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Update: Video of First Taste of La Hacienda

UPDATE – September 23: Last week, we shared a first look at the beautiful new La Hacienda restaurant at the Mexico Pavilion. Now we have a unique video peek inside. Take a look:

La Hacienda at Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

We got a tasty preview and a look at the beautiful new La Hacienda restaurant at the Mexico Pavilion soft opening on Thursday. (Reservations can be made for Oct. 15 and thereafter.) The striking exterior blends beautifully with the pavilion, designed to look like a warm, inviting home. Step inside, and the attention to detail continues with original artwork and lighting fixtures created by Ernesto Cruz, a noted Mexican artist known for his blown glass. Look up – the cool fixtures in the lobby are made of brilliant blue vinyl stretched around the light. Chairs and tables also were crafted in Mexico for a casual-but sophisticated, south-of-the-border ambience.

La Hacienda at Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

Of course, most diners’ eyes go straight for the fabulous view of World Showcase Lagoon – where the curved glass windows offer a coveted front-row seat for “IllumiNations: Reflection of Earth” fireworks spectacular. The new dining room will be a hot ticket for the nightly show, with music piped into the dining room. Or, if you’re looking for a quieter spot for dinner, we like the tables in the cozy room just off the lobby.

La Hacienda at Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

We dined early and focused on the food, a wonderful rendition of Mexican favorites. We started with the warm chips and two salsas (one a mild tomatillo, the other a hotter smoked pepper version). Next, Botana (the Mexican word for “appetizer”), bite-size tastes of chicken tostada, marinated pork and a cheese empanada. If you’re hungry (or want to share), order Arrachera, for an entrée, 8 ounces of flank steak with veggies and house-made corn tortillas for wrapping it all up. My favorite was the Tacos de Camarones, flour tortilla filled with crispy fried shrimp, chipotle-lime aioli, cabbage and fresh lime to squeeze on top. Pork, chicken and grilled tilapia round out entrées.

Dessert at La Hacienda at Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

Dessert often is an afterthought in Mexican eateries, but we didn’t leave a bite of the Tamal de Dulce, a wonderfully sweet guava tamal with a drizzle of strawberry coulis. Churros come with Mexican hot chocolate and caramel sauce.

La Hacienda at Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

Sip a margarita (six flavors) or throw caution to the wind with a shot or a flight of tequila (the young tequila ambassador can help you choose from the 17 choices on the menu). On a hot afternoon, the sweet, refreshing Agua Fresca made with hibiscus flowers was a delight. Mexican beers and wines from Spain, Argentina, Chile and Mexico (by the bottle or glass) round out the drink menu.

We took a peek at La Cantina, the all-new quick-service space, we’ll be back with a look at that menu soon. La Hacienda shares air-conditioned space with La Cantina up until about 2:30 in the afternoon, when they stop indoor seating to get ready for dinner guests.


  • Can you sit insode air conditioning for quick-service at lunch time?

  • As a few others mentioned, gluten free options need to be considered. Unfortunately, if these options aren’t available, we’ll be canceling our January dinner reservations.

  • We had the opportunity to visit La Hacienda yesterday. The restaurant is really beautiful, service was outstanding and the food was excelent. Truly authentic interior Mexican. Highly recommended!

  • I ate there just last night! I had the most wonderful salad topped with pomegranate seeds, queso fresco, and mustard vinaigrette. Then delicious pork tenderloin topped with mole sauce. It was truly amazing, especially with the view of the lake!!! Our server, Daniel, was very helpful and friendly.

  • Is there outside seating by the water like at the old one, or is it all inside?

  • Seriously no vegetarian options? Order a meat entree but “hold the meat”? I will be canceling our reservations. I am very disappointed.

  • I’m also curious about gluten free options. SAI has quite a few (from what I’ve been told), but would like to know about this one so we know if it’s a viable option for us when we;re there next week.

  • I agree that the lack of a vegetarian entree is disappointing. I have an October reservation, but I’ll cancel it if they can’t do better than veggies in a tortilla.

  • Just back and the interior looks fine, but the outside looks like a box with a few decorations.. a box is not themed architecture. Sorry.

  • I just booked reservations for Oct. 16th there! Looking forward to it! Can’t bring the menu up on line-will it be available to view soon?

  • So looking forward to eating here. We’re local so I made ADRs for Nov and Dec. Can’t wait to see the dinner menu.

  • Are they going to accept Tables in Wonderland? Cast Members on site did not seem sure yesterday.

