‘World of Color’ Meet-Up at Disney California Adventure Park

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

UPDATE: Click here for complete list of attendees. If you are on the list and did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at meetups@disney.go.com.

Please note that we will not be responding to questions via this email address. If you have questions, please ask them on the Disney Parks Blog, and we will do our best to answer them.

UPDATE: We’re thrilled with the great response to the “World of Color” Meet-Up! We have reached capacity. At approximately 2:00 p.m. PT, we will send the meet-up attendees a confirmation email. If you are on the list and did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at meetups@disney.go.com. By 5:00 p.m. PT, we will post a link to the complete list of attendees. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for additional meet-ups in the future.

'World of Color'

You asked for it! After our first successful meet-up back in May, we’ve been planning our next event. We’ve had a lot of requests for a “World of Color” Meet-Up, so next Thursday we’ll be making that wish come true for 300 guests. If you’re a true “World of Color” fan, you will have the opportunity to hear from some of the show’s creators, including two Imagineers.

We’ll be hosting a panel discussion with Steven Davison, Vice President of Parades and Spectaculars, Sayre Wiseman, Director of Show Production, and Mary Niven, Vice President of Disney California Adventure park and Guest Services.

The event will be a rare opportunity for a personal, behind-the-scenes look at the show and its creators. Fans will have a chance to ask questions and to hear the show’s creators talk about some of their favorite memories since they started working on this project in 2005.

As if that weren’t enough, for this very special event, we will have reserved viewing in Paradise Park at the 9:00 p.m. performance of “World of Color” for this exclusive group.

The event will take place from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 26, 2010, and check-in will close at 7:15 p.m.

To attend, please RSVP to meetups@disney.go.com, beginning at 11 a.m. PT, today, and you must include “RSVP to World of Color Meet-Up” in your subject line. The event is subject to capacity of 300 people, so we recommend that you RSVP quickly.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Valid RSVPs must include the following information:
    • Subject line must read “RSVP to World of Color Meet-Up.”
    • Your name must be included in the body of the email.
    • If you are bringing one guest, you must note that in the body of the email. We do not need the name of your guest, but if you do not request a guest at the time you send your RSVP by email, you will not be permitted to bring a guest. RSVPs that include missing information (e.g. incomplete names, incorrect subject line) or request more than one guest will not be accepted and will not be considered valid.
  • Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.
  • All guests who RSVP for the event must be 18 years or older, but your guest is not required to be 18.
  • The event is subject to change or cancellation.
  • We will send an email to respondents who sent their valid RSVP via email before we reached capacity to confirm their attendance for August 26. We plan to send this email at approximately 2:00 p.m. PT today, and we will also post a link on the Disney Parks Blog that will include a list of names of all attendees. If you do not receive an email from us confirming your reservation and your name does not appear on the list of attendees, your RSVP was not accepted.
  • Guests attending the meet-up are not required to purchase admission to Disney California Adventure park.

What question would you ask about “World of Color” if you had the ear of an Imagineer?


  • Hi Heather! I just have a question from last nights event. I know the ticket we got into the park said 1 day on it but on the bottom it said valid 8/26/ through 8/27? I was just wondering if that means we could use it today? Probably not but it didn’t hurt to ask. Thanks again for the great memories yesterday!

  • Thank you Heather, Steve, Sayre, and Mary! The meetup was incredibly awesome, and you guys had some wonderful stories that we both enjoyed very much (you even answered our questions)! Seeing WOC for the first time like we did was just beyond words awesome! I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future!! <3

  • Thank you, Heather! The event was great! The excitement felt by all of us who were lucky enough to be there was amazing! Thank you to Steve Davison, Sayre Wiseman & Mary Niven, too. Your stories were great, and your pride is well-deserved…seeing WOC from an AMAZING spot last night enabled us to really breathe it all in, and spectacular and magical is only the beginning. Don’t listen to some of those negative posts. To be able to see a show of this type, with 3,999 other people at the same time, at an amusement park is a GIFT to be appreciated. The first time we saw it, we were way over to the side, watching about 25% of the spread and the tops of the high fountains, it STILL brought tears to my eyes! The Fastpass is also a GREAT idea, much better than sitting around alll day waiting for the show! Thanks, again!! Oh, and we LOVED our photo, WOC apples and Blog pin – how fun!

