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New Parade Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Disney/Pixar fans, we’ve got some great news to share today. The entertainment team at Walt Disney World Resort is in the midst of developing a new parade for Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring some favorite Pixar pals. While details are still being worked out, we do know that four Pixar characters not currently seen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Remy and Emile from “Ratatouille” and Carl and Russell from Disney/Pixar’s “Up” – will be added to the lineup.

For those who want to be sure to celebrate the last dance with their favorites from Block Party Bash, make sure to mark January 1 for the final performance. The new show is scheduled to open January 16. Keep your eye on the blog for more future parade updates.


  • I’m excited for the new parade, but would love if they would bring back Pixar’s UP Characters. My whole family loved taking pictures with those guy’s every week that we went to hollywood studios. plz…

  • we missed the Block party when we were there, but we will be back in 125 days and i cant wait to see the parade…I love all things Dianey..

  • YES!! We are so tired of the Block Party Bash, my husband would run in the other direction when he heard it coming.

  • im very excited about this new parade. my family never were fans of the block party bash. we found it loud and a headache maker lol. pixar is a great idea, its friendly for all age groups and has a lot of potential for the emaginaears to go crazy. monsters, finding nemo, the incredibles. the list goes on forever!!! Epp!

  • I sure hope it’s better than Block Party Bash was!

  • To Marie post #8….I remember that too!!!!!! It was awesome!! I had some great pictures from that parade! I love Pixar, and think it will be an awesome addition to DHS!!! You are always on top of things Disney!!

  • let me guess they’re adding the play parade show from california adventure park to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park

  • Im soooo sad to hear that Block Party Bash will be leaving. We are going to see it for the 3rd time in three weeks. Its our favorite!!

  • Yea!!! I really didn’t like BPB, neither did my friends and grandchildren when we last saw it. I didn’t like that it stopped, performed, moved, stopped, performed…. We stood forever to wait for it. It came. We were going to be late for our dinner reservations and we were trapped until it moved on. A suspect a new one will be much better but…. I MISS THE CARS!!!!!

  • I am very excited about the new parade. Block Party Bash wasn’t for me. I think the new parade will appeal to much larger crowd.

  • FINALLY REMY !!!…we saw the “Ratatouille” float in Ca. a few weeks ago and was my grandson excited !!! …my 5 yr. old grandson carries that stuffed rat everywhere!! “Toui”, his constant companion and best friend since 2008, has not had the kind of attention he deserves !

    Does the Calif. Parks have a “Les Chefs De France” ? If not, please incorporate Remy in a character dining experience.

    PLAY DISNEY MUSIC….the kids know it and LOVE it !

    BTW – the 5yr. old and the rest of the family was not a fan of the Block Party Bash…sorry

  • I for one will miss BPB greatly. From what I have heard about the new parade (I worked in Entertainment at Studios this past spring) there will no longer be show stops or green army men but there will be more characters. The show stops are in my opinion what make BPB so great.

    The fact that the parade stops and guests get to interact with the dancers and the characters really make this parade different (and imo better) than the parades at MK and AK. Amusingly the things that is seems so many other people don’t like (the loud non disney music) are the things that I love about this parade. I really wish that it wasn’t leaving, especially since it is so new. Hopefully the new parade will be good, but I really dont think it can compete with BPB.

  • I hope it’s not as LOUD as Block Party Bash or the Celebrate Street Party at MK. I enjoy the parades & electrical light parade with music that still allows you to think & hear the people with you. When the loud ones start, we go elsewhere as much as I like to see the floats & characters.

  • Here’s looking forward to an all new parade! Hopefully MK will get some love soon.

  • Because…

    1) Pixar IS Disney.

    2) The Pixar characters are extremely popular with everybody.

    3) The classic Disney characters are NEVER neglected.

  • That’s awesome! We’re gonna be there on January 27th! How exciting for my daughter’s first visit!

  • i so hope its nothing like the block party bash i have high functioning autism and cant stand the noise and chaos that is the bpb’s hallmark i really miss the stars and motorcars parade i really enjoyed that one but i feel that epcot needs a parade!

  • I hope it is better than the “street party” and will have big shoes to fill from the “movie car parade” That was one of the best parades!

  • Why must everything new at the Studios be about the Pixar characters? Disney has a treasure trove of great characters to pick from why must it always be about Pixar?

  • I like BPB and will be kinda sad to see it leave, but I hope that the new parade will be just as enjoyable as, if not better than, BPB.

    However, when will the Magic Kingdom get a new parade? Not a redo of the same parade that they’ve had since 2001, but a completely brand-new parade.

    WDW’s 40th anniversary is on the way, after all, and I have heard rumors of an all-new parade coming to the MK for the 40th as well as a new castle show and I hope those rumors come true.

  • I really enjoy the BPB. It’s one of mine and my families favorites. What’s going to happen with the Green Army Men? They are our favorite characters from Toy Story and they do a wonderful job in the BPB keeping everyone pumped up. I do agree, however, that the music needs to be that of Disney and not from other eras and adding new characters/floats from Pixar.

    Can’t wait to see the new parade, but kinda sad to see this one go!

