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New Music Added to Space Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Listen up Space Mountain fans, there’s a new addition to the Walt Disney World Resort attraction that just may be music to your ears. It’s an enhanced audio experience with sounds you’ve never heard before. Walt Disney Imagineering has added a new composition that’s exclusive to the attraction at Magic Kingdom Park that will play with varying sound effects throughout all “flights” on 60 newly installed speakers. “Starry-O-Phonic Sound” compliments a slew of enhancements that debuted on Space Mountain last year, including new lighting, storyline elements and updated decor. Here’s a special message from The Space Mountain Project Team.

Starry-O-Phonic Sound from Space Mountain


  • I hate to be negative, but I personally didn’t really feel the sound track added anything to the attraction, in fact I think I preferred it before. Where speakers around the track were used instead of in vehicle speakers like on other Space Mountains, the music seemed to get louder and quieter whilst the ride was in motion, it just doesn’t have the effect of fitting in with the ride experience like at DLP or DLR. Sorry to be negative, but it just did nothing for me 🙁

  • Great to hear they are adding the soundtrack at WDW! I was very dissappointed with Space Mountain @ WDW when I rode it last year at Thanksgiving. Glad they are Adding the soundtrack like at Disneyland.

  • “Starry-O-Phonic” is such a bad pun…

    …I LOVE IT. 😛

    I’m so glad Space Mountain will be open for when I go for my birthday this year! It was closed for refurbishment last year and I was really hoping to ride it for the second time.

  • I have to say, I really really prefer the original discordant “spacey” music, that fit with my favourite music from any Disney park (the music that plays in the “star tunnel,” that is the first tunnel inside of the Space Mountain queue.) I know the composer worked hard on this piece, and that it fits more with the piece that plays during Disneyland’s Space Mountain, but I miss the classic Space Mountain music. Will you release a retro Disney World album now that this music has changed because I would love to own a copy of the old Space Mountain music?

  • Is the music the same Michael Giacchino theme that he wrote for Space Mountain in Disneyland?

  • I agree with Varsenik above – the need to reestablish the Peoplemover within Space Mountain as an experience. It always has been in the past, but now it’s just a dark, boring ride through what should be the most exciting part of the trip. Help!!

  • Excellent! I LOVE Space Mountain in Disneyland and always thought that music was missing from the Disney World version. Can’t wait until we’re there next month so I can try it out. Thanks so much for the upgrade!!!!

  • I rode it three times today and it was EPIC! I’ve been on it a bunch since the earlier refurb, but the soundtrack makes it all new again. It seems faster and more unpredictable somehow. Maybe I’m just too distracted by the audio to pay attention to the track!

  • It was just so-so, I am not a fan at all of the music. We will be seeing the Disneyland Ghost Galaxy soon, though (I’m very happy about that!)


  • Great job, Space Mountain Project Team, that is one awesome poster! I can’t wait to visit soon and experience all the improvements. Thanks for all your hard work for us!

  • I just got back from riding it. The audio makes the ride much improved. The music is great, but the sound effects are even better.

    Attractions Magazine

  • Great update, can’t wait to ride this in October, any word yet if the music from this will be avaliable for purchase? Thanks. 🙂

  • I hope we get Ghost Galaxy: Space Mountain right here.

  • So I just went on this two days ago with my fiancee who had never been on before. She doesn’t like the darkness of the ride, I love it, and doesn’t think she will ever ride again. I hope that I can convince her to ride again so that I can get to experience this.

    Great work with the previous upgrades. Love the gates as it made loading much faster and the darker ride.

  • Any chance Disney will make that artwork available as a poster?

  • What a surprise today! It looks like we’ll be heading to the MK tonight. 🙂


  • P.S.: The Xmas and Vacation shows very greatly “plussed” the Country Bear attraction and did a great job of keeping it fresh every year and boosting attendance at it.

    Not only that–doing those annual changeovers also allowed the maintenance team to perform upkeep on the show and check up on it to make sure that the audio-animatronics and everything else were in good condition and working properly every year.

    All the more reason to bring those two much-missed seasonal shows back.

  • Wonderful news. Thanks for sharing this. Anything that makes an existing attraction even better as always a very good thing in my book.