  • Heather, my daughter and I had a great time last night. As I mentioned to you after the Q&A, our family from Seattle was on our vacation road trip. Yesterday was the one and only day that we were going to be at the park, redeeming our GADGAD tickets. The dining questions earlier worked out fine. My wife and other 3 children kept the Trattoria reservation and even brought us some great leftovers. So, we saved lots of money in the process! 🙂 By the way, we sat next to this nice couple who knew my name from the blog even before I told him! 🙂 Again, thanks for the great evening!

  • OMG Heather. BEST meet up tonight!!! THANK YOU ssoooo much! My husband is fixin to deploy to Afghanistan and used this as our “last date” night b4 he leaves. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  • Hi There,

    I just want to confirm the invite sent to me this morning is valid as there were several errors in the type. Thanks, and looking forward to tonight.

  • Hi again! Tomorrow I will be bring my grandson who is deaf. Do I need to let someone know in advance that we will need an assistive listening system? Thanks, Kat

    • Kat, I just saw this note. We just sent you an email to ask what your grandson’s needs are. Can you please check your email and call the person listed?

  • 🙂 more meet ups please!!!

    I sent my email but was too late 🙁

  • If there IS a wait list, or any cancellations, would there be a chance of getting on?

    • Ferchil, we’ve asked all meet-up attendees to let us know if they cannot attend. We have received a few cancellations, so we have extended an invite to the next person who RSVP’d.

  • Is there any chance of getting onto the waitlist?>

  • Is there any chance to get on the waitlist? I will most likely just be going by myself.

  • Heather, I received the email just fine and am now set for Thursday. Thank you so, so much for selecting me and helping so quickly!!

  • Hi Heather,

    I just received my confirmation email today, Aug 24. I did respond using the meet up email address, but I also noticed that it stated if asking questions, to please post on the blog. My original email was for myself and guest, Cassandra. How can I ensure that you have me down for myself and a guest? It didn’t mention a guest in the email. We both can definietly be there on Thursday for this. Please let me know…thank you!

    • Thanks, Dan. We have you on our list with a guest.

  • Heather, what if my name is spelled wrong? They left out the A in my name… Manda is missing an A at the beginning. On my email it clearly says Amanda…. how do we correct this before thursday? I don’t want to be denied admission because someone misspelled my name and left out a letter….my last name is correct.

    • Amanda, we’ve made the correction.

  • Thank you Heather and the rest of the Disney staff! We got our confirmation and are all set for the trip to see WOC! We haven’t seen it yet and my 3-year old daughter and wife are too excited to sleep! We’ve never ever set up a trip to Disney in such a short amount of time, but we’re so glad to have been chosen and can’t THANK YOU enough! 😉

  • Hi! I am on the attendee list but did not receive the email. 🙁 I sent an email to meetups but am worried I will not receive the response to that email as well. I am sooooo excited and hope to get this resolved by Thursday. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for letting me know. We’ll resend the confirmation email now.

  • Here is my question for the Imagineers…When I was a little girl there was something called “Dancing Waters” and it was behind the Disneyland Hotel. Was this the begining of “World of Color” or was there something at Disney World before that?

  • question about dinner. will there be any point during the meet up that we will be able to buy food or should we plan to eat prior to the meet up? thank you 🙂

    • Great question, Nicole! Please plan to eat dinner before attending.

  • Hi Heather! Thank you again! My son, who was to be my guest, can’t make it on Thursday, can I change who my guest will be?

    • Yes, Kat, you can change your guest.

  • Phoo–didn’t make it in for this one, either. Will there be a waitlist? Would it be possible to wait standby at the check-in time, in case people aren’t able to show? Thanks.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    I have now seen the World of Color show 3times. First time I was with my husband family sitting there having my breath taken away it was a simply magically show.
    Just last weekend my family with my husband and I were eating dinner at the Ariel’s Grotto and it was so amazing seeing this show to the side but enjoying every moment of it. Since we ate at the Ariel’s Grotto we also received fast pass to see the show in a reserved section and once again I was enjoying it, emotional and with this experience sharing it with my family, I will cherish each time and moment for the rest of my life. I commend the Imagineering crew who created such a Spectacular show!

  • Hpow dose this work, were do i sign up?

  • Do infants fall under the “guest” category for the meet up?

