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Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We wanted to let you know today that ticket prices are being adjusted at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort this week. While the prices do reflect an increase, you can still find special values for California and Florida residents or through multi-day passes or seasonal and annual passes.

At Disneyland Resort, details about ticket prices are posted on a special page we’ve created on the Blog. The information will also be available at on August 5, including details about our Southern California resident pass or the Disneyland annual pass.

And at Walt Disney World Resort we have the Magic Your Way ticket which offers a variety of options for you to customize your ticket purchase. The updated pricing is posted on the Blog and also will be added to

The price changes will begin on August 5.


  • We had to let our passes go a few months ago sue to needing to save tha money. We were sad to do so it was a fun year getting to go to the park pretty much whenever we wanted. I am so sad that Disney feels it needs to raise its prices yet again! Maybe if they made an announcement as to why we could understand, but if there really is no sound economic reason for it then it leaves us begging the question why? Please Disney Corporation help us to understand why you are choosing to make it harder for the average american family to have a great time at “the happiest place on earth”?

  • If you purchase annual passes online in advance, how long are they good before they need to be redeemed? i.e. I am about to buy annual passes for our kids – I can buy them today and we won’t redeem them until mid-September (upcoming vacation elsewhere) – are they still valid for a year from THAT date? Just wanted to confirm! That would save us about $40 total.

    • AP Certificates are valid for one year from the date of physical pass redemption. At Walt Disney World, certificates can be redeemed at any time after purchase. At Disneyland Resort, there may be some “must be redeemed by ____” dates based on the type of pass.

  • Our passes are set to expire on August 17th. If we renew today at the lower prices does the pass start today or the day we actually go to Disneyland?

    • If you renew at today’s price, the new pass will still begin after the 8/17 expiration.

  • Eventually the Walt Disney Company has to take a step back and remember Disney is not just a business. The problem is you all are not losing money or having any problems.

    I am a passholder, have been for years. I have noticed all the price changes in the parks. Food, drinks, merchandise all up, and not just a little. Water was 2.00 bucks and included tax, now its 2.50 and tax is not included. Dinner at oahana’s or crystal palace up 5 bucks each. Raising prices when people are struggling, you all should be ashamed.

    I know your not the only theme parks doing this but when did you start being like other parks?

    I love the Disney resorts. I dont like what management is doing to it. It’s part of America’s history, dont push to far. People notice.

  • When is Disney going to offer a discount for military personnel to purchase tickets for their families? Other parks are offering a better discount for the brave soldiers that keep this country free so you can keep your park running.

  • The ticket price increase is nothing more than capacity control. I know everyone would like a trip to Disney to be as reasonably priced as it was years ago, but that is simply not possible. Can you imagine the crowds if tickets still cost $15.00. The gates would be open for two hours and the theme parks would have to close. Disney has become a victim of it’s own success.

  • FYI – Just called Disney about the FL Resident Seasonal Pass pricing. The increase is $10; from $249, plus tax to $259, plus tax. The $265.19 price listed as of today includes tax (249 plus 6.5%). Hope that helps!

  • @ Pamela

    Since Thomas isn’t answering questions anymore, I’ll answer yours for you.

    He told Justin and Randy that the price for the Premier Annual Pass is not going up. That’s the $700 one that lets you go to WDW and DL. The price on all of the other ones is going up.

    ALSO, TO ANYBODY WHO IS CONCERNED THAT THE PRICES ON YOUR PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED TICKETS OR ANNUAL PASSES IS GOING UP: Stop worrying! Thomas has said many times that this change has no effect on any tickets or annual passes already purchased. So this answer applies Steve and Bridget.

    Finally, as bad as it sounds, I kind of hope that this will cut down on crowds. However, I highly doubt it. As much as most of you complain right now, you are the vocal minority. This will most likely have very little effect on attendance, and Disney will end up making more money than ever before.

    • Thanks for the help. Having to research some of these excellent questions. Yes, still listening and answering.

  • Can you tell me if the prices of the hotels will be going up as well?

    Thank you,


  • I’m interested in booking a trip to Disneyworld for February. I know that this is far off, but I wanted to book it soon so that I could have a good idea about the costs and such (I’m still a college student!). Any idea as to when the tickets will be available to purchase for those dates?

  • are you serious they do it again, what a way to lose out on the average Joe. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave right now because of the rising of the ticket prices these past years. Walt Disney cared about his guest, he always made the prices reasonable for everyone. I have been a huge fan for Disneyland my whole 21 years of my life and now this is where it draws the line. I for one have a annual pass and hope that they don’t raise up the price for my monthly fee. Way to go Disney on raising the prices yet once again.

