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Moms Panel: Top Coffee Spots

Kona Café sign
Early mornings, excited kids and tired parents all mean one thing – a HUGE need for a great big ole’ cup of Joe. Walt Disney World Moms Panelist Suzannah D knows the secret to finding a great cup of java in Walt Disney World. She is one of the few panelists who lives within driving distance to Walt Disney World Resort, so she is here a lot in the mornings.

It’s no secret to those who know “Zanna” that second only to her love of Walt Disney World is her love of coffee. Here are Zanna’s “Top Spots for a Great Cup of Liquid Gold.”

Where do you get your coffee fix? Let us know know in the comments.


  • Thanks for the post and all the replies. My wife is a coffee-a-holic and will make it a goal to hit all these places. 😉

  • THANK YOU, #25 Heather and #29 Caitlin.
    From: (#26 Skip, originally)
    p.s.: Everyone should read both lines of #26 entry, not just the opening sentence.

  • Did I mention I bring my Starbucks coffee on our trips so I can enjoy a cup in my annually purchased Mickey mug while still in my robe and slippers? No getting family dressed, out the door, on the bus, through the gate and walking to go stand in line for me! Nothing like a good cup of joe on my private treehouse deck watching the sunrise!

  • There IS a Starbucks at Walt Disney World. It’s at the Shades of Green and it’s just a cart but if you HAVE to have your fix, ride the bus over there. You can’t check in unless you are military and this property is the only thing on Disney property that is not run by Disney. But it’s a great resort. We stayed there in 2006 when my husband returned from Iraq and I enjoyed my morning Caramel macchiatos on the way to the parks!

  • I’ve always wondered why they don’t have their own on property coffee “franchise.” It seems like a Mickey-uccino on every corner would be a new revenue stream. Sell the regular assortment of coffee drinks and some chocolately Disney only coffee beverage.

    It would not only increase the amount of money spent by coffee addicts, but would allow them to branch out their home coffee accessories in a meaningful way.

    Of course, I still don’t understand why Pal Mickey went away, so what do I know?

  • seriously, the empty skyway loading area in fantasyland is PERFECT for a starbucks

  • We’re headed down next week and staying @ the Contemporary…thanks for the Contemporary Grounds recommendation! Heaven knows I can’t get through the day w/o and espresso!

  • Best coffee at WDW comess out of the espresso machine at the concierge lounge at AKL!! Just push the button! You know you want to!

  • We love the coffee at Tusker House and just discovered amazing French press coffee at Narcoosees. More to come we have 4 more days in the world

  • Best place in Disney to get coffee is Downtown Disney. The Ghiardelli store serves yummy coffee and it’s great for when you are strolling around and shopping!
    Disney Cruise lines also offer fabulous coffee in all of the ships restaurants and the best part is if you are done with dinner and want to take it with you, you can!

  • Also = Although above in my last sentence. Darn typos! 😉

  • Linda (14), That great coffee would be Nescafe!

    ~Zanna, The real question is ‘Where can those of us who shouldn’t partake of caffeine, due to health issues, get a good cup of decaf’? I love a good iced coffee. Mousekeeping was wonderful & made sure I had more than enough decaf so I could even make my own in-room.
    Does San Angel Inn have a Cafe con Leche? You should ask their management about that given the emphasis on authentic regional dishes … there’s a cafe in Veracruz, next to the Carranza Tower, which makes a real production of Cafe con Leche – it would fit in perfectly. He’d also know about the coffee at Sanborn’s Casa de Azulejos location in el D.F. where the San Angel Inn flagship location is(best cup of coffee on Earth).

  • My my, we are passionate about our coffee aren’t we? I love it! I had fun putting this list together but it was also hard to narrow it down – I wanted to include the Tangierine Cafe that someone mentioned above and now I’d add Via Napoli to the list too! Don’t forget the Beach Club Market for espresso drinks too!

    Having been a former Starbucks barista and current addict (along with Dunkins iced lattes, I don’t discriminate!) I agree with those that say having Starbucks IN the parks would make it lose some of the magic a bit. It’s more fun seeking out these little gems! Also it would be kind of fun to be able to order a Mickey Macchiatto! 😉


  • Thank you Laura and Zanna – a topic near and dear to my hear! Much love and pixie dust to ya both!

  • Starbucks coffee is available at the Dolphin! Please post my comment this time since so many people are looking for it. Thanks.

