Mickey’s Halloween Party: Special Photo Locations and Mickey’s Hide-and-Go-Treat Trails

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Pirate Wharf Photo Location
We’ve shared a lot of new information about this year’s Mickey’s Halloween Party, including our most recent post on the cavalcade of Disney characters that is exclusive to this special nighttime event on Halloween night and Tuesdays and Fridays in October.

Today, we’re giving you more news about Mickey’s Halloween Party. There are special photo locations and more treat stations along Mickey’s Hide-and-Go-Treat Trails.

Special Photo Locations: There are a variety of extra photo locations for this nighttime party, including the following:

  • Pirate Wharf at the Frontierland Dock (shown above)
  • Friends from Aladdin – Aladdin’s Oasis
  • Critter Pals – Splash Mountain
  • Winnie the Pooh & Friends – Critter Country
  • Toy Story Pals – Big Thunder Ranch
  • Mickey & Minnie – Big Thunder Ranch
  • Disney Villains – Small World Mall
  • Disney Princesses – Disney Princess Fantasy Faire
  • Disney Fairies – Pixie Hollow

Mickey’s Hide-and-Go-Treat Trails: This year, there will be 8 hide-and-go-treat trails featuring approximately 50 stations with treats. During the 10 nights of Mickey’s Halloween Party, guests will enjoy nearly a half million pounds of candy and healthy treats. Candy includes a mix of chocolates, and examples of healthy treats are apple slices, carrots, raisins and dried fruit crisps.

Tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party are now available and can be purchased at Disneyland.com/Halloween. Here’s an insider’s tip: if you purchase tickets in advance, you’ll get a great discount on select nights. There’s also a discount for annual passholders on select nights.

Check back next week to see a first glimpse of the new dance parties at Mickey’s Halloween Party.

What are you most excited about?


  • We went to Mickey’s Halloween party last Friday. It wasn’t at all what it used to be. Yes there are the trick or treat trails, but it was sad that we paid $ for this special event, but people that were in the part earlier got to stay in Disneyland & enjoy the fun too even though they were supposed to be out of the park by 7pm. None of the candy stops checked for wristbands either. It was very sad and bothersome considering we paid extra to go to this special event. They need to move it back to CAP if they can’t regulate the people who didn’t pay for the special event & were supposed to leave the park. 🙁

  • Im going the 22nd,and i plan to go inside at 4pm,do i still get a treatbag or thats only available if i go inside the park at 7pm?

  • Do ALL guests who have tickets to the party get to come in at 4:00 pm?


  • Are the princes going to be out too?

  • Are the hide and go treat trails & the picture spots handicapped accessable?

  • I don’t want to sound negative but I’m glad they don’t offer an outrageously discounted price for passholders. I am a passholder as well as almost EVERY member of my family and we pay an arm and a leg like everyone else. If we all were able to get in at a cheap price the night would be overly crowded and end up like just another day at the park…to keep it limited is to keep it special…you folks have a whole year to save up!…I know we did!…

  • My husband and i are going to the MHP on oct. 22nd. and we are kind of confused.It is our first time and we were told adults people over age 9) can NOT dress up…is that not true? cuz we would love to sport our Halloween costumes!

  • I keep checking the schedule for information about the party but can not find any. It will be our first MHP and I really want to make the most of it. I too am wondering how they get out thoes who do not buy the extra ticket for MHP?

  • Does anyone here know if you visit the park on Oct 31st during the day and the kids are dressed in costume, will they be able to ‘trick or treat’/receive candy even though is not during the “halloween party”? I’m hoping I can take the kids either here or to one of the other parks to “trick or treat” during the day.

    I appreciate any info.

  • I can not wait

  • I am so excited to go next week with my Family!! I’m really nervous we won’t be able to fit it all in at the party! We went 2years ago and waited over 2hours to meet Mickey and Minnie in their costumes because my daughter had to have a picture with them. It was still awesome but I want to see and do it all that night, and we won’t worry about rides that night and so them during the day. Any suggestions to get it all done Heather?

