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Another Tempting Look at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The 15th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival opens in just hours, and we couldn’t resist giving you one more look at the delectable dishes (oh, that Korean Bo Ssam wrap, and those steamed mussels from Belgium!). We know it’s also about the wine and beer (whoever heard of Purple Haze beer?), so take one more peek to whet your appetite.

I’ll be there this weekend – and again and again until they turn out the lights on Nov. 14.


  • WDW is my favorite place on earth, but I’ve never been during the Food & Wine fest! I write cookbooks and Have a widely read blog. I would love to visit and share my experiences with my networks!

  • We LOVE the Food & Wine Festival and are headed there again this year. I can’t wait!

  • We stumbled upon Food & Wine when it first opened 15 years ago and have been loyal attendees ever since! It’s an awesome array of foods & beverages you probably wouldn’t try in a regular restaurant but with the small sizes and prices you can enjoy tasting all sorts of new foods and beverages and maybe even find a new favorite! I have!

  • Speaking from experience, go BEFORE the last day. They really can run out of the best stuff. And it’s SO WORTH a special trip.

  • Is there a posting of where your Foodie Fest will be on Oct. 3?

  • Never been to the Food and Wine Festival but would love to go one year! Also had to mention that I LOVE his Mickey Mouse apron… Debated getting one for my Hubby last time we visited WDW, so might have to pick one up next time!

  • We will be there tonight should be great we are excited leaving soon 🙂

  • I’ve heard of, and tried, the Purple Haze from Abita. Excellent beer.

  • WDW is the most magical inspiring and interesting place you will ever enter. My only request please put back vintage disney attractions that once stood and stop putting character filled ones in their place. One example Stitch’s Great escape is a total failure to me.

  • Will be there in 27 days, and I can’t wait. Very excited about “15 Beers”, but only counted 14 in the video. Is one a surprise? 🙂

  • I have that apron!

  • I LOVE Purple Haze! It’s a staple in South Louisiana, where I went to college at LSU! So excited to see Abita beers there this year!

  • I moved to Florida six years ago December and this will be my fifth year attending. It just isn’t fall without eating and drinking my way around the world.

  • I went to the 13th annual Food and Wine Festival and I would LOVE to go this year if I can, it’s so awesome 🙂

  • We were there last Saturday, we ate our way around the world showcase…the short ribs and mashed pototo at France was to die for!

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