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Moms Panel Specialists− We Need Great Advice Beyond The Theme Parks

Kay B of the Moms Panel
In just a few days the search for the next group of online and media darlings to join the Walt Disney World Moms Panel begins. I can imagine many of you with fingers poised and ready to start your applications! It goes without saying that we are looking for the most amazing, pixie-dusted, dream-creating, Disney theme parks gurus the world has to offer. If you have visited the Moms Panel website, then you already know that this is a group of wonderful people who are incredibly happy and eager to talk Disney Parks 24/7.

But wait! We are also looking for folks who have mastered the art of magical Disney vacation planning outside of our theme parks. As in previous years, we are looking for a few applicants in this massive search to be specialists for our Adventures By Disney and Disney Cruise Line vacations. If you are someone who has a ginormous knowledge and burning passion to share what you know, then you might be Walt Disney World Moms Panel material.

If you think you have the right stuff to join our now famous crew of panelists, visit September 13 to September 17 to apply!


  • Hello! I recently applied to the Moms Panel for 2011 and all I can say is… WOW! 20,000 applications – now that’s a lot of bibbidi bobbidi boo. Any ideas on when applicants who are chosen to advance will be notified?

  • Application finished! It was so hard to keep it under 100 words. How can all of us “Moms” keep the mass our great knowledge and planning under 100 words? Tough to do, but I used every last word. I did my best and hope it shows.

  • Hi Laura – will there be a panel established for Disneyland “moms”? I love the idea of families helping other families share the magic – and couples, singles too 🙂 Thanks much!

  • I just submitted my application. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed for the next month or so! Might make it hard to accomplish anything else!

  • I would also LOVE for a Disneyland panel to be created!

  • One more sleep until application day! I have waited to do this for soooo long! Fingers crossed that my love of all things Disney and the positive impact it has had on my life and family will shine through! Good luck to everyone!

  • Do you think you would ever concider having a teen panel of some sort? my daughter is a HUGE disney person and knows the ins and outs of disney and is basically planning our trip to WDW in feb. she would love love LOVE to be on the panel and give a younger stand point. she is only 15, but would really like to help!

  • My fingers are ready. I apply every year even though I live in California. Do they ever plan to provide a panel for the Disneyland Resort or DVC?

  • I want to apply so bad, but will be in WDW when they will be taking applications….

  • I’m not a Mom and not on the Mom’s Panel – a proud PANK who alternates between solo, couples, and family trips – but will be applying.

    The Walt Disney World “Moms”: Panel” is just a catch-all term. The group has several dads, past and present, among its members. And I truly believe the panel will become even more diverse over time.

    Join in the fun with me. Just think… you already spread the magic in your everyday lives, helping others plan Disney vacations and sharing tips or information. Because that’s what we Disney fans do. So I encourage anyone who has the pixie-dust passion to make a (Disney) difference to apply. Good luck to all!

  • I can’t wait! I think anyone with love for Disney and all things magical could join! There are plenty of things for couples and singles as well as families to add to the panel.

  • This is SO perfect for me! I know and love Disney & most of all I love sharing all I know with other families so they they will love as much as I do!

  • Hi,
    I wish you would also have an option for those of us who are Disneyland experts. Even though the Disneyland resort is much smaller than Walt Disney World, folks still need advice and have questions about their trip to the original.

  • Kristen you hit the nail on the head! Some of us “big kids” feel a little slighted sometimes. You have my vote.

  • We recently went to Disney to celebrate our daughters 4th birthday and it was amazing. Everyday I emailed back and forth with a friend who is going to Disney in Feb with her family for the first time. She strongly suggested that I apply to be on the panel. We go to Disney yearly but I have helped countless others plan their vacation, gave advice and tips and just pump Disney up and try to get others to go to. I believe it is the place that really does make dreams come true!!

  • I can’t wait to apply again this year – being part of the WDW Moms Panel would be a complete dream come true!

    As a UK resident and having recently been on our first Cruise – an 11night Mediterannean Cruise onboard the ‘Disney Magic’ I am really hoping that this year my LOVE of all things Disney will help me progress past Round 2.

  • I am looking forward to this opportunity. I (like many other Disney Fans) thought you had to be a mom to be on the panel. Once I found out that it is open to everyone…Well I’m jumping at the chance.
    Good luck to everyone who participates!

  • I agree with several previous posts. There are many of us who visit WDW regularly (I’m a local and go all the time) that aren’t parents and don’t have children in the parks with us. The way you expereince that park is quite a bit different when you’re not with kids. All the adults only guests need love and assisitance, too!

  • Ah, you don’t have to be a Mom or even a parent. 🙂

  • I agree with Kristen. I am a single traveler. I know Disney World inside and out. I plann vacations for all my friends and family all the time. I am nicked name “Disney Lady” I would be so awesome at this job. I am not a mom but have experience planning vacations for family with children and even traveling with them. I also have experience at planning trips for people with speacil needs. I have planned trips for youths groups, families, singles, and couples. I soooooo would be great at this job! Where do I apply?

  • Matthew just because your a man, it doesn’t mean you can’t be on the Mom’s Panel so you may want to apply.