    • Cas, an infant counts as a guest

  • Alice–I sent my e-mail at 11:04. I was actually worried, because I thought that I might have already been too late, so I promised myself not to be too disappointed if I didn’t make it. Luckily, I got it sent in time.

    Yes, these events fill up very quickly, but I’m sure that there will be other meet-ups in the future. 🙂

  • Heather,

    Thanks. I will do that. It’s just amazing that the meet-up is on the one day we will be at the park. Besides getting the ‘Give-A-Day’ tickets, the main reason for coming is WOC, and now my oldest daughter and I get this special behind the scenes experience. Very cool!

  • Total bummer. I waited 20 minutes for the posting followed all the rules and no e-mail. I guess I was not fast enough. Hopefully next time.

  • Somebody cancelled so I was able to bring my guest. So excited. Now I have to try and get my sister to go with me. YEAY!!!!

  • People who got confirmations, what time did you email at? I emailed at 11:11 and I have to say I’m a little amazed I didn’t get one. I didn’t know so many people would sign up and so quickly!!

  • So sad got it in at 10 after…

  • Finding the confirmation for my RSVP in my inbox just made my day. Yay! Yay! Yay! I’m thrilled to hear more from the creators of this spectacular show. It’s going to be a wonderful, magical night. Can’t wait!!

  • YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I got in!!! How do we know if our ‘plus’ one was included. If it was in the email should we just assume that it was?

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Check the subject line of your email and the first line. We will have that number on our list when you come to check in.

  • Argh! I wish I had been home to see this. I would have actually been able to make this one since it’s 2 days before I move out of CA. Oh well. I’ll make it to see WOC one of these days. Congrats to all who got in!

    • Good luck with the move, Jessica!

  • are all the confirmation emails sent out already?… i sent an email at 11:13 from my work email and have not heard back

  • @34 Shannan THANK YOU!! We did get confirmation so we will be going 🙂

  • Hi Heather,

    I have sent the email but have not heard anything back. My husband and I are HUGE Disney (Like you’ve never heard that before right? lol) fans and would love to be a part of this event! If we made the list, we would be celebrating both of our birthdays together. Also a great way to spend time with hubby before he leaves to Military training 🙂

  • I’m truly bummed. I thought for sure my husband and I, who are annual passholders, would have been able to see the World of Color at this level – so incredible. Now I’m incredibly sad.

  • heartbroken……no e-mail……

    • Stay tuned to the Blog for future meet-ups.

  • Ya I sent 11:05 and no go! Everyone have a great time!!

  • Yay! I got my confirmation e-mail. I was bummed that I didn’t hear about the last one in time. Can’t wait to see this one. I’ve seen World of Color many times and it still gives me a lump in my throat. I love World of Color!

  • You’re kidding me… I sent my email at 11:04 and I didn’t get in?! Crazy!!!

  • Looks like my entry at 11:12am was too late. Oh well, maybe next time. Gotta send that email FAST!

  • Woohoo! I was telling my people I needed a Disney Day sometime next week anyways… Got confirmation for myself plus a guest… Haven’t seen WOC Live yet (saw the streaming webcast of the premiere), so I’m super excited! Thank you Disney for this incredible unique opportunity!

  • Darnit no email yet this isn’t looking good. To the people who were able to get the RSVPs I hope you all have a lot of fun.

  • I got in!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

  • Heather, my RSVP was for myself plus one. However, the confirmation says one person. Am I not able to bring a guest?

    • Skye, I responded to this in your earlier comment. You’re all set and yes, we have you on the list for two people.

  • I got my tickets. Woohoooo. I am so excited. Can’t wait. @Disneyland, thank you so much.

  • Yay! I got in! I can’t to write all about this for Chip and Company!

  • So excited to have received the confirmation! Beyond excited, really. My little girl is so happy!!

  • I got a confirmation e-mail! I’m really excited. 🙂

  • I have received the confirm email but the subject line is World of Color” Meet-Up Confirmation – 1 person. Does this mean I can bring one guest or that it is just myself? I had sent an email that requested one guest.

    • Tonya, we checked your entry, and you did not request a guest when you sent your valid RSVP. If you sent a request for a guest after your valid RSVP and after we reached capacity, you are permitted just one slot. I apologize, but we must stick to this in the interest of fairness. These instructions were included in the blog post: “We do not need the name of your guest, but if you do not request a guest at the time you send your RSVP by email, you will not be permitted to bring a guest.”

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