  • Is there patio seating for good views of the illumination fireworks or is it just indoor window view? Is the view better here or from rose and crown?

    • Patio seating at La Cantina, the quick service, is fabulous for viewing IllumiNations. It equals Rose and Crown!

  • Seems to be conflicting info about Hacienda de San Angel and the DDP. When I made a reservation on-line, it stated that the restaurant does not accept DDP. Double and triple checked and still got the same info a moment ago.

  • …Just got our reservations for late October. SO excited!

  • Will all the tables for dinner have a view of Illuminations, or just some?

    • The entire back wall is windows overlooking World Showcase Lagoon, so most tables have a great view. There is a cozy room just inside the front door that does not have lagoon views — but other than that, yes.

  • Looks awesome – I can’t wait to try it out with my free DDP next August! With La Hacienda opening, will San Angel Inn still be open as well (with two table service restaurants in Mexico)? Also, is the counter service food/churro and margariita stand in Mexico still open, or did it close for La Hacienda?

  • I recommend to everyone to try the hibiscus drink, it is one of my favorite things anywhere although we call it jamaica (the j sounds like h)
    Assuming they make it right, it’s like a really refreshing light fruit punch.

    San Angel Inn is inside the pavillion

    La Hacienda is across the walkway on the lagoon side where La Cantina de San Angel was.


  • I just called and was informed by CM that it is NOT on DDP. What gives?

  • What about Gluten Free options? My family loves Mexican food & we will be coming in June 2011, but one of us needs to follow a strict Gluten Free diet, due to Celiac Disease.

  • Is this an additional restaurant in Mexico or did the San Angel Inn close?

    • This is additional. The wonderful San Angel Inn is still inside, a lovely escape from the Florida heat!

  • Just tried to reserve a table today using the Dining Plan – I’m planning a trip with my boyfriend in January. I hope they update that soon! We’d love to try it, but without it being on the dining plan, we can’t afford it!

  • Just made reservations! But I, too would like to know if it is definitely on the Dining plan? The reservation confirmation said it wasn’t?

  • Yes I’m with Peter… a vegetarian option and perhaps adding the convenience of an information sheet telling which foods contain gluten in them, which can be given on request. Its a huge inconvenience for restaurants to do this, but more and more are doing so, as they recognize that it makes food choices easier for those customers that have to be very careful with their diets.

  • I just booked on line for Nov. 27. And it said not on the dinning plan. Hope it is wrong.

  • The Disney adr site says that this restaurant is NOT on the dining plan. Are you sure that it’s on the dining plan?

    • Yes!

  • I agree with some earlier comments about vegetarian options – previous articles about this dining location all stated that some meatless options would be available on the menu. Now it seems that this is not the case. Veggies in a tortilla is not hearty enough to serve as a meal. Plus, ordering a meat entree sans meat costs the same price for less substance. Please try again.

  • Just booked ADRS online, so I know they can at least take ADRs that way.

  • I called Disney Dining earlier today and was told the restaurant is not yet accepting reservations (my next trip is Feb 2011, though the rep didn’t ask). Any idea when I should try again?

  • Going to WDW in November. Sure wish this was on the dining plan.

    • It is on the dining plan.

  • Saw this place being constructed when we were there in July. The pictures look beautiful-can’t wait until our trip there next summer so we can taste the food.

  • I was just in Epcot on Friday. I somehow missed this. Luckily I’m local and can stop by anytime. I’ll definitely be checking this out soon.


  • I really hope you will consider adding a vegatarian entree , which is now conspicuously missing from the menu. At least at the cantina, one can order cheese empanadas. A vegetarian option for dinner would be much appreciated.

  • Very excited to try this out!! The place looks amazing!! Great job!! Looking forward to a glimpse of the menu!!

  • I hope this goes on the DDP – The Restaurant looks great!

  • That looks just beautiful and the food sounds delicious. Also looking forward to what you will be sharing about La Cantina as well!

  • Are there any vegetarian/vegan entree options?

    • Entrees are fish, beef or chicken, but you can always request vegetarian (just ask for no meat and wrap the veggies in a tortilla). Also, the delicious black bean soup can be an entree, or the house salad with spinach, pomegranate, pine nuts and avocado — yum.

  • It’s beautiful! I would also love to see it on the DDP! Mexican food is one of our faves!

  • any chance of it getting added to the DDP?

    • La Hacienda is on the DDP — 1 point, 2 points for larger entrees designed to be shared by 2.

  • Saw that under construction this summer and wondered when it would be ready. Looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to visit!

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