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Meet Members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel

Walt Disney World Moms Panel

Meet members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, Saturday, October 2, 2010, at 2:30 at the Odyssey in Epcot.

To request attendance for you and up to 5 additional friends or family, please RSVP here for yourself and up to 5 people. Space is limited. Not all requests will be accommodated. If we can accommodate your request we will send you a confirmation email by the week of September 17, 2010.


Park and attraction hours subject to change without notice and event may be cancelled without notice. This event is not open to Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates or their immediate family members.


  • I applied yesterday, but never received a confirmation… anyone know what I should do?

  • Sounds like a wonderful event. Though I am prayerfully hoping to be on the Panel in 2010 :), I was wondering if you will have a Moms Panel Meet & Greet in January? We will be there in Jan. for our next WDW trip!


  • We are leaving Sept. 30th, so will not be able to attend….Maybe I will be a lucky one and get picked for the panel this year….Met a few of the Moms at MagicMeets 2009….Great people!!

  • I chatted with a couple of the moms yesterday and they said that they will be out and about most of the afternoon at Epcot after the event.

    You will know them by their signature polos! They said to wear your favorite hot pink shirt and they will say “Hi!” if they see you!


  • Can not believe I missed it! I sent my request in one hour after it opened and was already closed! So frustrating!

  • I did get to RSVP! I am so excited to meet some Disney Moms as they are living my dream, and I would LOVE to be a member of the panel. All it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust 🙂

  • So if we got the email saying to RSVP, and couldn’t get in, we missed out? I responded within 15 minutes of receiving the email.

  • ARGH – missed it! I know you will have a great time, and hope to see some of you in the parks that weekend! Love ya!

  • I will be there then, but it won’t let me sign up. Is it full already?

    • Wow! There is a whole lot of Moms Panel love out there! It looks like it’s full already!


  • Please Please make a panel for Teens so they can answer questions that kids and teens have! I would love to do this and I think it would be good for kids/teens to ask questions!! 🙂

  • I got an email about this time stamped 5:21 PM. By 6:14 PM it’s already full? I get an error that says, “this form is no longer accepting submissions”.

    I’ve applied for the panel every year since it started and will be staying at the Beach Club before running the Wine & Dine half that night. I’d really love to pop into Epcot and meet the panel members. Is it really already closed?

  • Is there a problem with the site? It says no longer accepting submissions already.

  • Tried to apply for the panel but it just kept redirecting me back to the home site. When did the panel submission close?

  • I’ve heard of this before and please don’t flame me for askin this, but what is the Mom’s Panel?? What exactly is it that you guys do?

  • Aw! I will miss it just by a few days! We will be there at the end of September! Disney Panel Mom’s are awesome!

  • 12 days too early! we arrive on the 15th!

  • Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Diane L

    • Hope to see some of you there!


  • Woo hoo! This is a wonderful opportunity to offer the fans of the Disney Moms Panel! Crossing my fingers!

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