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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Aug 31, 2010

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Where can you find this face?

Regular readers of the Disney Parks Blog know we like to get the week going with a puzzler. And this week, it’s an image that requires a keen eye to identify. Look closely — this face watches over guests as they begin a journey into the past at one of our parks. But do you know where? (answer after the jump)

Gong at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Yes, look up and you’ll see the face on a special gong that hangs above the doors to the full-scale reproduction of Hollywood’s historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and home to The Great Movie Ride. The original theater in Hollywood, California opened in 1922, six years before movies would get sound.

The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride brings 11 timeless films to life. How many have you seen?


  • big hat…i meant big hat

  • I tried to find this at the Studios, but all I saw as a big had! Just kidding of course, but seriously, it needs to go. Move it somewhere it makes sense.

  • I have to agree with the above comments about moving or getting rid of the hat. I don’t like the hat, it just doesn’t fit with the park, it is intrusive, and it is dumb looking.

  • The hat really kills the theme of every other building in the park. It is terribly out of place and should be moved out of the way of the much more eye appealing theater. When we have a Photopass pic taken there we allways use the entrance as the background.

  • I’ve never HATED the hat, BUT I wouldn’t be crying if they took it down

  • The hat should stay were it is. The Chinese theater does not have the flash a picture needs. How many of use have a picture taken in front of the hat. Most all of use, the theater would not have the same affect.

  • This was a hard one but somehow I got it on the second picture. Have to agree with everyone about the hat. It is so out of place on Hollywood Blvd and it’s time for it to go.

  • I agree… it’s time for the park to graduate and throw its hat into the air. I love the chinese theatre – it just radiates HOLLYWOOD!

  • I don’t understand all the controversary about the Hat.
    I am at DHS to have a magical experience and where Mickey’s Hat is or isn’t shouldn’t be a major issue for me. At the entrance would be fine; in the middle of the Animation Courtyard would be fine; where it is would be fine. It is just a great visual that helps me remember the magic and fun of Mickey Mouse and all the Disney cartoons. For me, doing a better job drawing Mickey in his hat is of far more interest than where Disney decides to place it.

  • Love the hat, hate the location. Outside at the entrance would be my choice . What a grand view and adrenaline pump approaching and walking under and around the Sorcerer Hat to enter Disney Hollywood Studios. Now that would be entertainment.

  • The hat takes away from that movie-magic feeling we’re supposed to get in the studios park. The Chinese theater made sense as the view down Hollywood Blvd… the hat makes no sense. I really hope that the original look and feel of the studios park is restored sometime in the near future. The hat has served it’s purpose (100 YoM)and over-stayed it’s welcome, in my opinion.

  • I personally don’t like the hat.

  • The Chinese Theatre was a great signature landmark of the park. The “Hat” obstructs a beautifully created Main Street view and takes away from this landmark. Move the hat.

  • As a Huge fan of Disney’s Hollywood Studios I feel that the hat needs to go. Its overstayed its welcome when it was placed in front of the theater in 2001. Its now 2010, 9 years later. I think that it should be taken down completely. The hat should end up like the mickey wand in EPCOT…… Taken Down For Good.

  • Please move the hat, Disney! I don’t even know if it belongs anywhere, except maybe the new Art of Animation Resort. Actually, that idea is not half bad. The hat has always looked like a spaceship has landed at the end of one of most beautiful “sets” ever built by WDI. Madness.

  • If you look down Main Street you see a beautiful Castle. It’s not obstructed by a Giant Tiara right? Please do two things for us. Take down the hat it totally ruins the view in the Studios and take down the Tombstones in EPCOT. They too take out the beauty of Spaceship Earth when you walk into the parks!

  • I can recall seeing the Chinese Theater at the end of Hollywood Blvd at the Studios. It always looked so magical on it’s own. So full of detail. A true tribute to the spirit of Hollywood. It’s one of my favorite things at Walt Disney World. (Not to mention the incredible attraction inside).

  • The hat should go. Period.

  • I too am not a fan of the huge hat. I was so unhappy when they decided to build something right in front of the theater. It really looked like old Hollywood until there was a giant sorcerer’s hat in the way. I really thought I was the only one who felt that way! So nice to hear others aren’t pleased with the location of the hat…

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