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New Star Tours Video Makes Us Ask: Where Will the New Star Tours Attraction Take Us?

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Last year, Disney Parks fans learned that “The Adventures Continue” with the return of a new Star Tours attraction in both California and Florida in 2011. Earlier today at the Star Wars Celebration V fan event, Star Wars fans caught a first glimpse of a new video that will appear in the queue area of the reimagined Star Tours attraction in Disneyland park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios next year. The video produced by Star Tours is a new “commercial” that shows one of their exciting getaway travel packages.

Today we’re also giving our Disney Parks Blog readers a peek at the video before it appears in the queue next year. While Star Tours now offers flights to new destinations, we cannot confirm that you will travel to any of the destinations shown in this video . . .

Since many Disney Parks fans know the new Star Tours attraction will take place between the two sets of Star Wars Trilogies, and that Star Tours can now take guests to more places in the Star Wars galaxy, what do you think of this video? Is there a destination you hope to visit on the new attraction when it opens next year?

Star Tours fans should also know that there’s still a chance to ride the original attraction for one of the last times in Florida. You can purchase your “Last Tour to Endor” tickets at www.StarWarsCelebration.com/Disney and also at the Disney Parks Merchandise booth at Star Wars Celebration V.


  • Nice. I like the bit about Alderaan being voted the safest planet in the galaxy. Little do they know they’re about to get blown up in a few years.
    Of these three places though I would definitely want to go to Alderaan the most since you never get to see what the planet is like in any of the movies. It would be pretty awesome if they had three different versions of the ride, where you go to three different planets, and you had to ride it three times to see all of them!

  • Alderaan? Didn’t it get blown up by the Death Star? Doesn’t sound very safe to me.

  • Love it!!! If only we could….

  • Cool video! Can’t wait to see it at Disneyland!

    One question, though. Currently, disabled ‘travelers’, like myself, don’t get to see any of the regular queue. When it’s remodeled, will we get to see all that the queue offers? It’s sad to say that I never got to see what millions of others have.

  • Am I the only one who gets the Alderaan joke?

  • So happy that the Star Tours chimes are back… was kinda worried they not make it. “Kuchana! Kuchana!”

  • I just hope that ILM/WDI doesn’t overuse the computer generated imagery (CGI)during the actual ride. I like that they kept the sounds and tone of the original ride, but this “commercial” is not giving me high hopes with all the CGI. There’s something about the use of physical models that make the Star Tours 1.0 more realistic and believable to me.

  • I think they should run several different shows… 🙂

  • Awesome, can’t wait!. I hope there are different adventures this time so it’s not the exact same ride every time. It was way overdue for an update, my family is so excited to see the updated ride!

  • Awesome!

    I love that the original chimes are being used.

  • Very excited about it, but if this takes place between Ep. 3 and 4 the forest moon of Endor is great but the Ewoks were not found until Ep 6????? But I do love the chimes are back also!

  • I can’t wait for 2011!!!

  • I love this and can’t wait to experience it!!!

  • I still wonder exactly how these “multiple destinations” are going to work. Is it going to be like Horizons, where you got to vote on your destination? Or is it like Soarin’, where you visit all the destinations one after another in rapid succession? Or like Tower of Terror, where the sequence you get is random? 🙂

  • For years I have been saying that this ride needed to be updated. With today’s technology, there is no reason they cannot have multiple destinations for each of the four rides at Disneyland.

    Since it is all computer controlled, they can just cycle through any of say, ten, different adventures. This would make the ride so much more exciting. Never knowing which ride you will get. It could take a guest many trips to the park before you finally experience each one.

    The initial cost of creating and programming each ride could be a bit much, but in the end, it would make the attraction very unique and it would continue to draw guests for many years. Unlike the Indiana Jones ride which uses lighting and screens to give the illusion of different ride beginnings, the use of video on Star Tours would actually give each ride destination it’s own…

  • We’re planning a trip to WDW in May 2011 – will the ride be open by then?

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. Guess I have to come back to DHS next year. Sigh.

    Disney Blog, can you add a share button? I’d really like to put this up on my facebook page.

  • well they had bespin(cloud city) in there ans that was in episode 5, so I thing there doing all the movies. that would awesome everytime you ride to a different planet…….awesomeness!!!!

  • I think this ride is gonna be GREAT! Though I will miss the old version of it. They should put 2 line, one for the original and the other for the new Star Tours. : D : (

  • I like the idea that Luke had about the different rides to the different planets and having to need to ride multiple times to get to experience the different places. Makes me excited to see what is going to come!

  • We hit StarTours the last day it was opened at Dland and cannot wait for this one! But Alderaan? Hmmmmmm…..

  • Don’t forget, you can also ride the original versions at both Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. Although I’m sure those versions will be updated eventually as well, they’ll still be operating the original version through the end of the year and presumably all of 2011 as well.

  • I always thought Star Tours took place in an alternate universe.

