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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Aug 31, 2010

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Where can you find this face?

Regular readers of the Disney Parks Blog know we like to get the week going with a puzzler. And this week, it’s an image that requires a keen eye to identify. Look closely — this face watches over guests as they begin a journey into the past at one of our parks. But do you know where? (answer after the jump)

Gong at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Yes, look up and you’ll see the face on a special gong that hangs above the doors to the full-scale reproduction of Hollywood’s historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and home to The Great Movie Ride. The original theater in Hollywood, California opened in 1922, six years before movies would get sound.

The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride brings 11 timeless films to life. How many have you seen?


  • Sad to say, but I didn’t know the answer to where that picture was from, however, I love the Great Movie Ride. As beautiful as that building is, I really wish that Big Hat wasn’t in the way of it. I have only visited DHS with the Hat in the way, but from the photos that I have seen before the Hat, it was a really beautiful iconic Hollywood view as you entered the park. I really would love to see that for myself one day.

  • Great trivea question.


  • i love going on this….sadly I somehow always end up seeing a little too many gangsters 😛

  • Margaret is right the view was better without the hat in the way!

  • It was even more beautiful in person before they blocked it with the hat.

    I thought the hat was supposed to be temporary, like the hand on Spaceship Earth. Why block the park icon?

  • I thought that was it, but was unsure. It’s nice to be right… 😉

  • the face kooks like Chernabog.

  • I agree with Margaret from GA the Hat really ruins the view of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. I understand its now the “icon” of the park but its location is awful. Maybe the Animation Courtyard or before the turnstyles at the entrance would be a better choice.

  • thought the hat was supposed to be temporary, like the hand on Spaceship Earth. Why block the park icon?

    The Chinese Theatre is the park icon? Didn’t know that.

  • Thumbs down on the hat, in its current location…

  • The Great Movie ride is one of my favorites because I can cool down, sit down, rest and be entertained all at the same time and when it’s over I’ve gotten my second wind and am ready do more fun stuff!

  • I agree with Ed (and I don’t know him, even if we are both from NH). The view was more classic without the hat there; it would fit far better at the entrance to the Animation Courtyard, or over the entrance gates…

  • I’ve got to agree with the crowd here. I know the hat is very “Disney” and the theater is more “Hollywood”. I think the people at Disney have done a great job in bringing more magic to this park and adding more Disney touches with things like Toy Story Midway Mania, which honestly could have been in MK just as easily. I’m sure this was another attempt to add a bit more of the familiar and broaden the appeal of the park to folks who love MK. I’m not opposed to this at all, but the location isn’t ideal. It would be like putting Belle’s new castle in the way of the view of Cinderella’s Castle. I’m in favor of moving the hat. Stick it on top of the animation building or something. =)

  • The Chinese Theatre has never been the park’s icon. Before the Sorceror’s Hat, it was the Earful Tower.

  • wow, I didn’t know this one! Awesome, I love how these are becoming more challenging. Can’t wait for next week.

  • I’m in agreement that putting the Sorcerer’s Hat right at the end of Hollywood Boulevard, completely blocking the view of the gorgeous recreation of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, completely disrupted the incredible visual theming that was designed into that area of the park. While I do like the look of the Hat in and of itself, it doesn’t belong where it is currently located. Please move it!

  • I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with all of you. I love the hat at Hollywood Studios. I have never been there when the hat wasn’t there. Seeing it is like seeing Cinderella’s Castle at MK or The Tree of Life at AK. It’s that something wonderful and amazing in the middle of the park. This is just my opinion though.

  • This one was hard! I’m way too short to have noticed that detail 🙂

    And I gotta chime in on the Hat hate. I am a major supporter of tearing the sucker down! Disney finally realized that we all hated the wand; it will be a wonderful day when they restore the glory of Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Tearing the wand down had nothing to do with people not liking it, the new sponsors of spaceship earth, Siemens Corp. did not want it there, so they got rid of it.

  • The hat needs to go. Move it where it does not block the theater. Very simple.

  • I fondly remember the view of the Chinese Theater down Hollywood Blvd from when I visited the studios as a kid. So much effort was put into creating an exact replica of the original that it’s a shame they built a giant hat in front of it. It’s not quite the “Hollywood that always was…” anymore.

  • please, get rid of the hat!

  • I feel the hat also needs to go. The studios lost that old hollywood feel once the hat became a part of the backdrop.

  • I like the hat, but not where it is. Maybe move it to the very front of the park, before the bag check area.

  • Add me to the list of hat haters, or more accurately hat likers who think it should not block the view of the wonderful theater. Disney does not have to destroy the hat to make me happy, they just have to move it.

  • It seems like I am with the majority on here. I love the hat,… but not it’s location. I think it would be better outside the turnstiles. It not only blocks the theater, but also blows the perspective and scale of the area. The hat makes a great photo op, but it could be just as well in the front of the park.

