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Quiet Cove Pool Taking Shape on the Disney Dream

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

We are just a few months away from the launch of the Disney Dream and today we bring you an update from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, where the ship is being built. Check out this construction photo; as you can see the Quiet Cove adult pool is quickly taking shape on the 11th deck of the ship.
Construction of Quiet Cove pool
Exclusively for guests 18 and older, the Quiet Cove Pool and Cove Bar will be a retreat for adults to sunbathe, take a dip and indulge in a cool drink.

One of three fresh-water pools on the Disney Dream, Quiet Cove Pool will feature varying depths. A series of connected circular pools includes a 4-foot-deep plunge pool and a 6-inch-deep sunbathing pool with built-in loungers. Guests also can splash up to Cove Bar, which is part of the pool.

Here’s what the area will look like when complete:
Completed Quiet Cove pool
Which areas of the ship would you like to see in future updates?


  • I love Quiet Cove on the Magic and Wonder especially after they added the glass privacy walls at the begninning of the area. The loungers that line the side of the deck are great. I am excited to try this new take on the adult area; mainly sitting in the pool while enjoying a drink.

    I too want to see some shots of Enchanted Garden and the Meridian Lounge.

    Cannot wait to get onboard in February 2011!

  • I would love to see how the restaurants are taking shape
    The Cove Pool looks wonderful and I can’t wait to jump in 🙂

  • I agree with Donna we are sailing on the April 3rd voyage and I have a son who is so excited that there will be a place for him…not in the “baby” areas 🙂 Please let us know more about the Edge 🙂

  • I REALLY want to go on the Disney Dream! I am especially excited for the Aqua Duck, and the fantastic new dining experiences! It feels like 2011 will never come!

  • Way too small for my tastes. 🙁 Odd that the bigger ship will have the smaller pool for adults. On the Magic and Wonder, the Quiet Cove pool does get crowded during the day (thankfully at night it is not so bad!).

  • I want to see updates on the SLIDE! and the new Animators Palate!

  • Would love to see/hear about updates for the new tween location Edge and its activities.

  • I would LOVE to see an update of Remy!! I’ll be sailng on Feb 20th, 2011 and cannot wait to wine and dine there!

  • I would like to see more on the Oceaneers Club (I still think it should be the OceanEARS club) and the Small World Nursery.

  • 280 more days until I cruise on the Dream…at 59 years young I am looking forward to riding the Aquaduck…whooohooo!!!!!

  • @Dennis I have been on 2 Disney Cruises and my upcoming cruise is this month on the Wonder. Each time we have cruised with our son and for your information, if you can find 1 child on any Disney Cruise ship who wants to hang with their parents please point them out to us. We make a special effort for our son to at least have 15 minutes with us at dinner time which he does, and sends his dinner back to our suite and leaves. We see him when he is asleep and if he needs us he will call us on our cell phone which NEVER happens. Disney Cruise line vacations are for adults who have children to spend time alone without the kids. Can’t wait to leave, and its the ONLY vacation we all look forward to. The DREAM is our next year vacation, with our son.

  • It’s looks great for relaxing, but I like to swim back a forth for exercise.(the Magic and Wonder seem to be just right, maybe I’ve gotten spoiled and, a new style is different) Are “laps” possible? Maybe the pictures are decieving, and it is larger that it seems.

  • I think it looks MUCH nicer then the current pool. Do agree that 4 lounge chairs is a joke LOL!

    As for “selfish parents” Dennis, if you want an adult only cruise.. this is not the correct line. I have no problem with parents coming to the pool… as long as they leave the kiddies someplace else 🙂 (Selfish would be deciding that “I want to go to the adult pool even with the kids”)

  • Whooooops! That’s March 2011!!. (Still can’t wait!)

  • My wife and I are going on the Dream during March 2010. Can’t wait to experience all it has to offer!

  • This looks awesome! I can’t wait. I already have 2 cruises booked for next year.

  • You know, I wish they could keep the water temperature around 70 or so. It gets to warm for me! March 31, here we come!

  • I am gonna visit the Meyer shipyard on 5th september!!! Then i will see the Disney Dream live and hope to see a lot. Next year August we will cruise with the Disney Dream.

  • looks great! I am interested in everything about the Dream, so the more info the better and of course pictures of the progress are always very exciting! We are counting down for the maiden voyage! Can’t wait!!

  • Although this one looks cool, I like the old pool. Pool games were fun.

  • On my last cruise there was never anyone in the adult pool. Perhaps this is why the new profile is small. However, every deck chair was always full which does makes me wonder about the space for that?

  • More construction photos please! I like to follow the progress. Have 2 cruises booked on the Dream already — including the maiden voyage! Can hardly wait.

  • Dennis – really? As an adult who travels with the whole family, when our kids want to be in the clubs we WILL be at the pool. If you want a cruise without kids and parents of kids, you are looking at the wrong ships.

  • I would love to know and see more about AquaDuck and the entire pool area (pool for families and the mickeys pool)
    Another place is the sports deck, where miniature golf will be. it would be very interesting to see it more in detail.
    Thanks! Excellent update. I can’t wait to be on the Disney Dream!!

  • @Dennis – “Selfish enough”??? I’ve been on 3 Disney cruises, and each time the kids are with me barely long enough to get their carry ons into the room before they are flying off to the kids clubs. What are my husband and I supposed to do, sit in our cabin and not do anything or enjoy ourselves because we actually have children? Parents whose kids are happily partaking in EVERYTHING Disney has to offer have just as much right to all areas of the ship as those who are cruising childless……

    That said…… I would love to see more on the clubs and lounges… Thanks!

  • Ummm….Dennis…the point of being able to take your kids to fun activities is so the parents can actually get some alone adult time. I’d expect to find parents there! They deserve a quiet cove!!!

  • Seeing the Main Pool Area would be great.

  • The new dining areas and the theather! 🙂

  • I will also mirror the statements of the previous posters…doesn’t look like there is much room in this pool area…hopefully the adults traveling with children will not be selfish enough to dump their kids somewhere in the ship while they slip away to the adults only section – hopefully the decks above are restricted as well as I wouldn’t want little kids peering down either looking for mom and dad or just being the curious beings they tend to be.

  • I am wondering about the capacity as well, it looks like it is smaller that the QC pool on the Magic/Wonder.

  • 175 more days! Can’t wait!

  • I would love to see how the kid areas are coming along. Andy’s room especially!!

  • I love the idea of an “adult only” pool. As much as I love kids, as a traveler without kids, I enjoy the piece and quiet an area like this!

  • I wonder what the *capacity* is of the QC pool. It seems more like a wading pool … versus the QC pools on the Magic/Dream, which are actually a defined pool, with wading areas around the edge. I like the idea of the lounge chairs in the new pool … but don’t expect to be able to use them (my gosh, there’s only about 4 of them?).

  • Hi Jonathan,
    Quiet Cove Pool looks great! I would love to see an update on Cabanas restaurant. Sitting outside on the back deck at Topsiders on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder is my favorite spot to get breakfast. It is one of my favorite activities on the cruise. I am looking forward to doing the same on the Disney Dream in July 2011. I have not seen any photos or Artwork of Cabanas at all. Anything would be great. I was excited to see the description of Cabanas say: “If you’re looking to dine under the stars and enjoy the warm night breezes during dinner”. That sounds wonderful!

  • I hope that Quiet Cove will be two stories, there doesn’t look like much room around the pool area for lounge chairs?

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