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A Grand Staircase for a Grand Ship

The atrium lobby is the heart of every Disney cruise ship. On the Disney Dream, the atrium lobby, including the grand staircase, is quickly taking shape at the Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.

Take a look at these construction images showing the sheer size of the lobby and a closer shot of the grand staircase structure.

Disney Dream Grand Staircase Construction

Disney Dream Grand Staircase Construction

Reminiscent of splendid ocean liners from 1920s and 1930s, the stylish sophistication of the atrium is highlighted by a sweeping grand staircase, oversized portholes and stunning, three-story fluted columns with glowing capitals. An exquisite marble floor inlaid with an intricate Art Deco pattern and hand-tufted custom rugs in rich blues, reds and golds span the atrium floor and staircase.

Artist Rendering of the Disney Dream Grand Staircase

Opulent furnishings complement the atrium design, with a grand piano providing atmosphere. Overhead, a dazzling chandelier, more than 13-feet wide and descending more than 13 feet from the ceiling, sparkles with hundreds of hand-crafted crystal beads.


  • Wow! It’s really coming along!
    I can’t wait to see this ship all done and beautiful!

  • Wonderful!

  • Beautiful! The perfect place for a family picture!

  • I’m ready for a trip on the Dream……gorgeous!!!!

  • We’re sailing this amazing cruise ship in January! She will have only made two voyages before we will be blessed by its grand splendor! We are so incredibly excited! My wife and I sailed the Disney Wonder three and a half years ago. We can’t wait!!!!

  • I can’t wait to climb those steps in April 2011!

  • WOW!!! That is absolutely breaktaking!! I can not wait to see it when it is complete! Great Job!!


  • This is just beautiful….can’t wait to see the finished ship

  • Looking good! Reminds me of a staircase from Cunard! The staircase is *the* focal point … as are the people ascending and descending (ie: Titanic). That’s the way it used to be on the grand ocean liners!

    George (FL) – DCL *is* affordable for the working man. Plan accordingly, in advance … and don’t expect to cruise for 4 weeks every year … no different than WDW ot D/Land.

  • Surely hope I get to see it in person! Never been on a cruise. Will only consider a DISNEY cruise…

  • Hard to believe this will be done soon, its looking awesome.. Can’t wait to sail in June 2011

  • Reminds me a lot of the foyer in The Grand Floridian. 🙂

    We’ve been Disney Passholders for about 8 of the last 12 years, but we have never cruised Disney either, George. With 6 of us (4 kids and my husband and myself) our family cruising has been done on Carnival since we have to book two cabins. We also did The Big Red Boat (and took my parents on that cruise), which used to be affiliated with Disney: that was very affordable. We simply cannot afford DCL, although we’d love a Disney Cruise experience with the whole family, before we send our oldest two off to college. Same is true at the Resorts, so we’ve been doing the Value Resorts for the past few years. It would be really nice if Disney offered “value” rate cabins on one of the lower decks, like they do at DW, which would make Disney cruises – just like the Resorts, that much affordable and workable within the “working family” budgets.

  • Very Grand indeed! I’m praying that I can get reservations on the DVC cruise for September 2011. Only had one cruise on the Wonder for our 25th last June and that was spectactular!

    @ George ~ Consider membership in the Disney Vacation Club to afford a cruise, that is how we paid for ours!!

  • counting the days till February 2011…..
    the ship is looking AWESOME….

  • Wow how beautiful!

  • We were going to go on the Dream for our honeymoon in July, but moved our wedding up, so now we’re getting married on the Magic!

    George, if you save accordingly, DCL can be very affordable!

  • Can’t wait to board this magnificent ship in January, 2011. We are so Excited!!!!!

  • reminds me of Beauty n the Beast castle …wow

  • I find the best cabin is the category 12, which next year will be the category 11C cabin…for me the cabin is where I sleep and get ready for the day…the fun is all over the rest of the ship and the food is the same no matter what cabin you are in…DCL is affordable by cruising in the lowest priced cabin and during the month of September.



  • I can’t wait until June when my husband and I sail with our 5 year old grandson. This will be our 6th Disney cruise! Just hope they have different night time shows.

  • Spectacularly beautiful!!

  • Can’t wait….counting down to our family’s DREAM cruise!!!!

  • Can’t wait to climb these stairs on the Maiden voyage, Jan 26, 2011. Keep the pictures coming..please!!!

  • We were able to go on the Wonder last month and decided to go ahead and book one for next year in July.Put down a deposit and are budgeting a payment schedule that will allow us to have it paid prior to the due date… Giving up Anniversary gifts to each other and will do the same for Christmas but it’ll be one heck of a late gift for us and our ten year old… Can’t wait to make a descent down that staircase, woohoo!

  • This looks absolutely grand! My son and I are setting sail on the Magic on November 6th for 7 days. We are members of DVC and one thing I can say about DVC is it is the best investment I have ever made in my life. I just added on to my membership when DVC opened the Aulani up! It is more affordable then you think!

  • Looks good!

    George, yes DCL cruises do look expensive, and I’m not about to tell you they’re cheap. However, if comparing to other cruises, keep in mind that the Disney cruise is more “all-inclusive” than the others. You’re not nickel and dimed and other than gratuities, which are much less on DCL, the price is pretty much what you pay. Plus you get larger staterooms, better service, etc., etc.

  • Can’t wait to see it on January 26th! Just a note-just got back from 4 days at the Disney parks and per day the Cruise is MUCH cheaper!!! Just book carefully at the right time of year and go for the lowest category stateroom possible-Cat. 12 is just fine!!! So much is included-it is a great vacation value!

  • cannot wait to be on the Dream’s Maiden Voyage so excited me and our family have taken trips on the Magic before but never have we seen a Disney ship so beautiful. Every time we see a new feature pop up we say only Disney can do that.:)

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