New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ Cast Members Find Inspiration at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Stephen Graham and Paul Bazely at Pirates of the Caribbean
The film may not open until next May, but during a break from filming recently, new ‘Pirates’ cast members Stephen Graham and Paul Bazely made a special trip to where it all began when they rode the original Disney attraction that inspired the hit film franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean.

I really like that both actors made time for the ultimate ‘Pirates’ character study.

Stephen and Paul will join the international all-star cast led by Johnny Depp in his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow in this action-packed tale of truth, betrayal, youth and demise.

After a four-year absence, it will be great to see Pirates on the big screen again – this time in Disney Digital 3D!


  • I think it’s great that they went to see “where it all started”!! Can’t wait for the film!!!

  • Ok so I have to say that I’m thrilled that the movie will return with another installment, but I have to say that this new obsession with 3D is really for the birds! I think it detracts from the brilliance of HD and it distracts from the visuals of the movie, which is an amazing support character. When its in 3D it seems to take the center stage. I’m increasingly disappointed that all these new movies continue to opt for this feature because it just happens to be the latest and greatest in money making.

  • POTC = Favorite ride & Favorite movie!

  • I also want to add that while I was not too fond of the 3rd Pirates movie, I am looking forward to the 4th.

  • As far as I’m concered the ride still has a classic feel becuase most the ride is the same as before.

    If one tries hard enough, they can find something wrong with anything.

    Most people are just fine with the updates. They have been in place since 2006. Today ride is still enjoyable and does not feel dated. It still feels classic becuse many scenes are the same, such as the auction scene and the jail scene.

    Even before the changes, the talking skull at the beginning of the ride always mentioned Davey Jones.

    So again, the changes blend in with what was already there.

  • There’s plenty wrong with the changes to the ride. If it was just Jack Sparrow popping up once and a while it would be okay, but they had to go make the ride about him. As they did, it made less sense. Why is the town hiding him when he is trying to steal their treasure? And why is everyone calling him “captain”? A whole running gag in the first film is that no one called him “captain” except himself. Barbossa would never acknowledge Jack as a captain.

    Add Davy Jones into the mix… a monster projection effect in a ride with no other monsters or projection effects… and it’s kind of a narrative disaster. It makes the ride very timely for the movies but at the cost of the ride’s timelessness. In another five years it will just be a dated relic of the 2000’s.

    Of course, I didn’t care much for the second or third Pirates movies either. They got kind of bogged down in trying to tell a mythology instead of just being a super-fun adventure movie like the first. But y’know, the first movie was SO good that I’m actually looking forward to number four with the hope that it will be as good.

  • I have always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but to be perfectly honest, before the changes to the ride, it really didn’t have much of a story, just vignettes. When they made the updates to it, they did try to strengthen the storyline.
    One of Barbossa’s lines is “Bring me Captain Jack Sparrow, or by thunder we’ll burn the city to the ground!”

    What makes the updates work is that most things in the ride are the same, and that all of the changes to the ride blend in with what was already there.

    Pirates at Disneyland is still the original ride, becuase it was the first Pirates ride ever built. 🙂
    Incidentally, when the Magic Kingdom in Florida first opened, it did not have a Pirates ride, it was later added due to popular demand.

  • Pirates is my all time favorite ride and I think the updates are fine. In fact, on my latest trip to Disneyland (3 weeks ago). I noticed enhancements to Small World and the Haunted House as well. Can’t wait for Radiator Springs to open…that is gonna be cool!

  • …Oops, sorry I meant to say “enhancements” in my last comment.

  • Yea technically speaking the ride isn’t “original” anymore since it was changed. I have to agree with some of the others that I liked the older version better. It told a clear story and now it kind of just seems like a promo for the movie and the story of the ride isn’t as clear anymore. Then again I’m assuming the original story probably eluded a lot of people anyway.