  • I am a Mr. Mom, and I took my twins to Disney World about 3 years ago. We took Amtrak from near our home town to Ft.Worth and got a ride to the airport. I didn’t have to worry about driving nor finding a place to park my car and leaving it for the length of time we were gone.

  • whatabout a panel for florida residents?

  • I use to READ the mom’s panel every night. Now I read/scan the panel every night. I say scan because it seems like it is the same questions over and over. I don’t have any cruise or adventures by Disney experience but I do have years of experience with Disney vacation planning and helping people with their Disney Park planning.
    Being on the Mom’s Panel would be fun. Either Mom’s Panel or a tour guide in the parks. I have spent years studying not only little known facts about the parks but Walt Disney himself.

  • We’ve done lots of things beyond the Theme Parks, but I’m not a mom either. Maybe there should be a Couples Panel.

  • I would love to apply to this but can I apply eventhough I am not a mom? I have been going to Disney every year since I was 8 and since I was 10 I have planned it for my entire family (parents, sisters, husbands/boyfriends, nieces and nephews). I also am the person that all of my friends, co-workers and parents friends and co-workers come to for trip planning. Do you think the lack of being a mom would prevent me from applying?

  • For all of you who follow the panel over the years, you’ve probably noticed each year it gets more and more diverse. So if you feel you have something to offer that the panel doesn’t have…bring it! Good luck to you all! Can’t wait to meet all the new panelists! Diane L

  • I too think you should allow people that are not parents on the panel. I have no children but my husband and I go to Disney often and I have been there myself many times before I met him. I am a huge Disney fan and feel I know my way around the parks well. It would be nice to have a younger persons perspective for all those younger couples that go without children.

  • ABSOLUTELY! My Disney travels started at 3 and continued every other year until I was 14. Then again with my boyfriend at 25, with my husband at 30, and now with our 3 kids every year. I love the romantic spots, I love dinner for 2, I love dinner for 14! And I love sharing that passion with others. The 13th is now marked in BIG BLUE LETTERS on my calendar.

  • I thought a MOM for this panel would mean Masters Of Magic!

  • Ms. Spencer, I don’t have any children yet. My husband and I were married at Disney and I have been a Disney Vacationer my entire life. I too, plan many Disney Vacations for all my family and friends. Do you HAVE to be a parent to apply? Thanks!

    I LOVE the panel! Though, we don’t have kids yet (we are in the adoption process) I find the parents on the panel to have great advice. I can agree that you see things a little different in the romantic planning department once you have kids simply because your kids become your life, and you look at vacation differently once your a parent. Having said that, I have used 100% of the advice the parents have given me on the panel and value their opinions greatly! I would love to be a future-parent on the ‘Mom’s’ Panel! 🙂

  • I’m wondering why people are thinking limitation … that one has to have children or grandchildren to be on the Mom’s Panel. ‘Mom’ is an honorary term for that person who is caring, giving and knowledgeable … who shares their knowledge to help others.
    I’ve found wonderful advice when I’ve been a solo, mature traveler.
    I can hardly wait for applications to be accepted.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself Miss Rochelle! Can’t wait to see all y’alls applications!

  • I agree Kristen. I am not a parent and most likely never will be. I find most of the “romantic” advise a bit lacking for us childless couples.

  • I am so excited! I can hardly wait to apply.

    Kristen – even though the panelists are parents, it doesn’t mean they aren’t also able to help people traveling alone, or couple looking for romance. After all, if they’re anything like me, they’ve been there many times before they had kids, and before getting married.

    Just yesterday I was on the panel and reading about some amazing ideas for couples who want something other then the character experience. After reading one suggestion I’ve even convinced my husband to start saving for a grandma and grandpa included trip just so we can sneak away.

  • I agree with Kristen. Too bad you have to have children to participate.

  • Yay!! I’m so excited that it is finally time for applications 🙂 Can.Not.Wait!!

  • I am SOOOO IN!!! I plan the Disney vacation for EVERYBODY I know, in fact that’s one of my side jobs…trust me, Disney it’s been filling up lately THANKS TO ME!!!!

  • Matthew!! It most certainly does not rule you out, my friend!! There are lots of Dads on the panel! Check out the “Meet the ‘Moms'” (notice ‘Moms’ in quotes) section on the site & you’ll see! Go for it!

  • Matthew – you don’t have to be a MOM that’s just an all encompassing term.. there are men on the panel, too! Though I feel like I shouldn’t be telling the competition 😉

  • When will you be adding an expert on going as a couple without children or alone? I’ve noticed all of your panelists are Moms and Dads and you have no one without children. Many couples travel to Disney without kids. Disney does have weddings, honeymoons, people celebrating their anniversary and couples just going not celebrating anything. There are also many people who travel alone because they enjoy the time by themselves. It would be nice to see a panelist who is an expert at either or both of these.

  • I would so love to be considered for this ! not only do I go to disney atleast 1 time per year but I also did the college of Disney knowledge online course for travel professionals! please please consider me!

  • Too bad it isn’t the ‘Parents’ panel…the ‘Mom’ title kind of rules me out.

    Sad 🙁

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