New Signature Suite at the Disneyland Hotel: Big Thunder Suite

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Hang on to your hats and glasses because there’s a new signature suite at the Disneyland Hotel – the Big Thunder Suite. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at the Big Thunder Suite, and in the coming weeks, we’ll also share details of some of the other signature suites, including the new Fairy Tale Suite, Mickey Mouse Penthouse and Pirates of the Caribbean Suite. All are located on the 11th floor of the hotel’s Dreams Tower and boast a distinct design, luxurious amenities and amazing views.

The Big Thunder Suite is the wildest suite in the wilderness and immerses up to six pioneers in 1,400-square-feet of luxurious rustic accommodations inspired by the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction at Disneyland park.

Big Thunder Suite Bedroom

Howling wolves sound to the push of the suite’s doorbell as guests step into a mine shaft foyer inlaid with Fool’s Gold and hear the rumble of a passing runaway mine train. A button on the wall can be pushed to trigger sound effects from the attraction. The mine shaft leads into a living and dining area that separates the suite’s two bedrooms. In many rooms, repurposed wood from a Midwestern barn is used as flooring and paneling, which is complimented by textured earthen walls.

Big Thunder Suite Dining Room

A stone-hearth fireplace in the living area serves as the suite’s centerpiece and houses a mounted flat-panel television. When not in use, the TV is cleverly concealed by one of the many pieces of attraction concept art found throughout the suite. The living area also includes a surround sound-stereo system and displays antique tools once used for mining gold, including an 1850s gold scale and pan.

The centerpiece of the dining area is a knotted table with seating for eight, with a wagon-wheel chandelier. Nearby is a wet bar made of petrified wood and above the bar hangs a “living portrait” of a gold miner who magically changes activities over the course of the day.

Rustic décor belies the luxurious amenities found in the suite’s two bedrooms. The master bedroom is appointed with a desk, sitting area, TV and king-sized bed with a commanding headboard made of rich wood, brown leather and exposed brackets.

The master bath is revealed through a sliding barn door, where a free-standing copper tub is surrounded by a dramatic stone wall. The tub’s copper finish matches the copper piping in the adjacent steam shower, which is tiled with an earth-tone mosaic. A television is concealed behind the mirror above the bathroom’s bucket sinks.

Big Thunder Suite Bathroom

To inquire about prices and availability, please call (714) 956-6425.

What do you think is the coolest feature of the Big Thunder Suite?


  • I love it all! Attention to detail, as only disney is willing to create. No expense spared, as long as it completes the illusion. I’d love to be a part of the experience….


  • Pirates suite? Hmm… sounds intriquing. $3000+ for a one night stay?? Woof!! Nope. Just priced itself out of my range. Disney should have a drawing/contest for somone to be allowed to stay in the suite for one night. They can well afford it and it would give someone the opportunity to enjoy it from amongst those who would not otherwise. Did you notice how many are stating that they only way they could stay is if they won Lotto? Your public is speaking, Disney….

  • The tub!!! So many places have been leaving out tubs in favor of shower stalls which means that you can’t have the luxury of relaxing in one. That tub is a true luxury!

  • looks amazing….but for $3000 a night…how many people does it sleep?

  • I don’t mean to comment twice but I 2nd the Haunted Mansion suite!
    I’m SO down for that 🙂

  • This is INCREDIBLE!
    I agree with Maria! I want to use my DVC points for a room like this.
    Only difference is I’m waiting for the Pirates suite :).

  • I love the big dining table! There never a space in a hotel room/suite for the whole family w/friends to gather and visit!!

  • Where do I sign up??

  • The suite look fabulous but I really didn’t expect anything but the best from Disney which is why it always surprises me that Disney doesn’t have an “800” number in which to make reservations and get info. I know they can afford it 🙂

  • Wow. I wonder what the cost is a night for this? I cant wait to see the Pirates Suite. Maybe when I win the lotto we can stay there..:)

  • This is amazing. My pass just expired and I can’t afford to renew it! When will I be able to go back to Disneyland? I love the tub too, for sure. Weird thing……….I hope I don’t get blocked for asking this here about the Halloween merchandise. I don’t know where else to look/ask/call/email. I’ve done it all! Last year for the 40th anniv. they had keychain lanyards with HM. Do you know when the Halloween merch. will be released this season? Thank you! Please forgive me if not OK to ask here on my comment.

  • OMGosh, that is Disney imagining at its best. I would live there if I could. Love the idea of pushing buttons and getting some authentic sounds from the ride. I LOVE IT.
    Can’t wait to see the other suites.

