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Moms Panel: Tips for Traveling with Children

Children enjoying a movie at Walt Disney World
Amanda P of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel just gave birth to her third baby, adding a Princess to her two young Princes already at home. Amanda is planning on bringing the new Princess to Walt Disney World in a few months and she knows a lot about how to navigate the theme parks with mini royalty in tow. Here are Amanda’s tips for traveling with little ones:

  1. Bring your own stroller. Small children tend to be more comfortable in their own, familiar ride.
  2. If you are traveling to Walt Disney World and use Disney’s Magical Express, you bypass the car rental counters going to and coming from Walt Disney World Resort and the airport.
  3. Utilize the “rider switch” option when available. This allows members of the family to enjoy attractions with height requirements by waiting in line together and guests take turns waiting with youngsters too small to ride a certain attraction. The adults “swap” with another adult guest from your party to experience the ride without standing in line twice.
  4. When staying on property, take advantage of your proximity to the parks and head back to your resort for a midday nap or a swim at your resort’s pool.
  5. Visit the Baby Care Centers located in each park for a quiet, private place to nurse or feed your little ones, change diapers or pick up some baby essentials.

How does your family travel with little tykes?


  • @ Mary, if you ask at the restaurants they will gladly provide you with hot water. Just be careful as it is extremely hot and will need to cool before feeding. They use the water from the tea/coffee machine. I do not know if they will heat up water via microwave.

  • Another tip I like to pass on is when going to the Magic Kingdom with a toddler who is a strong walker, get to the park at rope drop (opening) and skip the chaos of stroller rental. Your child will be so excited that they won’t want to sit in it and you can make amazing time back to fantasyland to ride Dumbo first (it is the slowest loading ride!). All of Fanatsyland is so compact that you can knock out a ton of attractions by 10 AM. Then around lunch go rent a stroller and eat a bite the kids wil be tired by then.

  • Figuring out how to nurse my son in a baby carrier made my life so much easier while visiting DL! He is at the age where sitting to nurse is not an option b/c everything is so interesting that he won’t eat. So for nursing mamas, I recommend using a ring sling, wrap, or mei tai carrier and nursing on the go. I wore my old bella band under my t shirt to cover my tummy and baby hid the rest. I love the baby care centers but after hiking it there from wherever I was in the park on previous trips (DL and WDW) I find that nursing on the go or wherever I am is much easier.

  • Jimena- Check the Park website. Each attraction has a description including minimum height requirements (for example, there is the Space Mountain at Disneyland page) Have fun!

  • Traveling with little ones is especially easy at WDW, but I found that if you can afford it, or are a DVC member, stay in a one bedroom villa that has a full kitchen. I traveled with a six month and 18 month old, and found the routine of have breakfast in the room, with plenty of space for cooking, for bottle washing, prep area for formula and breakfast for the adults, always got the day started well. Really young children will sleep anywhere, but if you have an older toddler, make sure there is a nap during the day, and you will have a happier evening!

  • Hello!! I can’t wait to take my little one to Disney but I wanna know the minimum height requirement to must of the rides such as Splash Mountain, Soaring or The Tower of Terror… can anyone help me?? Thx

  • Even for kids who are usually too old for the stroller, bring or rent one. My 7 year old will take breaks after a couple of days of walking and it is a great place to keep all of our stuff. Also, they do not advertise this, but you can bring your own snacks/drinks into the parks. We always bring frozen juice boxes and water bottles and pretzels. Really helps to avert meltdowns. Just make sure nothing is in glass…. had to chug down a couple of snapples at the gate last year!

  • Hey Linda, my son is allergic to peanuts too. Most of the snacks are fine but we read everything just in case they change manufacturers. Also, for the sit down restaurants in Disney, tell the waitstaff that your daughter has a peanut allergy. The chef will come out to the table to go over what is safe. Since some of the kids desserts in the restaurants have a possible nut contamination, they will whip up something special as a substitute.

  • Linda, I wouldn’t assume that. Just in case. But you could always call the resort ahead of time and ask if they have recommendations for where to purchase food for your daughter.

  • Mary: If your child is on formula then, I would pack bottled water and the powder mix. That way you only prepare the bottle as you need it and won’t have to worry about finding the nearest place to warm up your child’s bottle.

  • I have a question about traveling with a little one. We’ll be taking our 3rd family vacation to Disney World this Sept. It will be the 1st time to travel there with my 10 month old who is still drinking warm bottles. Is there anywhere in the parks to warm a bottle besides the baby center? It’s not always easy to get to them! Will the restaurants warm them up for you? Thanks!!

  • Is it safe to assume that any of the foods off the children’s menus or the ice cream or snacks bought at the vendors in the park etc. are peanut free?

    My daughter has a peanut allergy and I’m hoping she can eat what she wants without having to check everything.

  • Thanks, Amanda P, for the great advice. I would just remind those traveling with young chidren that if you take Disney’s Magical Express, it could be a little while before you meet up with your luggage again. Be sure to carry a bag with you that has all the essentials, especially if you are arriving late at night and won’t get your bags delivered to your room until morning (unless you specify otherwise). Also, for older children, there is no stroller that navigates as smoothly as those Disney strollers! We wanted to take one home with us because they were so easy to push!

  • My fiancée, our daughter, and I along with my brother in law and two friend & their daughter will be traveling to Disney August 26. This is our third family vacation and I always take my own stroller. Our daughter is 3 and I know she’ll be tired of walking. We also bring water bottles but fill them with ice so through out the day the ice will melt and we will have ice cold water.

  • The picture on this story has a caption “Children enjoying a movie at Walt Disney World”, but the picture is of Turtle Talk with Crush. That is a really righteous interactive experience dude- a lot more than just a movie! One of the human types on this blog should totally change the caption. 😉

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