    Now, can you please make bringing back the Country Bear Jamboree’s Christmas Special and Vacation Hoedown overlays for the holiday and summer seasons respectively on an annual basis your next priority?

  • What a GREAT plus for one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom! I cannot wait to try this out this fall and look forward to our new enhanced experience. Fabulous poster look too!

  • How did they put the speakers in the vehicles? Are they embedded in the seat frames? The vehicle in that picture looks like the same 1970’s Space Mountain vehicle. I also assume they installed subwoofers under each seat like the Disneyland Space Mountain has.

    Still, it’s amazing they hid the speakers in the rockets so well!

  • Can’t wait to hear it when I go in November 🙂

  • 18 daysss to go and my mom & I will be there to experience the new music! I have always wanted the intro music when walking through the line to get to the ride. This waiting is torture!!

  • I am so excited for this change in the ride! The lack of a soundtrack was my biggest complaint about the ride, but I suppose that is because I was so used to the Disneyland version. 😀

  • lol oh SURE do this the week AFTER i leave. *sulks in a corner*

  • will be hearing this in 18 days. girls weekend…me, my daughter and my mom. 3 generations!!!

  • Space Mountain is a great ride. It’s a shame the sounds are not on-board like Disneylands… but I’m still looking forward to hearing it on my next trip!

    Club D23

  • will be there oct 29…cant wait!

  • I look forward to experiencing this in 2 weeks!

  • Tom from IN- The art kiosks have been out of service for several months. Not sure if they will be back by December, but I asked a cast member a few weeks ago and she said they don’t really know why they are not working. She thought it could be because of where they are printed, they could be backed up too much or are getting new equipment.

  • I hope it contains some of the same music as Space Mountain at Disneyland. I love that ride soundtrack. Can’t wait to hear this new music!

  • Looking forward to hearing this during my next flight from Space Mountain. I think I’ll have to spend a day at the Magic Kingdom when I go down for business in October. After all, a “Starry-O-Phonic” experience sounds ‘stellar’! 🙂

    NCDisneyDad Bob °O°

  • Where is the sound coming from? Is it from each individual car (like Disneyland’s Space Mountain) or from “somewhere in space”?

  • Can’t wait to hear the new music! My only qualm about the new Space Mountain is that nothing is visible from the PeopleMover. It was so much fun to see the cars racing through the darkness. Now that giant black wall is in the way so you can’t even see the stars.

    P.S. I love this poster! Will it be available for sale?

  • Wow! Just in time too, we’re headed to WDW in late September. I was looking forward to the new ride enhancements but this is even more exciting. Great job Disney, way to “plus” another attraction! And thanks to the blog crew for keeping us up to date. The blog is awesome!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Adam.


  • Are they making the same upgrades to CA? This October will be the 1st time I’ve been to DisneyLAND in around 20 yrs. I LOVE DisneyWORLD—I hope after going to FL yr after yr, I’m not disappointed with CA…

  • How exciting! A great surprise for when I get there tomorrow!

  • Space Mountain is my ALL TIME favorite attraction!It was still closed for rehab on my trip last year so I can’t wait to ride in just 2 weeks when I am there for my honeymoon!!! : ) Now only if you would bring back the old TTA soundtrack……Paging Mr. Morrow.

  • aahhhh i can’t wait to hear it… im obsessed with space mountain.. my ring tone, alarm clock, is the music that you hear while you make the line.. just love it!!!

  • How exciting! Sounds like I’ll have to make a trip over to the Magic Kingdom to check out this new sound system. I was wondering why the lights were on when I was on The PeopleMover. 🙂


  • Awesome news; I can’t wait to hear it in December! I only hope this poster becomes available in the On-Demand kiosks in the Art of Disney. It’s really cool!

  • Of course we just got back from WDW last week! Now we’ll have to plan another trip real soon. Can’t wait to hear the improvements!

  • In space, -everyone- can hear you scream!! Now in Starry-O-Phonic sound! 😉

    When the attraction opened last year, this is something I was really hoping to see (well, hear). Looking forward to listening to the new soundtrack and effects!

    Lou M.

  • LOL you install this 4 days AFTER I left. I will hear it next summer i guess. I still have music on Space Mountain Here In California to tied me over. Just my luck.

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