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Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We wanted to let you know today that ticket prices are being adjusted at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort this week. While the prices do reflect an increase, you can still find special values for California and Florida residents or through multi-day passes or seasonal and annual passes.

At Disneyland Resort, details about ticket prices are posted on a special page we’ve created on the Blog. The information will also be available at on August 5, including details about our Southern California resident pass or the Disneyland annual pass.

And at Walt Disney World Resort we have the Magic Your Way ticket which offers a variety of options for you to customize your ticket purchase. The updated pricing is posted on the Blog and also will be added to

The price changes will begin on August 5.


  • I have several little complaints when it comes to the ticket increase! First I think three admission increases in the last year and a half is a little excessive…I could see $5-$10, but not $20-$30…in this economy really? Are you trying to recoup all the birthday $$$ you gave away? My second issue is why is there seperate pricing for kids and adults on regular tickets but not on annual passes? I have a premium pass….if I buy my child a premium pass does she really need parking? I think outside of the merchandise discount, and blackout dates there should be more benefits if you are spending $459 on a premium pass….throw in some magic mornings, free trick or treat tickets, occasional free meal, drink, snack, or candy in a shop? Things that don’t cost Disney a penny, but would make it more enticing to spend that kind of $ for your whole family to have premium pass! I know you people are creative, so why don’t you use some of that creativity on the millions of visitors that keep Disneyland going? Just a thought….

  • OMG – I have been planning this vacation for months. I have reservations at the Disney Hotel and was only WAITING to purchase 3 park hopper tickets until a little closer to when we are actually going so I wouldn’t LOSE them. I have reservations for Augu 28 29 and 30? Couldn’t you give those who actually have reservations a break on the tickets. AT THE VERY LEAST you could have sent an email saying the prices were going up – DID YOU?

  • For those who visit DL at least they can see the benefits of the price increases. There has been a tremendous amount of work done there. But how about WDW? The Yeti is shameful, the anglerfish in Nemo comes and goes, the parks are in shambles. When is WDW going to see the LOVE from all of the price increases? And please don’t throw the FLE at us. There is so much that needs to be just properly maintained at WDW. The majority of work being done in FL is new hotels and timeshares. The park experiences keep being reduced. I wouldn’t mind the price increases if the quality of the experience didn’t keep decreasing.

  • I’d love to see a bigger DVC discount for Disneyland APs. With the new price increase it’s a 16-20% discount for WDW, but just 4-6% off for Disneyland. 🙁

  • Thanks #76 Andrea! You said exactly what I was thinking!

    Do people honestly think that they would receive the same experience at Universal, Knotts, Magic Mountain, etc. than they would at Disneyland/Disneyworld?

    They just do not understand how much hard work, time, money and care for their guests goes into maintaining the grounds as immaculately as DLR does, not to mention, as Andrea said, so many more attractions good for the whole family than the aforementioned parks. Do you ever see graffiti, garbage, or anything dirty there?

    You get what you pay for, and I very much appreciate the effort that goes into making DLR truly the happiest place on earth, and believe that in order to keep it at the level it is, while always adding AMAZING attractions which are very expensive (eg. World of Color), they would be stupid not to ask their guests to help pay for these experiences.


  • This is not a good idea because people are going to go to new parks and who in the world can afford it we work sooooooo hard to make a living why do you keep doing this disney? if walt was alive he would not want this at all!

  • Usually you get to renew with the $20 discount at the 2 higher levels and you get to renew at the same price. Does this still apply?

  • I totally agree with Andrea. It is sad that prices have to increase especially when people are finding it harder to make ends meet, but the bottom line is…if you can’t afford have to give it up! We have planned our trip for a year and although we are disappointed in the price increase, if it was unaffordable we would have to choose something else. If there are cut-backs on your pay..then you make cut-backs on unnecessary perks.

  • I found out about the ticket increase the day prior to the increase taking effect.I immeadiately called AAA for 2-4day
    hopper passes with NO EXPERATION TOTAL BILL W/TAXES for 2 was
    $676. THESE passes will come handy as I still have 2 passes
    w/3&2days left from last year that will be partilly used thisyear,
    when I take my wife to WDW for disneys XMAS HOLIDAY TRIP IN theFIRST 2WKS. OF DECEMBER Looking forward to the trip from NYC

  • Keep in mind, Disney has 60,000 Cast Members to pay, and that’s just at WDW.

  • Thomas,

    Is the florida resident Epcot After 4pm ticket still available? I will be moving to Florida soon and I am interested in this offering.

