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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Aug 16, 2010

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

The Crown
It’s Monday, and this week’s image in need of an ID may stump even the most observant Disney Parks experts. If you stand in a certain location at a certain level, the crown seen above becomes a perfect addition to a statue. Do you know where? (answer after the jump)

Cinderella Fountain
Yes, the crown can be found behind the statue of Cinderella on a fountain in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World Resort. Can you see how the crown and statue line up for an interesting effect? Mark Matheis, a Content Specialist for Disney Institute says, “When you view the Cinderella Fountain from an average adult’s eye level, the crown is above Cinderella’s head. However, from a child’s view, the crown is resting on Cinderella’s head. Sometimes it takes the innocence of childhood to see the truth in situations.”


  • I knew right away what this was when I saw the first picture. It was one of the items that we were shown during a day long animation course I took about 20 years ago or so at WDW. It was a neat day-long class, and I even still have all of the instructional materials from it! I even pointed this out to my husband on our Honeymoon (4 years ago in September)- he thought it was pretty cool too!

  • That’s pretty cool.

  • This is now the second time that I have seen this statue in the “Where in Disney?” and, unfortunately, I have missed seeing it in real life. I can’t wait to get to the Magic Kingdom on my daughter’s 12th birthday, November 2, 2011, and go behind the castle to get a view of this wonderful piece of artwork.

  • Are they going to get rid of this fountain when they start building for Fantasyland???

  • I had my wedding photos taken in front of that fountain. Amazing!

  • Beautiful! I love this statue. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • Long ago when Disney used to offer photography classes for children (I think it was about twenty-five years or more ago), they used to point this out to the class.

  • Part of the painting behind Cinderella Fountain, behind the castle, in Fantasyland, in the Magic Kingdom. Adults have to bend over to get water, so they have to “bow” to Cinderella because at that angle, the crown looks to be on top of her head. However, children never have to bow to the princess.

  • It’s in Fantasyland, behind Cindelerella’s Castle next to Tinker Bell’s Treasures, in front of stairs of the Cinderella’s Castle.

  • Behind The Cinderella Castle, @ The Magic Kingdom. Surrounded by water fountains cut at a lower height forcing older people to bow to Cinderella and thusly forcing the crown onto her head by perspective.

  • Easy! Right behind Cinderella castle!

    • Nice, Shane. We thought this would be difficult.

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