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Mickey in the Sand

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Sports at Walt Disney World Resort comes with its own unique twists that adds a little magic to even the most challenging obstacles. For example, imagine playing hole No. 6 on Disney’s PGA Tour-caliber Magnolia golf course and you just flubbed one right into the bunker. That may have ruined any reasonable chance you had at birdie, but hopefully it puts a smile on your face when you realize the bunker is shaped like Mickey Mouse.
Mickey in the Sand at the Magnolia Golf Course
This is only one of the many Disney gems hidden within Disney sports venues we hope to surprise you with. Have you noticed any others while watching or participating in a sports event here at Disney?


  • My son played that course and said it was the only bunker he didn’t land in. He loved seeing the mickey in the sand though.

  • I just golfed Magnolia on July 20 and it was one of the best golf experiences of my life. I have also had my girl’s varsity softball team practice at Wide World of Sports for Spring Training and the facilities are near perfect. Sports at Disney! The combination could not be better.

  • The pond in the middle of Walt Disney World Speedway.

    Pulled up a satellite view of it, centered it, zoomed all the way out, then had my unaware kids come in the room and zoom in on it – one click at a time, excited to see it come into focus. It seems a little bigger on the computer than in person, probably due to all the action on the track.

  • That is so neat! I love finding Hidden Mickeys throughout Disney property!

  • The Magnolia course was amazing. Got to play it in late June, and while hot and humid the course itself was wonderfully laid out, and meticulously cared for. Seeing the “Hidden Mickey” (although, not that hidden) was pretty cool. Also played Osprey Ridge later that week, and realized that Disney does everything well!! Way to go on such nice courses.

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