  • I would like a trick or treat trails map also

  • Hi, Heather!!

    Can you please tell me how many tickets will be available? If I remember correctly, at DCA, it was 5,000 only, and it was nice…

  • Do you have any “Tips to Maximize Fun at Mickey’s-Trick-or-Treat Party” for 2010? Any other pics that you can post?

  • Hi Heather,

    Hoping you can help. I arrive in LA with my family on the 22nd Oct. I was thinking of doing the Mickey Halloween party on the Friday and Disney on Saturday.

    What are my best options for ticket purchase.

    Any help would be great thanks.


  • @Deanna – Each MHP guest is given a treatbag upon entry, but I’ve seen lots of families also bring their own. You’ll find lots of great options at the stores as well – reusable and cloth Halloween bags, Mickey shaped pumpkin buckets, etc. Definitely good in the event a treatbag bursts from all of those goodies!

  • Hi Heather. Do you know if they will ever bring an exclusive Christmas party to Disneyland similar to the one at WDW? Thanks

  • I agree. As a Premium Annual passholder (I’m in Arizona so no monthly payment plan for me). We should get a bigger discount on these specials events that you have to pay extra for.

    I bought some tickets for the MHP this year and it will be my first time going. But it sure is expensive when you consider I already have an annual pass to get into the parks.

    Heather, I hope that you are forwarding our passholder concerns to those who make these decisions.

  • Are there going to be opportunities for pictures like this at MNSSHP? I love the pirate ship and we are going to be at MNSSHP and I really want to make sure to get a picture there, if there will be one.

  • Hi Heather, I know your talking about Halloween, but I was wondering if you can tell me or if anyone else knew, When the Christmas Parade Special that is taped for ABC is going to be at the Disneyland Resort this year? I would really appreciate your response. Do you need a special ticket for that day?
    Juan CA

  • @olga- But you can go to Disneyland whenever you want, and you do get a discount. We only get to go once a year and can’t afford the party at all. I’d say go and have fun!

  • A question. Will there be maps with the trails located on line somewhere?

  • I always dress up as the wicked queen. this year I drag out my malificent costume from 2003. Can’t wait. We love the photo opportunities posted. Thanks.

  • My husband wants to wear an inflatable costume. Is that allowed??


  • I’m a bit confused about what time the regular park guests HAVE to leave, since I’ve heard the ‘party’ guests are allowed in ‘early’. If you are there all day, do you have to ‘leave and reenter’? If party goers are allowed in while regular guests are still in the park, how on earth are they going to ‘usher’ anyone out? Sounds confusing. I’m not happy about getting my day cut short because I won’t fork out an extra $50 per person either. Annual passholders should be able to get in for alot less. It should be a ‘perk’ with the Premium members getting it as a ‘freebie’, and then going down the line have each pass level pay a little extra. It’s insane to only discount them by $10!
    Just my 2 cents. I’ve been looking forward to the event moving back to Disneyland all these years, and now I can’t afford to do it. 🙁

  • I agree with the comment above, the annual passholder discount is not enough, seeing as my husband and I are premium pass holders,and we pay 62 a month. People paying the amount for these halloween parties are getting into the park, and going to the party. We already get into the park and pay a heap for it, it would be nice to be fair to us, and let us in at half the price or even less. We are very loyal customers and I looove disneyland. I just want to be able to continue going and enjoying everything disney has to offer for many years, but my growing family cant afford to do some of these wonderful things

  • Can you give us an idea of how many guests could possibly be in the park during the events?

  • Heather, thanks for all of these frightfully fun details! Knowing what to expect in terms of the photo and treat stations (and calvalcade and fireworks…) is really helpful because it allows us to determine our priorities and devise a plan for how we want to spend our time during Mickey’s Halloween Party.
    Of course we’re excited to watch the Halloween Screams fireworks display and the cavalcade, to mingle with the Disney villains, and enjoy the harvest decor and seasonal treats… But the Number One thing we’re excited about is attending this party with our two little ones. I know the looks on their faces and family memories being created that night will be utterly priceless!