  • I agree with most on here that I LOVE the theatre and the movie ride (one of my all time favorite rides), and I wish the bit hat didn’t block the illusion created for the park of old Hollywood! The theatre is so amazing looking, and I do remember what it was like pre-hat, and it just felt much more immersive!

  • When the hat first one up I hated it, but now I am just use to it. I wish though there was something else under it instead of stores. I think a museum of movie memorbilia would be nice. It could be changing exhibits. Something more appriorate to the Hollywood theme.

  • That’s a beautiful picture of the building.

    Can you even take that picture anymore? The hat gets in the way. I wish they moved it somewhere else.

  • Please, please make the hat go away!!!

  • The Chinese Theatre is beautiful. It’s a shame that giant hat blocks the view from the main entrance. The hat itself is not all that bad, just the placement, IMO. A home in the animation courtyard would make more sense potentially . . .

  • Oh how magical Hollywood Blvd used to be! PLEASE REMOVE THE HAT and restore our view of one of imagineerings greatest works!

  • For a park that is about hollywood and the movies, having a giant hat from ONE disney movie, makes no sense when at the end of the street you have a replica of an iconic theatre that has hosted NUMEROUS classic movies.

    I don’t mind the hat itself, I just don’t like where it is. I’ve been to DHS both before and after the hat, and have to say seeing the Chinese Theatre at the end of the street made a lot more sense to me than a hat plopped down in the town square.

    I thought the hat was like the spaceship earth wand, it was going to be temporary?

  • I agree with the anti hat sentiment. It looks cheap and it is hard to imagine why they put the hat right in front of the Chinese Theater. It ruins the view intended by the parks designers and ruins the mood they were trying to create, it just feels like Disney stuck the hat there so they could sell “stuff” to the tourists. Maybe the hat could be moved somewhere else…

  • THE HAT NEEDS TO GO! It runs the view.

  • The Hat has to go. It really ruins the aesthetic appeal of Hollywood Blvd., Sunset, and Echo Lake. It doesn’t fit the theming or look of that area at all. It was nice for a TEMPORARY addition, but it has long since outstayed its welcome.

    Mr. Iger, tear that Hat down!

  • “Disney finally realized that we all hated the wand” You mean when Siemens, the company paying to sponsor Spaceship Earth decided they didn’t like it?

    I’m not sure how anyone could think the hat was temporary, it’s massive and obviously took much more work than the wand. Obviously not intended to come down within a short period of time.

  • Wishing upon a star the view of the Chinese Theater will return one day soon. The hat would be better located outside of the entrance gates. Without the view of the Chinese Theater the illusion that you’ve enter a Hollywood that never was… is lost.

  • The Chinese Theater is beautiful, especially lit up at night. The hat should be moved so it can be seen. Perhaps out in front of the ticket windows – where the “Holiday” tree goes!

  • Keep the hat in it’s current location! Love it!

  • I remember going to the studios back before the Hat was there and how much nicer it looked without the hat. I really wish Disney would either move the hat to a better location so it doesn’t block the theater or remove it completely. I know the park has to have an icon, but it does it really have to block a gorgeous building?

  • The Hat should definately be moved. There are a number of areas around the studios the hat would be a nice addition, just not blocking the theater. This beats the magic carpet ride at MK for the worse placement of an addition.

  • I agree with most of the others, the hat should be moved to a different location. Just outside the park would be fine, but it needs to stop blocking the view of the chinese theater for sure!

  • Love the hat, love the theatre…moving the hat would be a great solution as it would open up the space and allow for pictures of a beautiful spot as well as of that great iconic hat…looking forward to seeing both on our upcoming trip this December!!!

  • I like the hat – however I don’t like the location of the hat. If they could move it to where it doesn’t block such a beautiful building it would be wonderful.

  • Please please please make the hat disappear!!! It is blocking the theater which always provided great photo ops and looked great as you walked towards it at park opening.

  • The Great Movie Ride to me is the definition of Hollywood Studios. I’d love to see some additions someday. I definitely would have never guessed that trivia bit. It’s a shame you can’t get that view of the theater anymore, though. Keep em coming!

  • I think the hat spoils the theme of Hollywood Boulevard.

    I would like to see it moved so that the view when you walk
    in is completely in theme.

  • It is lovely artwork on the Chinese Theater. Unfortunately many people can’t see it, the center piece of the park, because of the giant pin store that was built in front of it.

  • I’m with the ‘move the hat’ crowd. I remember how the view looked before it was built and it felt more ‘Hollywood’ to me. I like the look of the hat, but not the location. I remember when it was being built and I couldn’t figure out what it was going to be. And to my great dissapointment, it ended up just being yet another place to sell pins. Definitly not worth the obstucted view of the beautiful theater. Great ‘where in Disney’ with the Gong. Never noticed it before. I’ll definitly have to look up next time!

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