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What’s Your Favorite Hidden Mickey?

UPDATE: Did you figure out where all the Hidden Mickeys in the video are located? Here are the answers in order of appearance: Disneyland Dream Suite, Shooting Exposition in Frontierland, Aladdin’s Oasis, Exit of Pirates of the Caribbean, Golden Horseshoe, Indiana Jones Adventure, Gadget’s Go Coaster in ToonTown, Haunted Mansion, Innoventions Dream Home.

Do you know what a “Hidden Mickey” is? Fellow Disney Parks blogger Thomas Smith blogs about the ones at Walt Disney World. I figured it’s time to talk about the “Hidden Mickeys” right here at the Disneyland Resort.

If you do indeed know what a “Hidden Mickey” is, then you’re smiling right now and probably proud of yourself that you’ve found a few or more. A “Hidden Mickey” is a Mickey Mouse shape that Walt Disney Imagineers have strategically placed throughout the Disneyland Resort. (They’re actually in all the resorts.) It comes in many forms, from a complete Mickey Mouse profile to the outline of his head and ears. They come in all sizes and they’re fun to “hunt.” They’re top secret too, like Area 51. Ask a Walt Disney Imagineer where the “Hidden Mickeys” are and he or she will say they don’t know what you mean. (They’ll say it with that Disney twinkle in their eye.)

My favorite “Hidden Mickey” is in Soarin’ Over California. As you “fly” over Palm Springs, look at the golf ball as it comes hurtling towards you. (Your instinct will be to shut your eyes, but keep them wide open or you’ll miss it!) There on the golf ball is a black “Hidden Mickey.”

What’s your favorite “Hidden Mickey?” Look at this video and try to guess where these little guys can be found. By the way, some people say there are nearly 200 “Hidden Mickeys” at the Disneyland Resort. (I can neither confirm nor deny.) Have fun!


  • my favorite is the mickey made of rocks hidden inside the bush outside the Japan pavilion at Epcot

  • I love the one in tower of terror… Its when you see the stars and the door is about to open a hidden mickey appears right before you launch up or drop.

  • Paul (46): I believe it is falling from a bunch of grapes on the west side mosaic.

    There’s an upsdie down hidden Mickey entwined in the vines around Tink’s teapot at Pixie Hollow.

  • I LOVE hidden mickey’s! My husband & i are constantly searching for new ones, but my absolute FAVORITE one is…

    the mickey in the middle of one of the shields near the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, RIGHT before the two pirates are shooting cannons at one another…

  • Does anyone know WHERE the hidden Mickey is located in the mosaic walls as you enter Calif. Adventures? I’ve heard a rumor there is one hidden somewhere, but never been able to locate it.

  • I like the one that is carved into a knot on an overhead beam in the lobby area of the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. It is hidden well and has dimensional depth too.

  • My new favorite is the grandfather clock in the lobby of Disney’s Grand Californian.

  • In Mickey’s house in Toontown the player piano paper roll has a Hidden Donald on the right center roll among all of the Hidden Mickeys

  • I wanted to mention a hidden Mickey that no one else did, it is at the end of Splash Mountain, when the characters are all singing on the river boat, look on the wall the clouds form a Mickey Mouse laying down on his back (head to toe). My husband and I always like that one.

  • Hello! I have several favorite hidden Mickeys, but I think my most favorite is the three dishes that that make a Mickey in the upside down room in the Fiment ride in Ebcott.

  • I have two favorites! #1: Fireplace in Wilderness Lodge; #2: In the scenery of the “Land” restaurant, as it revolves.

  • I Like the hidden Mickey in The Monsters Inc.Ride at California Adventure It’s when Boo is hitting Randall with the bat and changes colors. It’s near his left leg. He also changes to the Haunted Mansion Wallpaper.

  • We just got back from a vacation at Walt Disney World and purchased the Hidden Mickey book to bring along. One of the most fascinating Hidden Mickey’s we found was one on a picture in the Yachtsman Steak House. It is a picture of a cow that had a Mickey head on it’s body. How neat! Unfortunately the cow is no longer with us.

  • Duh! Just realized the scene I asked about last night was just zooming out from the close up immediately before it…

  • My favorite has to be the one in Toad’s eye on the statue of Mr. Toad that you pass by while waiting in line for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

  • One of my favorites is the stuffed bear in the window…his left foot (or paw shall I say) has a hidden Mickey! It’s in Disneyland! Good luck finding it! :o)

  • There are two made of popcorn in Pinocchio’s Daring Adventures. Also one on a Scrabble tile in Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. But my favorite is the “MM” in Mara font in Indiana Jones.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean because it’s really hard to see in the last room and nobody ever realizes it

  • Being named as a contributor in the Hidden Mickey Field Guide by Steven Barrett, which is sold throughout the Resort, I am familiar with nearly all of the Hidden Mickey’s in the Resort, including Club33 and the Dream Suite. My favourite is in Alice’s Village in Storybookland Canalboats. This is one of the most difficult to find since the Disneyland Skyway attraction was removed on November 9, 1994. My second favourite is in the Dream Suite master bathroom, which appears in the stars above the tub.

  • My favorite is in Pirates, the fort that is shooting at the pirate ship has a huge mickey head right in the middle top portion. I like it because you have to time it right as your going by to see it clearly.

  • Awesome video and blog post about one of my favorite topics! 🙂

    Between the two parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) I know where about 80 of the Mickeys are, so picking a favorite one is really hard.

    The first one I ever personally saw without assistance was the one on the grate in The Golden Horseshoe (also in the video). There’s nothing ever quite as good as the first!

