Chilling New Merchandise: Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Hey there Disney Park Blog Fans! I’m hard at work trying to find out more information on some upcoming merchandise, special events and product releases. We have some amazing offerings “in store” for you in the coming months, so keep watching.

Today I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the art for our new Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy t-shirt, inspired by last year’s thrilling and chilling Halloween overlay to the ever popular Space Mountain attraction.

Ghost Galaxy T-Shirt Design

You can catch a glimpse of this new tee for adults and kids in the coming weeks near the Space Mountain Imaging Kiosk in Tomorrowland.

I hope you enjoyed this quick sneak peek of our Ghost Galaxy tee. I thought it was a hauntingly perfect way to get the Halloween season started.


  • Hi Michelle Harker it’s great to have Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy t-shirt . I have a question for next years event will you be able sell the onboard music soundtrack? And also will Ghost Galaxy return for Halloween 2011 with Halloween Screams back to the public like on it’s debuting year 2009? I am disappointed that you guys made it only exclusive to people that go to the Halloween party. We people don’t like to pay $49-$59 for five hours Disneyland time .We rather pay $76 dollars for a full Disney day rather for five hours. Could you have any concideration of going back to last years line up ? Thank You P.S Could you return the Original Space Mountain Soundtrack just for the winters or for the nighttime hours? Myself and others that like the old Space Mountain would like some love. Taking us back the 90’s with some of those classic elements. I like Space Mountain It’s My Favorite Attraction in the park. Have a magical day.

  • Are they gonna sell it this year?

  • Sorry about the typos in my last message…

  • I have a question for Michelle Harker. My family and I will be going to Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween on Nov 1st. It seems form what you siad in your earlier post to Shannon that Space Mountain will not be “Ghost Galaxy” themed any longer on the final evening of Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween on Nov 1st?

    • Hi Melissa! To help clarify, Ghost Galaxy is part of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort in California. It sounds like you will be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in November at the Walt Disney World Resort. Unfortunately it is not offered at the Walt Disney World event at this time.

  • I LOVE Ghost Galaxy! And would also love to have the Rockin’ Rollercoasters make another appearance!

  • This is AWESOME! But why does the west coast get all the special love?

  • Awesome…. I didn’t get to try it out last year, so I can actually try it out this year. Also….. I’m not sure if you guys read this, but are you guys planning to bring back Rockin Space and Screamin?

  • I am a pin collector and i collect attraction pins. I would LOVE to have a Ghost Galaxy pin. The artwork is awesome and my son and I thought the ride was amazing, so much fun!

  • Are there any plans on bringing this to Magic Kingdom (or the holiday It’s A Small World)?

  • While I’m always excited about the newest things at Disneyland, we went on this last year and I was very disappointed. The images detracted from my experience on the ride more that adding to it. It reminded me of a lesser (albeit more technologically-advanced) “Mummy” roller coaster from Universal. One of the great things about Space Mountain is that you can’t see where you’re going. The images just helped ground me and gave shape to the dimensions I usually can’t see. I guess I’m in the minority when it comes to my opinion on the ride. Although EVERYTHING else about Halloween Time I absolutely LOVE!

  • I thought the Ghost Galaxy was extremely lame by Disney standards. Just a cheesy fire guy projected onto the walls. Too bad because it’s one of the best rides anywhere when it’s dark and rockin’! I’ll just avoid the Halloween season I guess.

  • Will there be any pins sold with the Ghost Galaxy logo? Thanks!

  • That was sooo!! fun to watch

  • We’ll be there Nov 21. Will it still be overlayed then? If we don’t like to ride Space Mountain will we be enticed to ride now?

  • My husband and I will be at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party October 1st. Will it be up and running by then or will we miss it?

    • Hey Shannon! Ghost Galaxy will actually run September 17 through October 31, 2010 as part of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort.

  • I’m looking forward to riding Ghost Galaxy again!

  • I’m excited for Ghost Galaxy’s return! We rode it last year when it debuted, and thought it was awesome! We even had a cast member stop us as we exited to ask us our opinions on it, and of course we raved. I can’t wait to ride it again when we visit this October. 😀

  • Do you by any chance know how much this shirt is going to cost?

    • Shirin, it looks like the adult t-shirt is $23.95 and the youth tee is $21.95. Hope that helps.

  • One of the best rides at the park! I wish it could be year round but then, I guess, it wouldn’t be as special. I hope they added some new surprises.

  • I’m so happy that Ghost Galaxy is returning! I’ve been raving about it to my friends all year. Now I hope to get some of them to finally experience the new thrills and chills:)

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