Self Service Stroller Rental Now at Disneyland Resort

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Self-service stroller rental kiosks
We’ve added a cool, new service this summer that makes renting a stroller easier than ever. There are now four self-service stroller rental kiosks next to the staffed counter at the Stroller and Wheelchair rental booth in the Esplanade, just outside the Disneyland park entrance.

Renting a stroller at the new self-service kiosks can also be a lot quicker than the staffed counter. How to use it? Skip the line, bring a credit card, go to a kiosk, select your language (English or Spanish) and rent up to five strollers for up to six days.

The process for multi-day rentals is the same. You turn in the stroller each night, and collect a new one the next day by showing your receipt.

If you have tried this new service, do you have any tips for other guests?


  • We will be at Disneyland Christmas 2010. Our son is 7 and I am still planning on getting a stroller. The cost is worth it for be because he simply gets tired after walking for awhile and he’s too heavy to carry. I am assuming he’ll still fit. Disney World 2009 he did fine with them.

  • Very Cool!

  • Can you use a disneyland gift card to purchase or is it only set up for credit cards?

  • I worked like a charm yesterday. And the presence of a cast member to hand you the stroller (unlike the luggage carts at an airport, for example) is much better. We discovered after a couple of minutes that our first stroller was defective and the CM promptly provided us with another…

  • Darn, now that my girls are 6 and 8 I won’t need this service! I’m glad you are providing it though! Sometimes I wish we were still using strollers because of all the junk that I haul around while we are there. I wish you had lockers in more than just a couple of areas!

  • this is for DisneyLAND only. Since DL and DCA are within 5 minutes walk of each other, there should be no problems with stoller hopping. As to the lost reciept, keep it with the tickets, keep them secure. Most moms are already able to keep inportant stuff safe and secure. And dry, although there isn’t as much rain in SoCal as in FL.

  • #7 – Michael
    Did you mean: ‘Disney World also, or Disneyland only?’?
    Will you be heading back to Anaheim (Los Angeles) or Lake Buena Vista (Orlando) on the 10th?

  • Well…it SEEMS like a good idea…but I have to wonder how this would work with multiple parks. And what if you lose the receipt? I mean picture a single mom with a double stroller across 6 days….a receipt could easily get lost/damaged on a rainy…or not so rainy…day. Will there be some kind of computerized reservation system where employees can confirm and reprint in the case of a lost receipt?

  • it would be great if the stroller rental were again offered free to Disney Visa cardholders

  • Did they make this at Disneyland park also, or disney world only? i actually wanted to find this out do to an incident during the weekend with my previous stroller. but i will be heading to the parking again on the 10th so if by then no one has replied to this, then i will be glad to do so.

  • Eric: yes you can get the Disney Visa Discount using these kiosks. I just did it this past weekend. When it prints the receipt the discount is reflected.

  • Is this available (or will it be) available at WDW too? I’m planning to break down and rent a double stroller there in late Jan.

  • Will you also be able to rent an ECV from the self-service kiosks? I will be visiting over Christmas with my elderly Mother and this would be so handy for us.

    • At this time, the self-service kiosks are for strollers only.

  • Good question Lora and Eric… I am planning a visit next month, can you please help us with this questions?

  • How much does one stroller cost for 6 days? It doesn’t say on your website what the multi-day price is.

    • The cost would be $90, as the rental is $15 per day, but for convenience, you can purchase the stroller for multiple days up front.

  • Are you able to get the Disney Visa Card stroller discount at these self-service kiosks?

    • Yes

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