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Moms Panel: It Takes a Village

Walt Disney World Moms Panelists Present Donation to Give Kids The World Village

The Walt Disney World Moms Panelists are known to the world as passionate and learned connoisseurs of Disney Parks. It’s a unique hobby that allows them to exchange their opinions and thoughts about Walt Disney World Resort on an international scale.

But this fall, the panel will continue to do something that they hope will become an annual tradition and has absolutely nothing to do with their work on the panel. The panelists decided that each year they want to give something back to the community. As Disney enthusiasts, they want to spread their own special brand of pixie dust to those who need it most− critically ill children who wish to visit Central Florida’s theme parks.

Give Kids The World is a non-profit organization near Orlando that opened in 1989. At Give Kids The World Village, families with critically and terminally ill children can stay at their 70-acre resort designed for children with special healthcare needs for free.

Walt Disney World Panelist Anna Skamarakas helped to organize last year’s donation. “As moms, reaching out to families who are trying to find some magical moments during a time when life is most challenging seemed like a natural fit for us,” she said.

President of Give Kids The World Village, Pamela Landwirth met the panelists and accepted their check in person. “Through their love and generous support we are able to create the happiness that inspires hope for our special guests. Because so many people like you share their time, resources and heart, we have served over 100,000 families,” she said.

Many of the panelists plan to fly to Orlando again this October to present Give Kids The World another donation. Anna said, “as moms, we feel such a connection to these families and it is an honor to be able to give some pixie dust back.”


  • Tricia this same thing has happened to me with Chef Mickey and The Royal Table dining. They are the 2 most popular meals in the park and you can book 180 days or 6 months in advance and I believe people literally call 180 days before and that is how they get a good time or any time to eat with them. I just tried to get the both of those meals for December and this was beginning of August and I couldn’t get either one as well. This is the 4th trip I’ve missed out on reservations. I can’t book a Disney trip that far in advance I can’t wait that long. They should have a bigger area or be able to offer this in 2 spots so more people can attend.

  • Wow, Laura! I am so touched by this story! I’m so excited to see so many familiar faces from the panel involved with such an outstanding organization. Give Kids The World does such an incredible job with providing families with sick children a little pixie dust during such difficult times. Just the thought of a sick child getting to experience some magic at Walt Disney World with their family warms my heart! Thanks, Mom’s Panel! You ROCK! 🙂

  • Hi-
    Does anyone know why Chef Mickey is so hard to book? My kids don’t get up to be there at 0700 and my mom can’t eat at 2100. Any suggestions? Really don’t want to leave a park to eat there for lunch. We arrive on 10/30. This has happened the last 2 or 3 times we have gone. The only way to get in is to eat at strange times.


  • Laura,

    Thank you so much for getting back with me and the information. I will keep checking everyday throughout September.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Cindy! Keep checking back on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel site everyday starting in September for application information and good luck!



  • I am interested in becoming a Panelist on the Moms Panel. Can you tell me how I go about getting into it for 2011 and when the applications will be ready. I just love Disneyworld and I have learned so much in the 2 times that we have been there. I think I would be great at helping people with their questions. We just took our vacation this past July and had a great time.

    I’m really anxious at getting information. I have logged into the Mom’s panel 2 times and ask the question about the Moms panel but no one has emailed me back yet.

    I would really appreciate if someone could answer this for me.

    Thank you very much,


  • My son was diagnosed with leukemia this past February. We are going to be able to visit Give Kids the World in October and we are so very excited! It’s been a very long 6 months and a week of fun at the most magical places on this earth will be good medicine for my little guy. This will in fact be my husbands second week at GKTW since he had the pleasure of staying there back in December of 1994 for his sister’s make a wish trip. Thank you for being awesome moms who strive to make the world a little bit magical for sick children.

  • We were there in “08” cause my daughter was diagnosed with vasculitis in “06”. She keeps telling me she would like to return cause it was so memorable and we missed seeing a lot of what walt disney world had. It would be wonderful if we could return, my daughter is now 11 and would enjoy everything even more. It is truely a magical place for kids with life threatening illnesses.

  • In was a Wish kid in 1996. My family stayed at Give Kids the world for a week and were able to visit disney and universal. I was fortunate enough to be able to return to GKTW in Dec. of 09 and got married in front of the Ice cream store! It is an amazing place and will always hold such a speical place in my heart. Great job moms panel!

  • Love stories like these! My family and I love the Disney parks and it’s our home away from home. What wonderful people you are to do what you for others. This program sounds amazing and I have every intention of checking it out and supporting them my next trip that way 🙂

  • Hooray for the Disney Mom’s Panel for doing something so great! As a relative of a family who has benefitted from the Give Kids the World program, I can’t give them enough kudos. Give Kids the World went above and beyond in making my cousin’s trip there a memory that the family will never forget. Thank you for sprinkling some pixie dust and helping to make kids dreams come true.

  • Lots of Disney Fans as individuals and as groups give support to Give Kids the World! It is an amazing place! Glad to see Anna and the Moms join in! And also note that anyone can drop by and tour this very special place (and contribute!)



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