  • The original Toy Story parade at Disney MGM Studios was amazing, it remains my favorite studios parade. I hope the new Pixar parade is equally amazing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

  • I NEVER was a fan of the Block Party…I am a HUGE Disney Fan and I Love all their Parades but that one was a very big disappointment. It was like something you would see at Six Flags or something…not up to Disney standards at all. Can’t wait for Jan 16th…Love the Pixar Movies.

  • This is great news, I’m looking forward to the new parade. I wish the Magic Kingdom would get a new parade though…those snowglobe (wait, now they’re not…but then they were again – I can’t keep track) floats have been going since, what, 2001? I think it was for 100 Years of Magic. I would LOVE to see a new parade at the Magic Kingdom for sure!

  • Sounds like a nice upgrade to Block Party Bash. I really hope the party stops are removed to make it a continuous parade…. and I really hope WALL-E is added to the parade! That poor little guy gets no representation.

    I find this surprising though since Block Party Bash isn’t the old, while the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parades have been around for years. Here is to hoping that changes in time for the 40th next year!

    Club D23

  • I hope they will still toss the nerf balls out into the audience like they do in block party bash.

  • I love the parade but think keeping it fresh and interesting for repeating guests is great– but why not create a parade for Epcot, which hasn’t had one in years, or one to replace the sorely out of date mickey’s jammin jungle parade at animal kingdom before replacing the relatively new block party?

  • Hope they will have Wall-e, Phineas and Ferb!! My boys have been quite disappointed our last few visits that the parks do not have those characters to meet.

  • It’s about time! Personally, I’d rather see Dug in the parade. I used to have a golden JUST like him! And hopefully they’ll even serve french food alongside Remy and Emile! …Just a thought.

  • Hurray! We just returned from a trip to WDW and the more things that change will provide all the more reason why we need to return again soon! Ratatouille is one of my favorite Disney movies so it will be fun that the parade will include these new characters – we had the privilege to see Remy at Les Chefs De France and it was such a wonderful dining experience! Please add more Ratatouille merchandise too to the gift shops.. an apron with Remy?

  • As one who really enjoyed Block Party Bash, I’m a little sad to see it go. I loved the energy and fun of the show, but alas, it has had a good run and I’m fortunate to have seen the show several times now when it was on the West Coast.

    I know a lot of people completely dislike BPB, and “street parties” in general, which is unfortunate, but I know this news will be music to their ears.

    I look forward to what the new parade will be, and from all the BPB fans out there: Thanks for the party! It was a BLAST

  • Please! MAKE IT DISNEY MUSIC!! No more Macarena or YMCA! There is so much great music in Disney movies that Disney doesn’t need to look outside for music from other properties. I go to WDW because I like Disney, not for cheesy wedding tunes!

  • Phineas and Ferb! Phineas and Ferb! Phineas and Ferb!
    Please Please Please Please!
    My kids would be beyond excited and we’d have to make a special trip down this Spring, even though we will have just been there for our December trip!

  • Nice to see a new parade coming to WDW. However, when Magic Kingdom going to get a new parade? 20 years from now? At least over here at Disneyland we get a new parade everyone few years. Not the same floats redressed over and over again! LOL

  • So Sad! I use to wok at Hollywood studios as a College Program participant. My roll was at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, and had the privilege of preforming crowd control during the Block Party Bash. It is a very intricate part of my Disney Experience and I will miss never being able to see it again. I hope that the new show will be even better to bring other people great memories as well.

  • Thank heaven for this! Really, really disliked the Block Party Bash simply because you never got to enjoy all the floats.Unless I walked the route I only saw what was in front of me. Just sorry this won’t be in place before my next trip!

  • Thank goodness! My wife and I did not like Block Party Bash! DHS is a STUDIO! Let’s keep the parade, characters and rides with the animated themes. The Pixar parade sounds great. We will take the time to watch that one for sure. (Now, if they would just get rid of that huge sorcerer hat! It blocks the view of The Great Movie Ride!)

  • Finnally! The Play Parade isn’t that good… im excited! 🙂

  • What will be there from the 1st through the 16th? We’ll be there Marathon time and hope to have SOMETHING fun to watch! My girls LOVE parades!!

  • I remember the parade when it was MGM Studios and it was fabulous! All the characters from the Disney movies were in it, including the green army guys from Toy Story!

  • As a few others this wasn’t my favourite and needs refreshing as been last 4 year and think I’m right saying it’s never changed. Would be nice too to see new characters from recent films especially up characters. Can’t wait

  • I can’t wait to see the new parade in DHS!

  • I too love Block Party Bash! And I feel like there are 100 other things that need replacing more. However something new is always great news. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  • But I loved Block Party Bash 🙁 oh well, always nice to see something new and different.

  • EXCELLENT news. While the high-energy street performance that is the Block Party Bash appeals to some guests, I’ve never been a fan. I hope the new parade is more of a traditional parade and less of a dance party.

    Ricky B
    Inside the Magic

  • I am excited about this too! I always found the Block Party Bash to be a bit, well…awkward. But I am not a fan of parade stops. Keep it moving… 🙂

  • I’m very excited about this. Disney’s Hollywood Studios deserves a better parade with better music and not something recycled from Disney California Adventure. I hope we can get something like Pixar Play Parade because that parade rocks…. very short….. but ROCKS! Can’t wait until January 16th 🙂

    -Jose C.

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