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A Familiar Face Taking Shape Aboard the Disney Dream

The countdown clock keeps ticking; we are just 145 days away from the maiden voyage of the Disney Dream.

Here is a quick photo update showing a very iconic element of the Disney cruise ships, it’s the Mickey Pool. Continuing a favorite feature of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the Disney Dream will also have a Mickey Pool for children. The shape of the Mickey Pool resembles the beloved Disney character and an oversized version of Mickey’s hand will support a yellow winding slide that will splash down near the pool.
Disney Dream Mickey Pool
Also, check out this very cool photo showing the progress being made on the ship’s exterior as it enters the final phase of construction before preparing to leave the shipyard this fall.
Disney Dream Exterior Construction


  • We will also be on the Dream in Sept. The whole family, 2 sisters with their spouses & kids, & 1 brother with his spouse, kids and grandkids. We have 11 rooms booked. It’s less than a year away, so now we can REALLY talk about it ! ! ! First for us & one sister’s family, but not for the others.

  • We have traveled on the Magic 3 times. Inagural year, and twice more. Some of the best memories we have with our kids. Now I am taking my 21 year old daughter on the Dream with friends for spring break. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  • We will be on the Dream in Sept! Can’t wait!

  • Will be setting sail on the Dream on Easter Sunday with my five grandchilden. Easter and Disney on the Dream, a heady combination! We’re very excited.

  • April 2011 just cannot come soon enough! 3rd Disney cruise.
    Magic in Jan.

  • My wife and i are booked for a Back2Back in September 2011 on the Dream. We are followwing the progress of the Dreams building with great excitment!!!

  • im getting married on the Disney dream august 2011!!! i cannot wait~

  • I can hardly wait to cruise on the Dream. I would like to do another Baltic Sea cruise on the Dream. That was a GREAT Adventure along with experiencing the history of the area. St Petersberg was awesome.

  • Been on two Disney cruises, with family, can’t wait to go again !!!!!!
    The next time it will be with grandchildren !!!

  • I cant wait im going on the Wonder on May 17 to Alaksa then on June 6 going on the dream to Nassau. It will be an amazing Disney holiday. Disneyland,Disneyworld and 2x disney cruises. YAY

  • Dear D.C.L.
    Am keeping all pictures you post of DREAM progress and giving to son and family as we all booked for April 2011 in 2 aft. Cabins so the pictures allow them to keep very excited.

    Anxious for April 2011 and…….please list arrival date and time in port Canaveral as hubby and me want to drive up to Canaveral Park and view her arriving!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOLKS.

  • I’ll be crusing on the Dream on April 14, 2011. Happy birthday to me:)

  • This looks like so much fun!! It looks amazing…I think we should go.

  • We will be on board the DREAM 9/2011 and can’t wait!!! It will be our first Disney cruise then we are going to see Disney World too. Yippee!!

  • Woo Hoo! we’ll see you in Feb!

  • 262 days ’til I sail on the Dream! I love seeing all these pics 🙂

  • I’ll be on it in September, 366 days away!!! Can’t wait!

  • I’m sailing on the maiden voyage of the Dream. My 3rd Disney cruise and my third Disney ship. Sweet!

  • lookin awesome

  • Thanks for the picture update. Keep them coming. 79 days until I board the Magic for Disney Cruise #2.

  • It’s been like waiting for a baby to be born.. the pictures along the way create an excitement inside of you.. I need more of this Disney Magic!

  • looks great going on the Wonder in July for Disney Cruise #9!!!!

  • We’ll be there in February!

  • I will be on this boat in 16 months thanks to a surprise from my wonderful husband!

  • Tracey I am also on the Oct 16th 2011 cruise. Come and join the group meet on the Disboards:) The ship looks awesome!

  • I am so excited to go on the maiden voyage and celebrate my one year anniversary of our wedding that took place on the Magic!

  • The ship is coming along nicely since I personally visted her in Germany in June and toured inside the whole ship! I can’t wait to see it again in person and be on the inaugural cruise. Disney Cruise #29 for me! I love Disney Cruise Line

  • I’m waiting for the Disney Dream! It looks soooo amazing!

  • Can’t wait for the ship to be ready!! Going on our first DISNEY Cruise on June 2011. My kids are excited!!!

  • I love seeing photo updates! I’ll be sailing September 1st but really hope to make it a b2b! Can’t wait!

  • Haha, Kevin tha is funny! We can’t wait until the 26th!!

  • I feel bad for the DCL crew members in yellow jump suits- they will be bored when this sails because it is beautiful just the way it is.

  • see you on the maiden voyage, Dreamers x

  • Looks great!!! I can’t wait to see the dream in person!! The maiden voyage will be my 10th Disney cruise!!!!

  • My son’s 11th birthday is on January 26th — the same day the Disney Dream sets sail on it’s maiden voyage…. This will be our 1st cruise & (hopefully) his best birthday ever. Can’t wait!

  • Looking good! See you next June Disney Dream!

  • The ship looks like it is coming together well.

  • i cant wait till march 3rd my very first cruise and celebrating my 40th with a cruise and vist to disneyworld and a stopover at disneyland on the way back home to australia

  • Can’t wait to see it in person on Oct. 16, 2011!

  • I’ve cruised on the other two and can’t wait to get on this one.

  • Oh the Ship looks amazing! I cannot wait to travel in May on this beauty! Thanks for sharing these it really is a great teaser to our vacation next year!

  • It looks so incredible! I’ll be on the Dream in May and I could not be more excited!! Disney Cruise #5 here I come!

  • WOW, looks amazing!

    We’re going on the Disney Wonder next month and can’t wait!

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