  • Thomas,

    You told Justin and Randy that the prices for the annual passes was not going up. Looking at the site now, the prices are $439, $299, $219 and $169. According to you link, the prices will be $459, $329, $239 and $184. Can you please clarify.

    • The price of the Premier Passport is not increasing but prices on the other annual passes are increasing.

  • I purchased Hopper Passes with no expiration on our last trip to WDW. Will these not be honored after Jan. 3 either?

  • I don’t see any problem with raising the single ticket prices, that hasn’t been done recently, although parking did go up from $12 to $14 on October 3. My real complaint here is that annual pass prices have already been increased once this year. A $50 increase on the premium pass in less than 9 months seems quite ridiculous to me. I may not renew in October just on the principle!

  • I have been visiting Disneyland Resort, CA, for over 15 yrs. I seen it grow and change. It was the happiest time of my life. I am looking forward to taking my grandson and we are planning his first experience Jan 2011. Unfortunately it sounds like it may be his only experience. The ticket price increase is unbelievable!! The average Joe is not going to be able to afford that! We have to plan 6mo in advance to take a trip to Disneyland as it is! Disneyland is definitely becoming the playground of the “Rich and Famous”!!!! I am so disappointed and I believe Walt would be too.

  • I’m thinking I will NOT be visiting Walt Disney World for the day when I am vacationing at a nearby beach. The cost for my 19 year old and I plus parking would be around $179.00. That is ridiculous! In this economy and with millions of people out of work – how can I justify that expense???

    Unfortunately for this single Mom of a college student, there will be no more one day visits for me.

  • We visited the Florida parks in May 2009. We purchased the 7 day premier passes (they had water parks, park hoppers, and the no expiration) and to date, we still have 2 full days left on each ticket. Will these now be rendered invalid and expire on Jan. 3 of 2011?

    • Hi Stephanie, tickets purchased with the MYW non-expiration option never expire.

  • Our family already couldn’t afford to go to Disneyland with the last several rounds of ticket price hikes. It’s been nice, Disneyland, but now I’ll just have to say “Thanks for the Memories” – my family of 6 cannot afford to spend $606 for ONE DAY’s entrance into the parks, and then pay for food (each meal for 6 people is quite expensive). I really don’t think Walt’s intention in building Disneyland was to price it so high that families could not come – no matter how much imagination and growth he hoped for.

  • Hi Thomas,

    I know you keep saying “tickets purchased at the old price will still be honored,” but what has me concerned is a (faulty?) statement in the msnbc article: “Tickets bought through Wednesday at the old price will be honored through Jan. 3.” We just purchased tickets earlier this week and are planning a trip to WDW Jan. 3-8, 2011. Please quiet my nervous heart by telling me msnbc is wrong! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Steve, there’s no change to the price for tickets at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. However, Disneyland Resort tickets have an expiration date which is printed on the back of the ticket.

  • Don’t you think if you lowered the prices that you would attract more crowds, instead of raising rates and having less people visiting the parks. i see the day coming when a one day pass will cost $100

  • Walt Disney World = playground for the rich.
    Universal = park of the people.

  • Is the price of the Annual Pass at Disney World going up on August 5th? If so how much is the increase for a regular adult Annual Pass?

  • Same questions as above – will the FL Resident Seasonal Pass and Annual Passes be changing? From the blog you linked to it appears as if they are being reduced. Thanks.

  • Sorry for my above comment, i was referencing the DVC Annual Pass Price… Will that be increasing $10 as did the regular Annual Pass?

    Thanks & Sorry for the confusion,

    • Yes, the DVC Annual Pass will increase by $10.

  • You have answered the questions about the Premiere Annual Pass, can you tell us what the new price will be for regular WDW Annual Passes?? That question doesn’t seem to be getting answered? Annual Passes are not listed on the price link you’ve provided.


  • Will the DVC discounts for DL APs and WDW APs remain the same or will they be changing?

    • Hi Angela, the discount structure remains the same.

  • Are AP block-out day passes going up too? We’re going August 6th…One day after your increase!!! Please say no; they went uup last year from $40 to $45!

    • Yes, Linda. The price will be $50.

  • Will the price of the Disneyland 5 days for the price of 3 promo increase or will that stay valid until September 1st?

    • No change to the price.

  • I wanted to know if the Florida Resident Annual Pass is going up or not? From reading the blog post, it appears to be going down?? Is this possible? Thanks

    • Florida resident annual pass is increasing to $379 (currently $369).

  • Going to WDW for the first time next week to celebrate my 60th! How much is the Premier?