  • Awesome! My 3 children just saw the video, you should have seen the smiles! Will the rides be updated with different ‘trips’? My eldest child is starting to realize that the ships ‘travel’ to the same place every time, and she’s only 6!

    It’d be nice to have a few different adventures that are all ‘navigation mishaps’ from the droid pilot (Rex?). Then Star Tours will be a little like the wonderful California Adventure! The above post re: cycling through 10 scenarios would really be swell!

  • I love it! Just hope Paul Rubens comes back too!

  • I LOVE THE ALDERRAN JOKE! With this update of the attraction, let us all hope that they keep making multiple destinations throughout this attraction’s existance in the near future…not making us wait 25 years until they try something new!

  • Watching this brought this scenario to mind:

    “Dear Mom and Dad,

    Just landed at my third stop Alderaan and decided to drop you a postcard; I can see why Hyperspace Traveler called this the safest planet in the galaxy; I feel so safe! Gonna buy you guys some souvenirs after dinner, but right now I think I’ll find somebody to ask about that big round thing in the sky that looks like a small moon. Wonder what it’s doing there? Anyway, see you next week!”

  • Can’t wait for this. I know many of us complained about the original and how it was outdated & getting boring but I know part of me will miss it when it’s finally gone.

  • WHAT!!!!! No pod races !!! Someones dropping the ball on what could be great stuff. Alderon . . . please!!!!! That ride needs to be a little edgier!!!

  • Chris LOL I got your Joke…:) I am glad they finally updated the ride, and I am pleasantly suprised with the sample. I would like to see multiple rides quequed up allowing for the trips to be different for us hard core Disney fanatics who get on the rides multiple times….

  • I’ve always loved Star Tours but I can’t wait for this new incarnation of it!

  • Other than that, I can’t wait to see. I love Star Wars & Disney.
    (and Captain EO/Michael Jackson)!!!


  • this is awesome! We will definitely be visiting all the destinations!

  • I would prefer they just leave STAR TOURS as it (never felt dated or got boring to me; I loved it every single time I rode it), but I hope the new version lives up to how much fun the original was and isn’t just a storyless CGI demo reel. I would definitely like to visit Cloud City out of the three, though. And I do like that this video retains the little musical chimes you hear at the beginning and end. That was a nice touch. I already greatly miss the original, though, and just hope the new one is worth the upgrade.

  • Love the fact that it uses the same music and chimes 🙂

  • I like the promo & the chimes are cool! I wonder if maybe you never make it that far on your journey though- perhaps things go wrong during the flight? Plus, just because something wasn’t in a movie until episode 5 or 6 doesn’t mean that location didn’t EXIST already.

    I’m waiting to hear when this will open in DHS (May 17th?) and what the dates for Star Wars Weekends 2011 will be! I’m guessing those will coincide; hoping SWW starts on the 20th since I have hotel reservations to arrive the 19th… 😉

  • I adore Lori’s joke.

  • You mean we’re finally going to get to Endor??? I really wanted that winter holiday to Hoth!

  • Yay! But shouldn’t that be NEW Alderan?

  • I’m sad that the old one is going. outdated, it was, but it’s been one of my favourite rides in the park. I keep hearing the possibility of multiple destinations. i hope this is the case cuz that would make it even more awesome than the awesome that it is.

  • i talked to a cast member in the star trader store last week and he said they are going to keep one of the 4 simulators alone and all original

  • Florida’s version is not one of the “last times” you can ride the original Star Tours. The original versions still exist and operate daily at Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. It’s just the two American versions that are being changed to the new format.

    Tokyo’s was the best Star Tours I’ve ever ridden. So clean, so perfectly operating and with such polite and helpful Cast Members!

  • So, I am confused about the Starspeeder 1000 landing shown in the Alderaan clip. We see this vehicle (which is presumably an older model in comparison to the Starspeeder 3000 from Star Tours 1.0) touching down like a helicopter. The original version had a runway system for landing. Was the 3000 version capable of both types of landings? If not, was that feature considered an improvement over the hover-landing seen in here?

  • I still would encourage Disney to keep just ONE of the simulators at each park programmed with the classic ride. It would provide a nice option for repeat visitors as well as treating those yet to come.

  • Very nice! I love that the theme music was carried over from version 1.0.

  • Oh, that looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Now that looks like fun….can’t wait to see it in December

  • When the ride closes at WDW in September, will the Star Wars-related “stuff” in the area still be available? The Tatooine Traders store, the Jedi Training Academy, the giant AT-AT and Ewok village recreations…will those all remain open or are they being closed off for re-theming?

  • Is Rex coming back?

  • This is incredibly cool. ST-II will be up and running by the time me and my future new wifey will be celebrating our Disneymoon at WDW (Aug.2011). What better way to keep the romance up and running than by taking a nice romantic tour of Alderaan. Hmmm…I just felt a disturbance in the force…something about a shadow as large as a small moon? Bah…maybe that’s just excitement about the tour. LOL!!!

    It would be very cool if the attraction featured THREE different tours. We would definately be queueing up again and again to ride all three. May the force be with us. Hahahaha.

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