    Thanks so much!

  • In all fairness for us out-of-towners, Disney offers some great deals. A family of four can do hotel, park hoppers, and quick service dining for under $2,000 for a week. Figure $100 a day in spending money for trinkets and your airfare brings you to less than $4,000 for a WONDERFUL full week of magic.

  • Answer to Andrea. I totally agree with you.

  • Ggrr.. Bummer! What is the new price for a single day FL Resident Water Park Ticket?

  • Can you tell me if the military prices increased also?
    I will be staying at the Shades of Green 8/6-13/2010 and the ticket prices on their site have not changed. Can you tell me if those prices are also increasing?

  • These price increases are completely justifiable. Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are not a right, they are a luxury. If it is not worth that much to you then don’t go/renew. I am hoping because of these prices increases the AP population will go down a bit. For the past 2 years Disneyland has been getting increasingly crowded. In the end it comes down to supply and demand. BTW expect the prices to go up even more at the Disneyland Resort when Cars Land opens!

  • Wow it getting harder to come out there with these raises. Seems now that world of color is bringing in the crowd they get a boost in attendance sales. 🙁

  • How come Florida annual passes have different prices for children and adults, while California passes have only one price?

    And how do we find the “must be redeemed by….” date on the california annual passes?

  • I’m so frustrated, I tried to purchase 6 days tickets tonight when i heard about the increase but the system became unavailable shortly before midnight (UGH!!!) I have a printout out my ticket choices as selected with the old prices including a time date stamp 8/4/2010 11:53pm. But when I selected “checkout” the website hung up and errored out on me. Can I call someone to have the old price honored?

  • I’ve noticed many of the questions that are on here are asking “why raise the prices in this economy?” I’m certainly not a representative in anyway for Disney, but since no reponses have been posted yet… I might as well say something.

    Just because this is Disney doesn’t mean they are immune to the recession. Quite frankly, if you can’t afford to go to the parks or you simply do not want to pay that much, then here’s the solution: don’t go. There are plenty of other people, such as myself, that would enjoy fewer people in the parks [means less time waiting for Indiana Jones 😉 ] To be fair… the one day tickets have only been raised a few dollars for the DLR. If you really, REALLY need to visit the parks then settle for one day. One day, two day, three day, its still Disneyland, there are still plenty of memories to be had.

    Or if you prefer second hand parks such as Universal Studios, who are not nearly as clean, friendly, entertaining or family friendly as Disney then go there instead. There are only 2 main rides at Universal Studios Hollywood that are worth going for: The Mummy, and Jurassic Park, while there are 30+ attractions at Disneyland alone (excluding CA Adventure). I can assure the difference between Disney and the others will become very clear the minute you enter the gates.

    If it were any other company but Disney I’d agree that the prices are getting way up there, but Disney has the highest standards across the world, it might be worth it to pay a little extra to enjoy the magic that makes it DISNEY.

  • I ran my behind over to DLR this afternoon and renewed our AP’s. Saved me $80! Thanks!

  • Very, very disappointing to hear!

  • I tried to buy 4 of the 5-for-3-day $184 tickets at the Reno Disney store tonight and they only had 3 but said they thought they’d be getting more before that offer ends Sept. 1st. Is that right? Will the Disney stores in our communities still be able to sell the 5-for-3-day tickets for $184 even after the prices go up tomorrow? Thanks!

  • A group of us were planning on making a week trip to DW when we got back from deployment. Already making little money, the new week price is now $574.00 just for a day pass. We had been saving up for a nice time, but with this increase, it is now unreasonable. With airfare, hotel rates and now this it is clear what trip we will not be making. Thanks a bunch. This trip that has been in the works and was planned out to be a fun time is now off and we are preplanning to do something else. I’m curious to see how us low income people are now not going to be making this trip?

  • Guys I am with you on the price being outrageous! We will still be going in Dec. of 2011 but that may be our last time for a while. But as far as Sea World and others…they have what is called a length of stay benefit (or like pluses). Maybe Disney should try something like that?? Trust me I LOVE DISNEY, but I am wondering if it is worth it anymore for my family of 5? But they know that those of us who are hooked will continue for as long as we can (kinda sad though). Let’s just hope to see some great deals in 2011! 🙂

  • what are the military discounts on tickets for the rest of 2010,
    will they be extended ?

  • Will we ever see discounted prices for all of California, not just SO Cal?

