First Look: New Dance Parties at Mickey’s Halloween Party

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Club Skellington at Mickey's Halloween Party

Here is a first look at the artwork that has inspired new dance parties at Mickey’s Halloween Party, the special nighttime event on Halloween night and Tuesdays and Fridays in October.

Family dance parties at Mickey’s Halloween Party will get guests of all ages mixing, mingling and dancing in their Halloween costumes. Here are a few more details:

  • Club Skellington at the French Market will be headlined by Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, at the thrilling and chilling dance party that captures the ghoulish delights of Halloweentown.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Intergalactic Space Jam at Tomorrowland Terrace will feature an out-of-this-world dance party with Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Girl dancers, Green Army Men and Space Diva DJ.

Buzz Lightyear's Intergalactic Space Jam at Mickey's Halloween Party

Tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party are now available and can be purchased at Here’s an insider’s tip: if you purchase tickets in advance, you’ll get a great discount on select nights. There’s also a discount for annual passholders on select nights.

If you’re interested in Mickey’s Halloween Party and would like more information, we’ve also shared stories on Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade, special photo locations and Mickey’s Hide-and-Go-Treat Trails.


  • I cant wait to visit Club Skellington on 10/26!!

  • Went to the first partyof the year. It was awesome!! Everything was incredible, however, you still have to get a spot 45+ minutes for the fireworks. We got there about 20 minutes ahead and the plaza was PACKED!! Oh, and the new cavalcade was amazing!

  • Heather, i’m curious…i’ve heard that you can go in costume for the whole day as there was concern that guests wouldn’t have a place to change once they were in the park and going out of the park and coming back in would be a hassle.

    can you please let me know if we can, in fact, go into the park already dressed for the day? we’ll be arriving around 2pm and it would be great to know we didn’t need to go out and come back in having to wait in line again. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi guys
    I dont know if this is the right place but here goes…….
    We attended the Mickeys NSS Halloween Party on 14th September 2010.

    Because of the costumes we were wearing (they were excellent by the way) a couple of guys who claimed to be from this blog approached for permission to photograph us and put them in the blog- we even had to sign a release so they could use them.

    We were also filmed by a video crew, and have been telling everyone about this, but cant find any entry anywhere.
    Can anyone update me on where they might be, or if they have been dropped?

    Joe & Diane from Scotland

  • Our family has tickets for the evening of October 31, and we are also confused as to whether or not we will be asked to leave the park and re-enter.
    At the D23 party back in March I left and had to wait in a huge line to re-enter. Later I learned that ticketed members already in the park were asked to wait in front of the castle at the hub, but were NOT asked to leave.
    Any help clearing this up would be appreciated, and thanks!

    • Guests already in the park can go to the Plaza Pavilion to validate their event ticket once the mix-in begins.

  • The weather report says isolated thunderstorms tonight in Anaheim. Yikes!! Is there a chance that the Halloween fireworks would be cancelled? I would be so disappointed that I paid extra for the party just to see them and they get cancelled.

  • Hey Heather,
    Do you know when a schedule for the event will be available for thoes of us with tickets? Really looking forward to taking my kids on their first trip to Disneyland and to a MHP!!!!

  • Yay! I went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom last year and the dance party was one of my favorite parts! I love mingling with the characters. I’ll be there (Disneyland this time) on the 26th! I’m SO EXCITED!

  • Do you have to be dressed up to take part in the trick or treating if you attend the event?

  • I don’t dance, but I would consider doing a little boogie with the Pumpkin King. I have never gone to one of these but am hoping and wishing very hard that I can this year! Does anyone know where I can find a good set of rules for dressing up in costume? I am going to make mine and want to make sure that it will be good to wear. Thanks!

    • Jessica, check out the bottom of this site: There’s a lot of information there

  • If you enter Disneyland under regular admission prior to the event start time, will there be a location inside the park to exchange your Mickey’s Halloween Party ticket? Or will you need to exit then re-enter once the party starts?

  • I can’t wait….Oct 12th we will be there for the party…Halloween is my favourite holiday…I think I’m more excited then my kids…

  • Looks awesome! We’ll see you there Halloween night! 🙂 Our first time at Disneyland for Halloween and we can’t wait!

  • Might I add – I tried to do a “hidden Mickey” with the 0 – however, the editing took out the spaces

  • I am so excited about attending this for the first time (and as an adult, to boot!)

    Will there be trick-or-treat bags handed out, or should I bring my trusty plastic pumpkin?

    • We’ll have trick-or-treat bags for you.

  • This looks like SO much fun!!!! I wish our schedule would permit us a trip down south in October to be able to attend o o

  • Do you know if fastpasses will be offered during the events, or just the stand-by lines for attractions? …. I can’t wait for the party tomorrow Oct 1!

    • Mickey’s Halloween Party has a limited guest list, so Disney’s FASTPASS tickets are not needed during the special event.

  • Looks very cool.

    I also have to say that while I understand the crowd control issues, I really hope that Halloween Screams will be available to the general public next year.

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