A Nightmarish Treat!

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

New Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise
Our new Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise is a Halloween Treat!

I was walking through New Orleans Square just the other day with none other than one of our favorite product developer, Summer Bloomfield.
 New Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise
As we strolled through Port Royal, home to our Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”and Jack Skellington product, Summer shared with me some of things we can expect to see this fall, including new ladies and men’s tees with fun phrases, embellishments and treatments, fleece and jackets, hats and beanies, souvenirs and accessories, and of course, some decor for your own home sweet home.

Some merchandise has already started hitting the shelves, which is why I wanted to make sure that you had the latest and greatest information, and of course, got a peek at some other things coming your way.

This year, when two holidays collide, they’ll do so in style! So don’t miss out and hurry baaaack…to Port Royal in New Orleans Square.


  • I went there last week and the ride was gnarley. Only Disney could pull off something like The Nightmare before Christmas in The Haunted Mansion. Loved it!!

  • I am just the opposite – I don’t like things with dates.
    You use to make a coffee mug with a big character (mickey, grumpy, etc.) in the middle – and like scenes from the movie all around the mug. Any chance that something similar will be out again? I also had a hard time finding a t-shirt (or sweatshirt) that I really liked on my last visit. Some of the t-shirts are poor quality (very thin) and I don’t like the logos that look “old” – with lines through them. Just thought I would share my opinion ; )

  • Disney, please make shirts and jackets in sizes bigger than 2x. I have a really hard time finding things i can actually wear. I have occasionally found a 3x in the park, but it is always 100% cotton, and shrinks to the point of being unwearable. I love Disneyland, and would really like to have some of the popular styles of clothing found in the park, in larger sizes!

  • I go to disneyland every year just to get the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. Disneyland carries exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve been collecting since the very beginning, before it was cool

  • The new items are great!!! Is there any chance of getting the shirts or sweatshirts in a larger size (4-5xl)? My son loves the Nightmare theme but unfortunately needs a larger size…..thanks

  • I have two beautiful ladies tops with Jack etc. on them. They are not tee’s they are actually really nice tops…I hope they have more like it! I always get compliments when I wear either one! 🙂
    The French Market used to have chicken six feet under for this time of year…it was yummy!

  • Anon-
    You can’t miss the restaurant, it is right next to the Haunted Mansion and has patio seating facing the Haunted Mansion. It’s called French Market, and I recommend the jambalaya or clam chowder in bowls. Mmmmm! That’s my first dining spot every time!

  • Will be back again with the family on Oct 8. Have the Downtown Store save me a 3xl. Thanks Michelle.

  • I love Nightmare Before Christmas! <3

  • I really love the tattoo-like art for the first one!

    I do have to say a cast memeber operation the Haunted Masion ride this past weekend had the best spiel yet: “Please kindly drag your bodies away from the walls… otherwise you won’t see jack…” And we all know the phrase with a choice rude word in it, so the crowd got the jist and responded with much laughter.

  • I go to Disneyland every year at this time and I have never seen such a restaurant. The Haunted Mansion transforms and there is a nice gift shop right near Pirates filled with Nightmare stuff. I will be going again on the 9th and will have to take another look.

  • Oh nice.. This is my favorite movie. I love em. 🙂

  • During this time of year at DL is there a restaurant near Haunted Mansion that becomes “Nightmarish” for the Season only? If yes, what is the name of it? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi there! Some fun facts about our French Market restaurant, they’ll actually be offering a Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas dessert and themed travel mug, this year. In addition, they will also be featuring a Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas gift with purchase promotion. Hope that helps.

  • Looks very cool!!

  • AWESOME! Any chance some or all of this merchandise will make its way to the East coast or disneystore.com? My hubby is a HUGE fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and I’ll have my Christmas gifts for him already taken care of if they do find their way outside of Disneyland.

    • Jami, you’ll find a small selection of the new Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise in Walt Disney World, but if you would like please inquire with our Disneyland Mechandise Guest Services team regarding merchandise offerings at 800.362.4533. Thanks!

  • I miss the DATED Haunted Mansion Holiday merchandise: t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, etc.

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