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Duffy the Disney Bear Debuts at Disney Parks in October

Duffy the Disney Bear

On October 14, 2010 at both the Epcot at Walt Disney World and Disney California Adventure park, our newest character, Duffy the Disney Bear will make his much anticipated debut. But who’s Duffy you might ask? He’s Mickey’s very own teddy bear….made with love by Minnie herself.

Duffy the Disney Bear

You see, awhile ago, Mickey was about to set sail on an adventure to visit friends around the world. Minnie made a special gift to keep Mickey company and she presented it to Mickey in a duffle bag. Mickey, delighted with his gift, pulled out the gift, a very special bear, and named him Duffy. Mickey and Duffy embarked on many special voyages and Duffy got to meet all of Mickey’s friends. Each time they returned home, Mickey and Duffy would share their stories and photos with Minnie. While on their travels, Duffy and Mickey landed at Tokyo Disney Sea where they have been meeting and greeting fans for the past few years.

Duffy is not just your typical stuffed bear – he’s Mickey’s bear and he resembles his owner. Duffy’s face is shaped like Mickey’s, he has Mickey heads on his paws, and he has a very unique birthmark on his hip. There is no question who he belongs to.

We are very excited to welcome Duffy here in October to join our character family.

Duffy the Disney Bear Costumes

Not only will guests get to meet Duffy and have their picture taken with him, but we will launch Duffy’s full line of costumes and souvenirs like key chains, magnets, zip pouches and even pre-dressed Duffys that will launch for special holidays like Christmas and Easter and occasions such as birthdays and graduations. The launch will also consist of some special treats like his crispy treat, chocolatey cake, moulded dessert cup, menu placemat with activities and coming later, Duffy’s very own moulded popcorn bucket. In addition, Epcot’s Kidcot mask program will be changing to a unique Duffy that Guests can take from country to country to color, decorate, and receive country specific Duffy stamps.

Duffy will be located at a newly created venue inside Epcot across from the Mexico boat ramp and at Disney California Adventure park on Paradise Pier.

I can’t wait for you to meet Duffy. He’s so loveable and huggable and I can’t wait to hear where you will take YOUR Duffy!!!!


  • I LOVE DUFFY! I can’t wait to see Duffy in Person On Dec 10, 2010!

  • My daddy just brought Duffy home to me from Tokyo Disney Sea.

  • I am truly excited to see what Duffy will bring to Epcot and DCA. I think he’s absolutely adorable and will be a nice addition to my black Disney bear I got a few years back. I am VERY curious to see the various clothes for Duffy and can’t wait to see what they launch on the 14th.

  • We love our Duffy. He just visited Mickey’s Halloween Party last Friday at Disneyland. Only a few people recognized him. He’s costume for the night was Stitch and Stitch was pretending to be him by wearing his sailor outfit.

  • This is possibly the best announcement I’ve ever heard from Disney! Ever since our 2003 honeymoon in Tokyo, I have been in love with Duffy. Having the ability to purchase outfits for my Duffy here in Orlando is just awesome.

    For those who are confused/worried…relax! Give Duffy a try! If you end up not being impressed, just ignore him. There are a lot of Disney characters I just pass by- I still recognize that *someone* out there loves them! And Duffy is likely to be a huge hit with the kiddies…

    For those who were asking…Duffy and the Disney Bear aren’t (and yet are) the same thing. Same basic design and concept. But over here in the States, he’s been a mish-mash, never having a direction or drive. There have been variations on the colors and merchandising ideas.

    At Tokyo DisneySea, Duffy is *loved*. There are lines just to get into the store. I see the hanging key chains all the way on the other side of Tokyo on the JR trains. He and Shellie May have a story that caught on and everyone knows, and a newly opened stage show.

    Basically, Duffy is what the Disney Bear *could* be, with marketing (and a little bit of luck). Disney is basically hoping that they can create the kind of love (and profits) that Duffy brings to Tokyo to EPCOT and DCA.

    It saddens me to see so many nay-saying him when they haven’t seen the kind of fun he is overseas. While it’s true that not everything translates well over here, there are plenty of things that DO (Pokemon or Hello Kitty, anyone?). Also, keep in mind that the Disney Bear concept has already been dabbled in over here. Duffy is not quite like Build-A-Bear, and I think watching the craze in Tokyo is more of a factor in bringing him over than the Build-A-Bear stores are…

    Regardless, I am hugely excited, and I’ve never loved my annual pass more than I have now! I’ll be there on October 14th, with bells (and Duffy!) on.

  • My daughter has Duffy from the New York Store(before it closed) and also from the Disney Soda Fountain Store in Hollywood. It would be cool to get her one from DLR and WDW.

  • Things that are popular in Asia don’t always translate with American audiences… I also think this is Disney’s answer to Build-a-Bear and couldn’t be less interested. Won’t be standing in line to meet Duffy or be purchasing Duffy merchandise for my children. My enthusiasm is saved for authentic (primarily classic!) Disney characters.