  • Unfortunately, the best coffee I’ve had at Disney is no longer available – the late afternoon/evening coffee bar in the lobby of The Wilderness Lodge. In addition to a variety of blends to choose from, guests could add their own special ingredients, ranging from sugars, spices, creamers and even chocolates! I’m still hoping this is brought back some day…

  • It may not be the best coffee, but Disneyland certainly has the best value for coffee anywhere. If you purchase a cup of coffee at the Market House on Main Street, just present your receipt for a fresh cup of coffee. You don’t even need to keep your cup. Just show the cast member your receipt for another fresh cup. This deal is good all day.

  • Wow! Y’all love your coffee! Makes me wanna set up a cardboard coffee stand in the parking lot LOL!

    Keep those great tips coming!

  • Ghirardelli in Downtown Disney is one of our favorite places to get iced coffee! And, we can get an ice cream cone for the little one! Main Street Bakery is a TOTAL fave as well! Last thing we do when leaving the Magic Kingdom is stop for a pasty at the Bakery!

  • We are huge coffee drinkers, so much so that we bring our Dunkin Donuts ground coffee & make it ourselves in our room! 🙂 We are not fans of the Nescafe served on WDW Property & would love to see that changed, not necessarily to Starbucks, but something of a higher quality would be great!

    Our VERY FAVORITE place to have coffee is at Narcoossee’s where you get your very own personal french press. It is so delicious!

  • Main Street Bakery for coffee and a warm cinnamon role….then we take them and sit at a table outside the ice cream parlor (not open in the morning) and watch the people going buy and look at the castle. My favorite thing to do early morning At Magic Kingdom.

  • I can’t believe people want to see a Starbucks in Disney! I love Starbucks and coffee as much (or in most cases, more) than the next person, but in Disney? No thank you! I mean you can have Starbucks anytime, but when else can you have coffee at Kona Cafe or The Writer’s Stop?

  • I really like Tangierine Cafe for coffee (and baklava) too! I am not a Nescafe fan at all, and I would LOVE to see Starbucks as well. I heard that they had Starbucks coffee at The Swan and Dolphin.

  • I don’t consider myself a coffee conisseur but I do know when I taste good coffee. Due to a testy stomach, I can’t always drink it, especially when I am excited to go/be at Disneyland. I can’t say that I’ve ever had coffee in Disneyland, but it sounds to me like you Starbucks people need to expand your horizons. There are other types of coffee shops and coffee in the world. Get on the net and find out if there are any others besides Starbucks there in Anaheim! Why wait in a long line? I would be excited to try any of the coffee at the shops at Disneyworld. Hopefully my family and I will go soon, but until then, I guess I am stuck with looking wistfully at the coffee offered at Disneyland!

  • Starbucks has great coffee, McDonalds has great fries (as mentioned in an earlier blog).

    But when I’m on Disney property, I want everything Mickeyfied! To bring in other stuff decreases the ‘magic’.

  • I completely disagree with the comments about starbucks in the disney parks! The people who are saying this seem to be completely missing (what i see as) the entire point of disneyworld! Disneyworld is this land where you can forget about everything in the world. It’s a place that doesn’t have the regular everyday stuff. and thats part of what makes it special.

    besides that fact, I work in a starbucks and i have for years. ive tasted so much coffee, specifically looking for certain tastes, acidity levels, describing the smell and taste of coffee til its practically coming out of my EARS! and i just have to say, that every shot of espresso i have had as disney world has been absolutely perfect. it is smooth and clean and one of the best shots ive ever had. I dont know if their coffee is different because i will just drink shots whenever i am there because it is that good. My boyfriend noticed it was good too and he doesnt even like coffee!

    keep the magic! no starbucks!

  • I love coffee but Disney has the absolute worst coffee anywhere. At WDW I usually get a Capuccino. I don’t remember its name but at Hollywood Studios there is a little bookstore/coffee shop hidden back by the Muppet Area. We like to browse the books, CD’s and get a quiet drink of Capuccino. Last time we picked up a couple boxes of Mickey-shaped sugar cubes.

  • Personally I just like the little coffee and pastry cart outside Animal Kingdom’s front gate!

  • Coronado Springs has great Italian coffee available at Cafe Rix, the Pepper Market and Maya Grill.

