What’s Your Favorite Hidden Mickey?

UPDATE: Did you figure out where all the Hidden Mickeys in the video are located? Here are the answers in order of appearance: Disneyland Dream Suite, Shooting Exposition in Frontierland, Aladdin’s Oasis, Exit of Pirates of the Caribbean, Golden Horseshoe, Indiana Jones Adventure, Gadget’s Go Coaster in ToonTown, Haunted Mansion, Innoventions Dream Home.

Do you know what a “Hidden Mickey” is? Fellow Disney Parks blogger Thomas Smith blogs about the ones at Walt Disney World. I figured it’s time to talk about the “Hidden Mickeys” right here at the Disneyland Resort.

If you do indeed know what a “Hidden Mickey” is, then you’re smiling right now and probably proud of yourself that you’ve found a few or more. A “Hidden Mickey” is a Mickey Mouse shape that Walt Disney Imagineers have strategically placed throughout the Disneyland Resort. (They’re actually in all the resorts.) It comes in many forms, from a complete Mickey Mouse profile to the outline of his head and ears. They come in all sizes and they’re fun to “hunt.” They’re top secret too, like Area 51. Ask a Walt Disney Imagineer where the “Hidden Mickeys” are and he or she will say they don’t know what you mean. (They’ll say it with that Disney twinkle in their eye.)

My favorite “Hidden Mickey” is in Soarin’ Over California. As you “fly” over Palm Springs, look at the golf ball as it comes hurtling towards you. (Your instinct will be to shut your eyes, but keep them wide open or you’ll miss it!) There on the golf ball is a black “Hidden Mickey.”

What’s your favorite “Hidden Mickey?” Look at this video and try to guess where these little guys can be found. By the way, some people say there are nearly 200 “Hidden Mickeys” at the Disneyland Resort. (I can neither confirm nor deny.) Have fun!


  • Well my favorite Hidden Mickeys remain in the Haunted Mansion & Pirates of the Caribbean (but I appreciate the efforts by Imagineers & Cast Members in leaving a Hidden Mickey anywhere inside Disneyland) 🙂

  • at disneyland my favorite hidden mickey is the red paint one in the alice in wonderland ride. we call it the “painting the roses red” hidden mickey. i also like the popcorn hidden mickeys in the pinocchio ride. my husband’s favorite is the one formed by plates on the table of the haunted mansion ballroom. we’ve dedicated the last 6 years to documenting all our hidden mickey finds on our website. we even have check lists and they are also available on the free iPhone app MouseWait. enjoy! 🙂

  • My favorite hidden Mickey is on my cat. She has the classic Mickey icon on one side and a Mickey silhouette on the other. It’s pretty cool.

  • Hilton Head Island Resort, there is a tree that grew with a hidden Mickey. Its at the circle. Only Disney can get the trees to grow hidden mickeys.

  • The fireplace in the lobby at the Fort Wilderness Resort, at the Walt Disney World.

  • My favorite is in Pirates. In the treasure room right to the upper left of the skeleton there is a mickey shape on the brass plate on a treasure chest. It is easier to see as you pass the room and look back.

  • My favotite one in Disney is in the fireworks in Magic Kingdom, but I love when you find them at home!
    I wrote an article for my blog about Hidden Mickeys.

  • I love this video as well, my favorite Hidden Mickey is the one in Haunted Mansion (at Disneyland Resort in CA), it’s in the room with the ghost bride…as you enter the room, it’s on your right hand side. It comes quick so be prepared! It’s on a small clock and the lights in the room fade in and out and when they fade in, look for the clock and you’ll see the mickey! Another favorite of mine is on Indiana Jones, when you cross the bridge over the flames look to your left at Mara’s stone head. Look at the two front teeth and in the bottom corner of his left tooth there’s a mickey engraved.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    My favorite hidden Mickey is the largest hidden Mickey in the whole park. Its the Dumbo ride. If you were in a plane you would see it. But the next time you are in Fantasy Land and next to Dumbo. Look at the ride and then the circles next to the ride and that is the ears to the hidden Mickey.

  • try looking for the hidden mickey’s in the Haunted Mansion Movie or the new parent trap. The twins are wearing mickey oxford shirts and in the haunted mansion movie there were several, but when the poison goes into the cup it swirls into a mickey head. We have fun just looking for hidden mickey’s in the movies now!

  • I was just at Tokyo Disneysea as well! I loved that ride as well, Journey to the Center of the Earth! Yippee! I loved the Hidden Mickeys in the glass and tile mosaic outside the Little Mermaid attraction. The most beautiful Hidden Mickeys ever! If you love Disneyland, try to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Sea parks. They are wonderful altho’ not the original!

  • I had the opportunity to search for Hidden Mickey’s in DisneySea, Japan!!! It was fun to look for them there and I found one in the Volcano of Journey to the Center of the Earth ride *o*

  • one of my favorites is on a frozen drink vendor cart, there’s a picture of cherries that form a mickey head, then they made a pin with a similar design which i had to buy because it was my favorite hidden mickey that i’ve found.

  • My favorite is one I found in Peter Pan’s Flight in WDW. When you first go into the nursery scene, look at the table below you. There are three cookies in the shape of a Mickey head. You can also see this from the load area. Happy hunting!

  • I like the hidden Walts myself. Don’t know if the one in the model of the Castle is still on display, but the one in the mirror in the crystal shop in New Orleans square hopefully still is…

  • My favorite Hidden Mickey is in Frontierland in Disneyland. On the sign advertizing “River Excursions” on the Mark Twain is a unique HM: here (I believe) is the only one where all of Mickey is shown… his entire body.

    Yay! Hidden Mickeys!

  • From the video, definitely the Indiana Jones Ride!! I’ll need to pay more attention the next we go to Disneyland XD

  • Cute video… but I feel like some of them were kind of stretching it… the one on Aladdin’s Oasis and on the lock in Frontierland, for example.

  • The plates on the dinner table in The Haunted Mansion.

  • My favorite hidden Mickey is the one in the fireworks show every night and the one on California Screamin’.

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