  • Duffy is VERY popular in Japan (at Disney Sea). I was there last year for Halloween and the line to take a picture with him was very long (60min at the least if not more). I’ve boought a Duffy bear there with a Halloween outfit. He’s very cute. This year Duffy was join by Shellie May a cute girlfriend for Duffy.I can not wait to see Duffy her in the U.S.

  • That’s really cool, can’t wait to see him.

  • My daughters got ShellieMay The Disney Bear from my brother when he went to Tokyo Disneyland! I wouldn’t mind getting Duffy to go with her. Is Duffy sold at Disneyland too??

  • Woah, he’s getting released here on my birthday! I was going to say, we’re going to have the same birthday, but then I saw that he’s already been out for a while.

    I recall hearing that the lines for Duffy when he’s meet & greeting in Tokyo are hours long, so he’s definitely popular.

  • Dara,

    Is Duffy already at California Adventure on Paradise Pier? I’m a little confused. I’ve been reading some comments saying that people have met and seen Duffy. If so, I’m going to Disneyland and California Adventure later today so I’m going to look for him 🙂

    Also, what is the real story? Why are there two slightly different stories about Duffy – the one published in books, and the one published here? Is Disney going to eventually market both stories as one?


  • The story they are providing above is the original story from when Duffy was launched in Tokyo, they changed it to the Tinker Bell story later when it was brought to the states. The whole reason he is named Duffy is because Mickey carried him in a duffle bag during his travels.

    What I want to know is, are they going to bring the Original Duffy bear to WDW and DL or leave the ones that are currently here that are smaller and softer?

  • I managed to snag a Duffy bear early! I found him in disneyland hong kong at the winnie the pooh gift shop, hidden behind a bunch of pooh bears. Only found 4 of them, so managed to get 1! Duffy was hugging a small Mickey doll that was exclusive to the hong kong Disney parks…

  • Marci and Macy, I agree with you and maybe take it a bit further… of all the characters in the Disney archives, this seems the least likely choice to introduce (unless you consider a strong marketing push that aims at bringing more park-goers from Asia). For a company that holds “story” as one of its hallmark values, this seems bland and contrived. My son doesn’t need another bear that is loosely affiliated to Disney. He loves the characters that are rich in story and would be thrilled to see Abu, Doug, Kevin, Gus-gus, Bernard and Bianca (…you get the point…). Something with the stamp of Disney doesn’t equal “Disney”… just ask California Adventure.

  • Cute.

    I have to say, I love the fact that Duffy has hidden mickeys.

  • I’m in Disney World right now and spent the last few days hunting for the original “My First Disney Bear.” I have bought this special bear several times for new babies. I was given various stories from different stores, some telling me they would be getting more in and others telling me it has been discontinued and replaced with Duffy. Although I think he is cute, I think the whole point of the “My First Disney Bear” is now lost. It was the perfect gift for a new baby and I always bought the Little Golden Book story to go along with it. If anyone knows where I can find either of these items, please let me know.

  • I have never heard of this bear before. I do not believe he belongs in any Disney park. The only Disney thing about this bear is the Mickey prints on his feet.

    Disney, please bring back older characters, like Figment, or the 7 dwarfs (as far as I know, they only come out for the Halloween parties, if even then).

    Whenever I get back to DL or WDW I will not be waiting in line to see a build-a-bear style teddy bear.

  • You know – when I first heard about Duffy I was so excited as she’s got a really distinctive voice and I’m excited for her new album.

    and it’s the wrong Duffy….DRAT.

  • i just bought my niece the Disney Bear and book – is that story going away, because it was precious! i’d hate to see that one go away!

  • Don’t worry, Marci and Mary. WDW is NOT neglecting Figment. Not now, not ever!


    i’d love to have a little stuffed companion to take with me every time i enter the parks!

    i have 2 questions though
    For the holiday outfits like Christmas, are they only for the 12 inch bears or can you buy an outfit for the 17 inch bear?

    Also, will we be getting some of the same outfits as the ones they have in Tokyo? i saw some and they were amazingly adorable!!

    thank you! and see you soon duffy!

  • I love my Duffy!!! I took him on all the rides at Disneyland and California Adventure on Sunday, he also saw the fabulous World of Color show.

  • So Disney, are you going to combine Duffy’s story with the Disney bear story. Minnie makes him. Mickey loves him and names him Duffy. Tink brings him to life. There’s your marketing connection. Make a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode or movie about it. More merchandise to sell. 
    Also, just as an off the subject thing, since you mentioned the special complex at Epcot for Duffy. Can you start marketing Figment? Love him, I buy what merchandise I can with him on it. But every time I go, no character for kids to greet. He’s a lost mascot. You could promote him as “Figment on vacation” at other Disney parks or something, if you need to have him at all the parks. I could so see a Playhouse Disney show on tv with Figment having kids explore their imaginations and senses as he gets into trouble along the way. Just some ideas. 🙂

  • Marci, I agree with you. (And am laughing at your comment.)

