouldn’t want my child to wear that shirt, and likely her daycare would pull me aside and ask that she not wear it. I think it’s a bit too close for comfort to a far more coarse phrase.

  • Wow, I simply adore the vulture tee. Chilling design. It’s amazing.

  • And the “Song of the South” DVD/Blu-ray will come out when?

  • I want one!!~ XD the soaking awesome one is awesome <3

  • Yea!!! I love Splash Mountain…I love the characters, so the question has to be asked when is Song of the South going to be relesed on DVD?

  • I’m glad you are introducing some more attraction-specific merchandise…

    When are you going to bring back resort-specific souvenir/refillable mugs at the Disney World Resorts?????????????

  • Yay!! Splash is practically the driving force that makes me go to the parks (not that I don’t love them on their own, but SM is definitely my favorite), and I’m going to be visiting Disneyland this October! I hope this is a sign of more merchandise to come. 🙂

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