    So technically it’s not “the ride that the movie was based on” anymore but “the ride that the movie was based on that was changed to the ride based on the movie” Savvy? 😉

  • Again, I’m fine with the enchantments to Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. And quite frankly, I think that most Disneyland visitors are fine with it too. All of the changes blend in with what was already there, and it gave the attraction a breath of fresh air.

  • I agree with Joel, please restore the ride to the pre Depp days.

  • Mark–For those who don’t care for 3D, I’m sure that the movie will also be available to see in 2D.

  • So freaking excited to see this movie!!!!!! I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! But 3D….come on. So sick of 3D movies!!

  • does POTC really need to be in 3D?? the 3D really doesn’t enhance most movies coming out lately…just the ticket price haha.

  • I has to be better than the last one! That was terrible!!

  • I loved the first three and can’t wait for the fourth POTC. Think we’ll see Captain Jack at the park again?

  • I’m excited about the upcoming movie and to be honest, I think that the newer look to the ride was needed. Don’t get me wrong, the ride was always great, but, it needed an update – just like everything else in this world. Thank you for keeping it fresh. It makes every trip to Disney seem “brand new”.

  • Joel–I personally like the changes that they made to the ride.
    There is really no reason to be upset/sad about it.
    They used a light touch with the enhancements at Disneyland. Most of the attraction is the same. Most things were added, not removed.
    The attractions special effects were enhanced as well. And many new props were added, such as barrels and rum bottles floating in the water of the town.
    Everything that they added blends in with what was already there.

    Besides, its a fact that Walt Disney wanted the park to change to reflect public tastes and new advancements in technology.

    Oh, and as a bit of trivia, when they made the enhancements at Disneyland, they gave a little nod to the past;
    Even though the new Davey Jones effect replaced the old cave narration of “No fear have ye in evil curses says you…Ye may not survive to pass this was again”;
    At the end of the ride as the boats are going up the lift; one of the lines that Davey Jones says is “Ye may not survive to pass this way again!” So they gave a tribute to the old cave narration. 🙂

    That’s a nice picture. Its great that they were able to go to Disneyland to ride it.

  • One of the few times in history where updates to the original actually made it better! The image of Davy Jones in the mist is truly scary!

  • I think the films are great. The 2nd and 3rd are bit hard to understand, but when watched with Close Captioned on…they’re great. Another Pirate movie has a lot to live up to.

    The ride is still just as enjoyable. The changes are so small how do they take away from the nostalgia? Really, the only irritation is the scream from the mayor’s wife. Why’d they change that? But alas, Disneyland will never be complete. With new generations it too will have to evolve even though we may not love it.

  • I know filming in Hawaii is finished and they are filming at Universal. But where else? Coming back to R.P.V.? Abalone Cove perhaps? Anyone know?

  • I’m not too sure how the new POTC will turn out, but I can’t wait! When the last movie came out I was working at a movie theatre and running the concession stand opening night for midnight showings and it will be nice to go and partake in the opening rather than run it! As far as the ride goes, I love the ride as long as nothing is removed. As new generations are born, the ride without it’s newer tie-ins wouldn’t make sense and they’d be wondering what the ride has to do with the movies. I think it’s nice that they updated the ride a bit, but no matter what, it will always be timeless 🙂

  • Looking forward to the movie… after all Captain Jack Sparrow really is the best pirate that ever was! 😉 And…I really like the enhancements – Walt Disney said that Disneyland will never be finished. 🙂

  • I’m very excited about the new Pirates movie. Heck, just thinking about it makes me want to watch the first three this weekend. Pirate marathon time!

    BTW, I loved the original incarnation of the ride and I love the way it is now. IMO, the characters from the movies fit into the narrative of the ride seamlessly. If I could only ride one attraction all day long, it would be Pirates of the Caribbean!

  • I am sooooo excited and seriously counting down for the movie!! I have loved all the movies and of course am thee biggest johnny depp fan 🙂 Never gets old to go to Disneyland and see Captain Jack Sparrow 🙂

  • I’m so excited to see this movie! 🙂

  • Please change the ride back to the way it was.

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