  • I love all the places Zanna mentioned though I have never been to the one at AK. There is nothing better than sitting in Writer’s Stop with a cup of coffee and a carrot cake cookie! Great ambience too! Starring Rolls is a great place to people watch in the morning and their breakfast selection is pretty decent.

  • I would love to see Disney upgrade the coffee at Walt Disney World property-wide. I realize that there are some shops that sell good coffee, but the brand offered property-wide is just not up to par in my opinion. As it stands, the best coffee, in my opinion, is the coffee served in my villa at Saratoga Springs!

  • I wish disney had a Barnie’s coffee and tea place near them. It would make going to disney so much more fun. Disney has a starbucks but i don’t like their coffee. too bitter and too strong.

  • The only place to have real coffee in Disney, is at the kiosk just outside of the Italian pavilion. Che buono!

  • I agree with the comments. ” When are they going to get Starbucks in the parks”. The best place right now in DL is Market House and in DCA is Bakersfield Bakery, as stated earlier. It has been hard to find a good cup in the park till lately and still few and far between.

  • I’m looking forward to my first trip to Kona Cafe next summer for the awesome coffee….and Tonga Toast! I’m sorry, but I can’t stand that Nescafe coffee that is generally served around the property, so whenever I can get either espresso drinks, or other good coffee, I search and find! 🙂

  • I enjoy the coffee at “The Writer’s Stop” at Hollywood Studios. Also, I have found that the signature restaurants generally serve excellent coffee, too.

  • When staying at both Pop Century and Port Orleans Riverside, some of us (there were 12 people total in our party)would take our mugs at 6:30 AM and fill up from the drink area in the resort (add a little special groc. store creamer that we kept in our fridge) and relax watching the sun rise. We enjoyed our “Coffee Clutch” as much as any other part of our vacation. The coffee taste was second only to the great company and conversation.

  • The best coffee at WDW hands down is the French Press Pot at Kona Cafe. 2nd best is the “Celebes” coffee at Victoria and Albert’s. V&A gets bonus points because the coffee pot is so cool.

  • Coffee, cafe, kaffe, java, or joe….it’s what I crave before I hit the parks! When we stay at the BoardWalk Inn, we always stop at the BoardWalk Bakery first thing in the morning for coffee and pastries to enjoy as we walk over to EPCOT. It’s convenient and delicious!

  • There’s lots of places to find coffee Jonas. You just need to stop having fun and read signs at refreshment stands and restaurants. I love Disney coffee. Have a cup at every park.

  • FREE REFILLS when you buy a reg. cup of hot coffee only at The Market House on Disneyland’s Main Street throughout the day. You don’t need to hold on to the cup. Just show your receipt for new cup of coffee. This can only be redeemed if you buy it at The Market House I believe.

    The Market House also sells souvenir travel mugs that can be filled with coffee (for free) at time of purchase.

  • I would love to see Starbucks at least at a few of the resorts! I have always felt that the coffee/ Hot Choc has been less than magical. It is the only thing I truly miss while at Disney. Great post high lighting the few coffee spots in the parks.

  • I wish I loved coffee—but I DO love Zannah!

  • We always hit the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco – they have a nice little coffee bar (everything is made to order with fresh-brewed espresso) that I think a lot of people might overlook.

  • Kouzzina on the Boardwalk has the most amazing French Press!!

  • Thank you Thor from Ca on the tip…I am a Starbucks girl all the way and will be traveling to Disneyland in Sept and we will b staying in the area u were talking about so to know thrs a Starbucks thr is great news.. If thrs no starbucksits expresso

  • We stayed for our honeymoon at Coronado Spring Resort and filled our mugs every morning and we both loved the cofffee there!!! ANd we both were wondering what is the name brand of their coffee. We would like to find it for ourselves back home.

  • Can’t deny that a good cup of coffee can be hard to find at Disney, so this is an excellent post!

  • Disney needs more “Coffee shops” to keep up with the times!

    I do love Kona and will check out the others when I go on Sept. 6th to celebrate my birthday!

  • La Brea Bakery right at the tram unloading area from the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure makes a decent latte. Bakersfield Bakery just inside Disney California Adventure also roasts its own beans, and can make a decent cup as well.

    But this whole topic only begs the question… When will Disney finally get Starbucks in their parks and resorts? Currently we all have to go to the Starbucks on the corner of Ball Road and Harbor Blvd. for the nearest place to Disneyland. You should see the line there on weekend mornings! It’s epic, and stacked 30 deep with people on their way to Disneyland.

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