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Recruitment Begins in Summer 2011

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Sci-Fi Teaser Poster
By now, many of you know from previous Disney Parks Blog articles that I am a huge fan of science fiction. I love all genres probably because of the former Epcot attraction Horizons that taught me “if I can dream it, I can do it.” That is one reason why I can’t wait for the Disney Trading and Collectible Experience we have planned for Summer 2011 at the Disneyland Resort. We recently announced the theme of this one-day event at the Dateline Disneyland 1955: Pin-Vited Press Event in July 2010. I caught up with Chris Chapman, the lead designer for this event, to discuss its evolution.

“We started work on this event in May 2010,” explained Chris. “This event will feature some of the most involved storytelling we’ve ever done. The event will be for every fan whom has ever visited Tomorrowland, enjoyed science fiction entertainment, played video games in the Starcade and more. We want to immerse our Guests into the story from the event experience to the product packaging to the merchandise we are designing.”
Sci-Fi Mickey
Mike Sullivan ( from Disney Design Group is the leader character artist for this project. He shared some details about the story created for Sci-Fi Academy.

“Mickey has always loved adventure stories,” explained Mike. “His good friend Professor Ludwig Von Drake created a device making it possible for Mickey to be transported into his favorite Sci-Fi tales from the late 1800s to today. After each trip, Mickey would return with otherworldly keepsakes. As time passed, he realized he could not study all of the great Sci-Fi movies, books, games and television artifacts he collected. So, Commander Mickey created the Sci-Fi Academy, where recruits could help him collect, analyze and catalog these treasures.”
Sci-Fi Logos
As a child, I remember spending many hours in Tomorrowland watching people and listening to ambient sounds of the future. I recall riding the People Mover during my first visit to Disneyland in the early 1990s (gosh, I loved that soundtrack). Chris explained that this event will pull from those nostalgic childhood memories and experiences.

Chris also created the teaser poster and the four logos representing the different science fiction genres that will be featured at the event. Doesn’t that poster look like advertisement for a brand new motion picture? How I wish it was – sigh. Nevertheless, stay tuned to as we reveal more details in the coming months about this event. And I hope to see you at the Academy.


  • I agree with Spencer. SoCal needs more exclusive events.

  • I personally hope that it remains exclusive 2 Cali..
    I am sick and tired of Florida getting Star Wars Weekends and other events that SoCal gets shut out of.

  • Interesting, and I look forward to the Victorian Era stuff especially. I’m hoping *fingers crossed* to actually make it to Disneyland next year, so maybe it will be in time for this…

    Voyages Extraordinaires

    • @Hannah – Great observation. Yes, Vinylmation will be a part of the event.

      @Julian – The event will take place at Disneyland Resort. It will be a one day, ticketed event that will be held at a Resort Convention Center.

      @Chris – Good eye! Chris Chapman, the artist who created the poster, was wondering if anyone would pick up on that detail. 100 bonus points to you 🙂

      @Jacob – Steampunk!! Have I told you how much many of us here love Steampunk?

      @Steve – This is actually a one day ticketed event. No plans to change over Tomorrowland but the merchandise created for the event may give a past or present look at Tomorrowland.

      @Cory – Hope you can make it!

  • So here is the Million dollar question is this going to be a complete change of Tommorrowland? I a upgrade of sorts or is it going to be one shop stop attraction?

  • I’ll bet anyone my best disney pins that “late 1800s” means “Steampunk” 😀

  • The badges that you showed up there all say Disneyland. Is the event only taking place in Disneyland or will it take place in Walt Disney World as well? Still, the event sounds awesome and I would gladly save up for a trip out to Disneyland to check it out.

  • looks like an interesting event, i know steven will have a blast creating this merchandise

  • I like the Lat and Lon location. The event look awesome, cant wait!

  • Awesome like everything on Disney,can wait to see it.

  • WOW!! I LOVE the theme! I can’t wait to see the merchandise for this event!! Everything looks AMAZING so far!

    By any chance does the phrase “Disney Trading and Collectible Experience” mean that there will also be Vinylmations at the event?

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