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Disney Trading: It’s Game Time!

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'Rivalry Weekends' Vinylmation Series

I love fall. It is one of my favorite seasons. The fall signifies I’m another year older, but more importantly it is the start of college football season. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, so growing up the fall was always filled with tradition. For the past several years, we have released a series of pins celebrating these football traditions called “Rivalry Weekends.” Gosh, there are some classic rivalries!

2007 'Rivalry Weekends' Pin Series

The Rivalry Weekends collection was first introduced 2007 by John Smith, former Product Developer for limited edition pins (funny thing is he now develops sports product for Disney). The first set of pins saw four classic rivalries. We then took a year off (still not sure why) and then introduced another set in 2009. The theme last year was “Game On” (which was a popular phrase often uttered by John).

2009 'Game On' Pin Series

This brings us to this year and the 2010 collection titled, “Game Time.” The collection will again include four classic match ups. The pins are limited release which means they don’t have a finite production number. You may also notice that the pins are focused on teams from the east coast of the United States (mostly because they will be released in Florida).

I’m often asked why we don’t feature more teams. Believe it or not, there is a finite production budget each month for pins. We base many decisions about development on historic sales record, yet we like to try new things. This year we introduced a new rivalry – University of Alabama vs. University of Tennessee.

2010 'Game Time' Pin Series

All of this brings me to one final question: which is the greatest college football rivalry today? I think you already know my answer. Look for these pins to be released on October 7, 2010, at Walt Disney World.


  • Hello Steven!!!

    A quick question for you! I was just down in WDW this past weekend and was able to get the NBC (Nightmare Before Christmas) Vinylmations, which totally ROCK!!!! Since I am not going to be able to be down there this weekend I was wondering if the Toy Story 9″‘s will be available online?

  • I agree with James & Kathleen — we need U of L vs. UK! Go Cards!!!

  • 3rd weekend in October Tennessee vs Alabama. Now… I KNOW how big OSU & Mich is… having lived in Ohio for so many years… BUT I can honestly tell you NOTHING beats being OUTSIDE Neyland stadium before this game, walking in with the band, listening to 100,000 people sing RockyTop as they walk in. Hardly anyone enters Neyland before the band… except for the visiting team.

  • You guys need to make a USC UCLA pin for so cal!!!

  • Go bucks! Love to see the OSU vs. Michigan rivalry featured everytime. Can’t wait to get the newest pin!

  • Love the Vols/Tide pin!! Don’t like us Vols? Too bad, your comment Mickey icon and number are still in BIG ORANGE!!! GO VOLS!!

  • UCLA v USC
    Go Bruins!!

  • I’m ready for my AU/UA pin. The Auburn/Alabama rivalry begins long before October. Could you work a little Disney magic and persuade the “Pin Makers” to put them out a little sooner? War Eagle!!

  • I love the Tide & Vols Pin. That game is a tradition here at our house. I’m currently working on my Graduate Degree at Alabama, and I’ll just have to have this pin.

    ..and as always… ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! Rammer Jammer Vols!!!

  • Alabama VS. Auburn that is the best in state rivalry there is.
    ROLL TIDE!!!

  • The greatest football rivalry is and has always has been Auburn vs. Alabama! It is great to see those represented. I didnt know these existed. I am not an avid pin collector but I am definitely interested in buying these. War Eagle!

  • Civil War! U of O v. Oregon State. We actually have a Disney character as a mascot.

  • UCLA vs. USC!!!! Go UCLA! Go BRUINS!!! 🙂

  • Pitt vs. WVU! its the backyard brawl, one of the best rivalries out there!

  • I have a Mickey/Florida Gator pin and it is my absolute favorite pin of all. These rivalry pins are awesome! The big rivalry these days in our area is the FL/AL rivalry… that pin would be amazing for sure! I may be living in the AL, but I will ALWAYS be a FL girl at heart. GO GATORS!!!



  • I would love to get my hands on each of the Gator pins!!!!!

  • What happened to University of Miami? We have more national championships than FSU and UF combined and we have no pins, no rivalries, no nothing. How can WDW, in Orlando, leave out a Florida school from its pin collection? Really, there is a Michigan pin…How much does it take for UM to get respect and its due….

  • definitely TX vs Oklahoma – hook em horns!

  • Pitt vs WVU – the Backyard Brawl – GO PITT!!!

  • PLEASE put out an OU-Texas pin!!!!

  • How about PSU and OSU.

  • Please Please Please do a Oklahoma Sooners and Texas pin! I would for sure buy it, and what ever happend to the college shirts featuring Mickey Mouse, they only came out with like 4 and I thought they were gonna do a whole bunch colleges? but anyways please to a OU-Texas Pin! BOOMER SOONER!!

  • As a Pac-10 fan and a Oregon alumni, we would love to see some of the rivalries out west! Civil War – UO/OSU. The Big Game – Stanford/Cal. Battle of the Desert – UA/ASU. The Apple Cup – UW/WSU. The LA game – USC/UCLA. Offering them online would be a great idea also – there are so many fans of Disney and football that would purchase online if given the chance.

  • Notre Dame vs. University of Michigan. Two of the winningest college football programs of all time.

    Go Irish!

  • GO BLUE!

  • Where’s Notre Dame/USC? I’ve got 2 boys and one wants to go to USC the other Notre Dame. College football doesn’t have many rivalries bigger than that. And what about Harvard/ Yale?

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