    I’m not wild about the look or concept of this. It’s not very “Disney.”

  • Hi,

    I have a question about Duffy’s costume. How will the costumes be sold? (i.e. Will they only be sold with Duffy or will they be sold separtely)

    Thanks in advance,

  • Am I the only person who is confused by this? I would much rather Disney focus more on Figment who is the actual mascot for Epcot than create a whole new venue inside the park for Duffy. Also, I don’t get why they are pushing this character now…aren’t there enough stuffed animals with all the current Disney characters? I also really hate the name. The only thing I think if when I hear it is Duff Beer from the Simpsons.

  • My daughter bought her 1st Disney Bear with her own money when she turned 5 (in 2003) she named “Magic”. He is Blue and she still sleeps with him every night. I thought the story that came with him was precious. That Mickey hugged him so hard his imprint was on the bear’s face & Tink brought him to life. This new story will hopefull inspire new kids to bring their own Duffy to life. We will definately get her photo taken with Duffy on the 17th when we are in Epcot!

  • WoW!He kinda came out of nowhere. He’s cute, but definitely think they need to lay some groundwork for him, maybe a movie or commercials or something, to get people more familiar. We’ll be there at the end of November and I’m sure we’ll be bringing one home! Cant Wait.

  • I saw him on Sunday. He is so adorable and the extra Mickeys are so cute. He’s going to make a lot of little girls and big girls very happy.

  • Sounds like Disney Bear now has a name. I remember the bear from the book that we bought at WDW several years ago. It was one of the best and cheapest souvenirs we ever bought! Sounds like the story line may be a little different though. Just don’t replace the Mickey rice crispy with a Duffy rice crispy!!

  • Got to meet Duffy Saturday with the kids can’t wait to see him again. I can’t wait to get some more outfits for my Duffy bear they are so cute. See you October 14 Duffy.

  • I also remember a disney bear from a few years ago. I purchased one for my friends little boy. It was marketed as “MY FIRST DISNEY BEAR” I believe. He is definetly a cutie. I can’t wait to meet him in November.

  • ADORABLE!!! Can’t wait to have my very own Duffy. 🙂 Does anyone know if he’ll be available for purchase online? I’m not sure when I will be making my next trip to Disney unfortunately, but I’d love to purchase Duffy! 🙂

  • I would love to see Duffy at Build-a-Bear Workshop… Oh, the outfit possibilities – love the kilt.

  • We have a book (bought at Downtown Disney) where he is called “Disney bear”. It’s not a very old book but I guess he has gotten a name since then. My son loves his paws!

  • I saw more Duffy than Mickey Mouse when I visited Tokyo Disneysea. Seriously, I had a hard time finding a stuffed Mickey Mouse to bring back for my 2 year old, but Duffy was in strong supply!

  • Is Duffy the same as the current Disney Bear, who is Mickey’s bear that Tink brought to life in the book “The Story of Disney Bear: A Day at the Magic Kingdom”? We bought the book and stuffed Disney Bear last year while at WDW.

    Just curious if there is/will be any connection with Duffy to the existing story of Mickey’s teddy bear or was Disney Bear simply a one-off story/product with no official connection to the park?

  • The Disney Bear was around for a while, I get the reintroduction, but why the changed story? The original story was that Mickey was alone in the park with his teddy and feeling lonely, so Tinkerbell made the bear come to life. at the end of a great day when mickey hugged him, the mickey face was imprinted on him!!! It was in the book and all the swing tags.

  • I think that Disney should create a cartoon to go with the story! and he’s adorable!

  • I agree, I have a book we bought back in 2006 that has this same bear in it, with the Mickey ears shaped face and all.

  • Wow, that’s great news! I am excited to meet Duffy and what perfect timing, as we’ll be visiting WDW then!

  • My Duffy has already gone on California Screamin! And is looking forward to many more trips to DLR

    He’s excited to go to WDW in January then Disneyland Paris in May! He’s a travellin’ bear but he wants a larger wardrobe selection! He’s jealous of his brothers in Japan 🙂

  • We picked up one of these little bears a few years ago. One with magnetic feet. It had a story book about his origin and the new story seems to have changed.

  • Hi Duffy welcome to my happy place.See you soon

  • This is AWESOME!!! I am in love with the Disney bear, and try to get one from every venue… Will definitely make the extra trip to get my picture taken with this soon-to-be-classic icon! <3

  • Rats! He will be making his grand appearance right AFTER we are there! We will be in Disney World Oct 2nd thru Oct 9th! Hate we are going to miss him, he looks so darned cute!! 🙂

  • Cute! Hi Duffy the Kuma-chan!!

  • Am I mistaken but hasn’t Duffy been around for awhile but just not as prominently marketed? I know we have a Duffy Christmas Ornament we purchased a couple years ago

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