  • I have 2 favorites-they are not Mickeys though. There is a Hidden Donald in the Lion Kopjes on the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction at Animal Kingdom in Disney World in FL. Also in the Animal Kingdom there is a Hidden Jafar in the rocks on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail on the bridge around the Gorilla area!!

  • My favorite would have to be the one in the control panel of the Casey Jr. Circus Train engine. It’s hard to spot because it goes by too quickly, but I found out about it in my Disneyland Secrets Notescast app for my iPhone.

  • My favorite would have to be the glass shaped Mickey in the cement in front of the “R” at the turnstiles going into DCA. Love the video!

  • I have several favorites including the golf ball in Soarin’, the plates, in Haunted Mansion, but one of my very favorites is the one we found in Tower of Terror on one of the gauges – the dial’s pointer has a Mickey head on it. My youngest daughter found it when we were standing in line during our 50th celebration visit.

  • My favorite is in the graveyard scene in the Haunted Mansion at WDW! I also love the hidden Donald in this ride!

  • The one in the fireworks at Disneyland at the end of the night.

  • Love the video & hunting Hidden Mickeys! I’m sorry to say that I haven’t found the one in the bamboo framed rock scene that is about 29 seconds in on the video; any hints? TIA!

  • the girl in the twilight zone video at california adventure is holding a mickey mouse doll 🙂

  • I don’t know if this was planned, but my 8 year daughter pointed out the three barrels hanging, shaped like Mickey’s head and ears at the end of the Pirates of the Caribean ride. (Right before seeing Captain Jack Sparrow.)

  • I have to agree with #12 ~ Scott…that is a hard one to find isn’t it ?….and the one by the Sunburst fountain in Calif Adv. is in the rocks…so many hidden mickey’s…love them ! Thx for the video.

  • The Mickey on Big Ben on Peter Pan is my favorite, but since someone already mentioned it my next fav is the small Mickey head on the chest armor in the last room of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. One of the hardest to find is the Mickey shaped marble in the floor on the second story of Innoventions. There’s thousands of marble and only one that is a Mickey head all in one piece!

  • My favorite is one that’s under debate. In the Tower of Terror line up, 1st bay on the left, first floor. There is a set of 3 lights that make up a mickey head.

  • I stumbled across one in the Mickey and Friends parking garage: it was swirled into the concrete with the machine used to groove and texture the floor for traction.

  • i like the one in the attic or basement of tower of terror the purple spotlights make a hidden mikey

  • I’ve always loved the plates in the Haunted Mansion – I look for them every time! I also love the Hidden Eeyore in the Indiana Jones ride.

  • Great video! I have 2 favorites–the best is inside the Indiana Jones Ride in the skeleton room–one of the skeletons against the wall is wearing Mickey Mouse ears! The other is on the Thunder Mountain ride–as you go up the big hill, look at the gears on your left hand side–it’s Mickey!

  • Hi Valerie! I wanted to pitch in with my favorite Hidden Mickey: in the Golden Vine Winery area of Disney California Adventure, I found one hiding in the illustration of the Pinot Grigio grapes (without any prior knowledge/assistance!)

  • My favorite Hidden Mickey is just outside of California Adventure, between the park and the “R”. If you look closely on the ground you’ll see a glass Mickey placed into the cement with the other random pieces. It’s the only one I’ve seen there, so it’s pretty hidden!

  • My favorite Hidden Mickey is the one In Mexico’s San Angel Inn at Disney World’s Epcot.. Its in the smoke coming out of the Volcano on the far back wall!! So amazing! °o°

  • I have heard of the Hidden Mickeys but this is the first time I saw them. How cool!

  • I love the Hidden Mickey it the barnicle on Barbosa as you pass through the waterfall. Took me 7 rides to finally find it! I also love both of them at Toy Story Midway Mania: The pictures in the loading area of Jessie and Rex and Bullseye, and the old maids hair. SO CREATIVE!!!!

  • My fave hidden Mickey is the golf ball on soarin. We were told to look for it on our last day at the parks in Walt Disney World, and I don’t even think I blinked once during that ride!

  • I think one of my favorites is on Peter Pan Ride at the Disneyland Resort. When you are flying over London and you are flying around Big Ben on the last side you fly by look down on the windows at the top of the clock and you will see Mickey waving at you. So cool =)

  • What an amazing concept!! Thanks Valarie for sharing this.

  • I enjoy the hunt for Hidden Mickeys. I’ve only found a small handful on attractions themselves though–the Haunted Mansion one you showed here, one in Pirates, and my brother spotted the one in Winnie the Pooh. Oh yeah, and I knew about the golf ball on Soarin’…my wife and I tell people about that one all the time!

    We have the little yellow book of hints, but we never remember to bring it with us to the parks (and it’s outdated by a couple of years by now).

  • One of my favorite Hidden Mickey’s is found in the queue of “Indiana Jones” The Hidden Mickey on the left-hand side of the wall as you watch the video footage… 😀

  • Mine is at Walt Disney World in Florida. At Hollywood Studios on The Great Movie Ride you can find Mickey as a Egyptian Pharaoh and Donald serving him a hunk of cheese in the hieroglyphics of the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene. Great job Imagineers!

  • sulley’s rear end in monsters inc ride–patch of fur hidden mickey

  • Wow! What a great video! I recognized a few locations and I’m going to be at Disneyland in about an hour (for tonight’s World of Color meet-and-greet,) so now I can try and spot the Hidden Mickeys in this video. Thanks Valerie!

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