  • This back so many memories for me and my family, I am finally taking my grandchildren with their families, the thought of hearing the music will make us all go into tears. As young children they waited hours to see the Electric parade. I am estatic that we will be there when it will still be around. An memory again.

  • Will Prices increase if buying from another vendor such as AAA membership?

  • Hey, I’ve got a few questions, please answer as I tried the ticket line and was told I’d have to wait 30 minutes for a response. How do you use exchange certificates and Florida resident tickets with the 3 day ticket? And if you buy before the price increase with Florida resident tickets and get it at will call, and don’t pick it up until after the price increase you don’t have to pay extra, do you? How about if you get it by mail and pay before the price increase but it doesn’t come until after the price increase? And you don’t have to pay extra when you arrive if it’s after the price increase then, do you? Thanks for answering

  • @ John, for single day tickets, I pretty well agree with you. But my Universal Studios Hollywood premium season pass, including parking, and no blockout dates, was a whopping $109!

  • I think those who are complaining about the price increase are being rather unfair towards Disney. A mid-70-ish price for theme parks is abotu the going rate: Universal Studios is in the mid $70 range. Sea World parks range from the $60’s to upper $70+ depending on location. Disney theme parks, while near the upper end, are witnin that range. Yet you don’t see many people yelling at Universal Studios. Disney parks get unfairly targeted in this area.

  • I just read that entrance cost to Disneyland would be increased to $82.00 and wondering the reason in such economic times. It is hard enough when all is well, but when people are out of work or underemployed, I feel this is a bit costly. For a family of 4 you are looking at a cost of about $500.00 (parking, tickets, food, drinks and souvenirs) — a bit expensive for a day in the park. It may the be happiest place on earth, but does it have to be so expensive.

  • I live in NV. Why can’t I make monthly payments to become an AP? I can’t afford to pay it all up front and would love to buy passes for my family.

  • Mr. Smith, it seems your answers are very short, and more importatnly, it seems you do not answer to questions such as…”why are the prices going up with the economy the way it is?”
    I too love Disneyland, and go there with my nephews a few times a year, however it is already very expensive just for tickets alone, not including the food you have to buy in the park, which we all know is way over priced. I understand you get what you pay for, the park is very clean, the staff is awesome and friendly and very personable, and not to mention the bands and the charcters walking around for the kids, but come on. As many have stated above this will definitely affect future disneyland trips for myself as well as my family and families all across the U.S.
    So with that being said, can you finally answer? Why are the prices going up….again? Since they are going up, can you look at lowering food expenses in the parks, so the general public can afford a little more?

  • Yeah, I’m not happy with the price increase also. But when the time comes, hopefully we’ll still be fortunate enough to renew. We enjoy Disneyland too much not to go. We’ll just have to bring more sack lunches to work and shop at Wal-Mart more often. 🙂

  • What is happening to the food plan prices? When will we be able to see those prices and start booking for March?

  • Why are DLR AP holders able to pay in monthly increments, but WDW AP holders have to pay everything up front? My husband and I have passes that expire in October and I’m concerned that we can’t maintain our passes since I lost my job a little while back. Please tell me if WDW is changing to allow more people to keep their passes. Thanks!

  • Hi Thomas,

    Once the new prices are in effect, how long before we can book packages for 2011 online? Thanks for all the info you continue to provide! Have a great day.

  • We are planning to go to WDW in October and were planning to each purchase a 4-day ticket. According to the Magic Your Way ticket purchasing website, the price for the 4-day ticket is currently $239.63. What is the price going up to? Also is there an expiration date for first use (I am aware of the expiration that occurs within 14 days of first use). Thanks for your help!

  • Will the packages for 2011 also be available on August 5th?

  • Hi, we bought park Hopper with no Experiation in May when we were at Disney World for our Honeymoon. Are they still going to be good past January 3 2011? Or are they still no expiration?

    • MYW tickets purchased with the non expiration add-on feature never expire.

  • I have booked a trip (including park thx) with WDW travel online (paid my $200 deposit) but have not paid the remaining balance yet. Will the price of my trip be going up?

    • Hi Adina, the price of your trip will not be increasing.

  • Not too happy that prices are going up, but I think you have already heard that.

    For those of us that live outside of Florida does Disney have any plans to offer some sort of payment plan for Annual Passes? I have to buy 5 adult Annual Passes and that is a HUGE chunk of change to shell out at once. If you don’t PLEASE, PLEASE come up with something to lessen the blow on us Disney lovers.

  • What about the WEEKDAY passes for FL residents, are those prices changing?

    • Yes. The weekday select pass will increase to $174.

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