  • Are you allowed to wear your costume when they let you into the park early at 4:00 or do you have to wait until 7:00? Do they provide trick or treat bags or do you need to bring your own? Are you only allowed into Disneyland park with early entry or can you also go to California adventure during those 3 extra hours? We are so excited to come we have never been during Halloween it will be so fun!!

    • You can wear your costume at 4 p.m. on Fridays (and 3 p.m. on Tuesdays). We will provide a trick-or-treat bag. Tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party are for Disneyland park only.

  • Our MHP tickets have been hot in our hands since we ordered them the day they were available in July! lol My (soon to be) 7yr old son and I cannot wait to celebrate his october bday there!! These photo ops look great and I’d like to say it sounds like a huge improvement from the last MHP we attended in ’08 at DCA and that time was fantastic! Looking forward to next weeks blog posting about the this years dance parties! Eeek!

  • I’d also like to know if the Princesses will be in costume!

    We are so excited, we can’t wait! 🙂

  • In previous years, you did NOT have to dress up to go on the hide-and-go treat trails. It was for all ages too! As a young 20-something with no kids, I LOVE the Halloween party because you can dress up (or not dress up) as much as you want.
    However, when else do you get a chance to have a fun costume! A lot of adults dressed up last year and I know I will again this year. My best friend and I are going as Galinda and Ephelba from Wicked. As Galinda, I’m looking forward to walking around the park and taking photos!

  • I already have tickets but do you have to be dressed in costume to go to the hide-and-go treat trails?

    • No, you do not have to be dressed up. Have fun!

  • It’s a special event that you pay extra for… if you visit the park on those days and don’t have the special ticket they escort you out of the park when the night time party begins.

  • we are from england and have bought 2 week passes to disney orlando, do we still have to pay full price for haloween nights if we are in the park

  • we are from england and have 2 week passes to disney, do we still have to pay full price for the haloween nights if we are in the parks on those days.

  • Will the princesses be in different themed costumes? like special Halloween Decorations? Or standard costumes?

  • The discount for the annual pass holders is only $10 for each ticket. Being a pass holder with a monthly payment I have a hard time paying $150 for my husband, my 5 year old, and I to be able to stay at the park for a party. I think the discount for the pass holders should be a bit more substantial than just $10. When you have a family of 3-4 or more the discount isn’t that helpful. Just my opinion.

  • Will the special photo locations be available during the day as well? My family will be in the parks all day and would like to hit all of these great photo opportunities!

    • The list of special photo locations above applies to Mickey’s Halloween Party only. During the day for Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, there are a variety of character experiences. Some of these experiences will include the Disney Villains at the “it’s a small world” promenade and Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto at Town Square.

  • Craig, it’s nearly statistically impossible for it to rain in Southern California in October. You won’t be rained out, I promise. 😉

    What can impact Halloween fireworks however is the Santa Ana Winds which blow quite strongly in October and November, but we’ll keep a good thought that you’ll visit on a non-windy day.

  • We are most excited about the fireworks! We went to MNSSHP on our honeymoon in 2007 but the fireworks and parade were rained out (it POURED that particular night!). This year we are going to MHP on my BD [10/19] and hope the weather cooperates better for us in DL…

  • Thank you so much for this information….this will be going into the file I have created at home for our big trip….

  • Yay, Heather is here with happy news! It was a bit of a rough morning here on the Blog with the techical difficulties from that media event in New York, so thanks for showing up with fun stuff to talk about and look at Heather!

    I LOVE the idea of using the Columbia as a pirate wharf backdrop! It looks like they are going to use Disneyland to its fullest for these Halloween parties. I’ve shied away from these parties in the past due to parking and traffic concerns, but now I’m intrigued. But for anyone who does find a parking space and can go, it looks like this is going to be great fun!

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