  • Hello Mr Smith,

    Will WDW Florida Resident Weekday Select Seasonal Passes still be offered?
    That low price was the only reason we could go so many times this past year, as the difference between $170 and $250 equates to $320 in savings when you’re buying for four people… I figured this was finally a reasonable competitive price compared to other Central Florida theme park options, especially when you are going for the ‘parks,’ not the ‘perks.’

    • Hi Robert. Yes, the passes will still be offered.

  • Hi Thomas,

    Something I’ve been wondering recently and as it’s something related to this blog post I wonder if you could forward it at all. As a Premier annual pass holder I often visit the parks and bring friends/colleagues along, usually when I visit DLR I can convince them to part with the extra $25 for a park hopper, however with WDW I am never as successful. $101 is reasonable for a 1 day ticket with access to both parks, however on the other hand $144.84 (incl FL Sales tax) is quite a steep figure for 1 day, even though you have access to twice the number of parks you just don’t get chance to visit all 4, maybe 3 at most but more than likely 2. I understand the Magic Your Way Pricing is supposed to make ticket pricing transparent for guests but could a separate 1 day park hopper ticket price not be introduced, maybe at around half the cost of a normal hopper add on, $27? That would make $116.09 incl Sales tax and a far more reasonable figure for someone who is only likely to visit for 1 day.

    Just a suggestion I’d hope you consider and I’d love to see available! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Colin.

  • will there still be annual pass monthly payments available?

    • Yes.

  • Hi, is the price of the Southern California Resident Summer Pass or Summer Pass Plus going up? We are planning purchase this pass when we visit Disneyland August 24-26. Thank you.

    • Hi Elizabeth, no change to the price.

  • This is crazy, I almost couldn’t afford to buy annual passes for my family this year but with the increase probably will not be able to renew when they expire in January.

  • I’ve had an AP for over 10 years and I’ve never seen Disneyland as consistently busy as it has been in 2009 and 2010. This summer is the busiest I’ve seen it in years, maybe since the 50th.

    I think you should have raised your AP prices even higher with this round of changes. $459 for the Premium is the bargain of the century. The lower priced $200 AP’s need to be raised a great deal more as well. I couldn’t buy a couple decent seats to a Lakers game for the price of a a SoCal AP for Disneyland.

  • I’m with you there Heather! As I’m planning a trip for October with my family, I guess I had better purchase my children’s tickets now. My hubby and I purchased AP’s earlier this year.

    The prices aren’t that different (only $2 on 3-day ticket adult ticket it looks like), just now there is a discount. Will it be there at the end of the week?

    Also, it does look like the DL AP prices are going up $20-$30.

  • Does this include Florida resident AP and Seasonal APs?

    • Yes, the price on these passes will increase on 8/5.

  • OUCH! I know the economy is down but that may stop people from going. The 3 day hopper is $20 more. I was planning on going for 3 days again in Nov but now may have to make it 2 days. Adding in the cost of food that Disneyland will be missing from that extra day and I think the price increase is going to hurt the company more than help it.

  • Can I ask why prices are going up, especially in this economy?

  • will there be a increased price for the parking add-on to the AP’s too?

    • The AP parking pass at Disneyland Resort will be $99 (from $79).

  • If you have already purchased tickets, you are grandfathered in. Same with the price of the Annual Passes, especially if you are on the monthly payment plan. Your payment will not increase until you renew if it is on or after August 5.

    So basically if you have a ticket for the Parks that was purchased before August 5, you are safe!! And well, today’s the 3rd so you can breathe a sigh of relief!!

  • I have the same question as Justin. Is the Premiere Pass price being affected as well? Thank you.

    • No change, Randy.

  • Hi Mr. Smith!

    I just have one question. Will 1-day Disneyland Park hopper tickets purchased before the date of the price increase be rendered invalid? I bought 5 of them at $97 each for my Bro. and his family for their visit next week. Will these tickets be honored or will they be required to pay the difference at the ticket booth?

    • Hi Harry, previously purchased tickets will be honored and the price will not change.

  • I too would like to know whether the Premier Pass is going up in price.

  • Is there going to be a price increase on daily parking as well?

    • No change to parking prices at Walt Disney World. At Disneyland Resort, the price for automobile parking will increase to $15 (was $14).

  • For those of us that have an Annual Pass for the Disneyland Resort and have had it prior to August 5th, will the monthly payments be raised to reflect the changes?

    • No, there’s no change to annual passes already purchased.

  • Any changes on the DVC annual passport changes?

  • If we already bought our tickets before the price increase, are we grandfathered into the lower price?

    • There’s no change to tickets already purchased.

  • Did the price change for the Premier annual pass? I don’t see it listed on either page.

    • Hi Justin, the price did not change.

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