  • I’m a DVC member and wonder if I can use my vacation points to stay at the suite. I would proably have to use all my points for a one night stay. Looks great can’t wait to see the others.

  • Great thing about this room is there are no kids in it! 🙂

  • Will there be any more themed suites? Haunted Mansion maybe…

  • Heather and Disney Co.:

    It’d be really nice if you guys weren’t set against putting prices for things like this suite on the Blog.

    I’m at work right now and don’t really want to call the Disneyland Hotel from my cube.

    Even just a CRAZY price range, like “$1,200-4,200 a night” would be better than nothing.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  • Wow, that looks grand! What a fun room to get to stay in!

  • I love this room, I would love to stay in it. I told my husband if we ever won the lotto or something we could stay there other wise we could never afford over 2000- a night. It sure is beautiful. Thanks for letting us see what it looks like, I would really like to see what the others look like also.

  • Looks pretty cool….and we just Love the Lobby at the Grand Californian is GORGEOUS!!! And we would LOVE to stay there, even if it’s one night…but the prices for even your ‘regular’ rooms are expensive, so I already know we’d never be able to stay in any suite at any Disney Hotel 🙁

  • $3343 (incl tax and resort fee) a night for when I go……..a little pricey! hahaha

  • Amazingly beautiful suite… I love the care taken on details (the attraction sounds are a very cool idea). Any chance of a Haunted Mansion suite? Might seem strange, but done well, it could be an interesting addition.

  • Incredible.

  • Oh my gosh. The room is gorgeous. I can’t pick which room is the prettiest because they are all beautiful. I would give anything to spend a night there. Both my husband and I are perm. disabled and can’t travel far. Disneyland is only about an hour from us. It’s is actually something we could do 🙂
    When will these rooms be ready to reserve?

    • The Big Thunder Suite is available for booking now.

  • It all beautiful, but WHAT A TUB!

  • Looks awesome!I am sure it is a ridiculous price

  • How can I reserve this? When is it available? I’m coming out in Sept/Oct

    • The suite is available now. You can call (714) 956-6425 to see if the suite is available during your visit.

  • I’m honeymooning at Disneyland and staying at the Disneyland Hotel. Oh my goodness I wonder if this will be available for upgrade!

  • Its so beautiful!! I love the wood work and the details!

  • That’s really a lovely suite. Excellent interior design. I’m looking forward to seeing the other themed suites.

  • Oh my , this is why so many people are Disney fanatics! The detail is incredible. Great Job Disney , this is why I bring my family back every year

  • Um…Pop Century is in Florida, not at DLR…

    The “‘living portrait’ of a gold miner who magically changes activities over the course of the day” sounds intriging!

  • Wish I could figure a way to grow a money tree in my back yard and stay there someday. 1400 square feet of Disney magic is bigger than my home, and Big Thunder Mtn. is one of the my favorite signature rides of Disneyland. Having spent several nights in the past, when I could afford it, at the Grand Californian I will assume that the amenities will surpass those and would enjoy it immensely. Is that a wet bar I see in the photos? That would be the best part, followed by the copper tub…looks wonderful.

  • Amazing and Beautiful….What every princess should be lucky enough to have a chance to stay in. I love the pics.

  • How much a night? Just wondering cause i didn’t see it in the blog.

    • To inquire about prices and availability, please call (714) 956-6425.

  • Fantastic! I’m so eager to see the other rooms! Especially the Pirates of the Caribbean suite. Too cool!!
    Really love the tub and matching sinks. Nice touch!!

  • Im not soo sure about the tub. Where is the shower??? I love the woodwork in the room. I hope the lighting is soft, no flouresent.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    This Big Thunder Suite is amazing, beautiful and simply adorable it fits the theme of The Big Thunder Mountain décor. Thanks for sharing these pictures of this remodel room.

  • Looks beautiful!

  • Hello!!! It’s all about the TUB! I gotta get me one of those. Will they be selling them at the Emporium?

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to stay in this suite!

  • It looks amazing and $$$$$

  • Oh, I love it!!! I think I’d rather stay here than the castle. Of course, both are about equally attainable for me. 😉 I’m a Pop Century gal myself! But if I win lotto………………

  • The tub is flat out the best!

  • That’s FANTASTIC. Any chance we could see a picture of the sitting area?

    Either way, thanks for the great pics.

    • Glad you like the suite. I’ve shared all the photos I could find.

  • That is really, really incredible. Thanks for sharing the photos! 🙂

  • Wow, that is amazing!

  • I agree…I want to soak in the tub!!!

  • omg, the bathroom is the coolest

  • OH god! I love the wood work, but the TUB!!! I could live in that tub.

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