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Sink Your Teeth Into This: A Sweet Treat at Disney Parks

Giant Mickey Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate
Who’s in the mood for a chewy, buttery cookie that has been mixed with creamy peanut butter and dipped and swirled in decadent milk chocolate? If you weren’t in the mood for a cookie before, I bet you’re in the mood for one now.

I wanted to introduce to you our fresh and tasty treat for the month of September: the Giant Mickey Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate. I can tell you from personal taste testing experience, this cookie is just as good as Mom makes, plus it’s big enough to share with a friend (or keep all to yourself!)

Want to sink your teeth into this giant cookie next time you’re at Disney Parks? If you’re at Walt Disney World, pick one up at Goofy’s Candy Company, Sweet Spells, Candy Cauldron, and the Main Street Confectionary. Visiting Disneyland? You can find this treat at Marceline’s Confectionery or Candy Palace.


  • How big is this awesome looking cookie? I know I must try one on my next trip!

  • Please can i have one? ok i will take two…..

  • Aw, come on…I’ve gotta have that cookie in November.

  • Looks very good. I can’t wait for my next visit to Disney World so my daughter, boyfriend and I can enjoy this.

  • My family and I will be arriving in December, are these treats still going to be available? If not is it possible to freeze 10 of them until we arrive?

  • Looks SO SWEET

  • Cool

  • omigosh looks good enough to eat. but where can i purchase that cute PLATE!!??

  • Is that a “snack” item in the dining plan? Leaving for WDW on Sunday…I’ll let you know if they are a good as they look! 🙂

  • I’ll take 12 of them please…

  • I really hope it is still a cookie for October too, that’s when we’ll be visiting Mickey and Minnie!!

  • YUMMMMM! We can’t wait to check these out on our next trip. Yes, I would love to know the ingredients too; especially if these are all natural and if there is any artificial flavors. Thank you!

  • Could I get that gluten free? It looks so yummy.

    • The cookie is not gluten free; however, we do offer gluten free chocolate chip cookies in the pre-packaged Minnie’s Bake Shop line

  • Yummy!

  • My oh my!!!!! I need one fast!!

  • Please, please, please ask them to make it October’s cookie too!

  • @#3-Jon, when we did the mean pass program a couple of years ago we received of book of vouchers w/$$ amounts assigned to each coupon. So the great part of the program is that you can use your vouchers to purchase any treat. The other option that we took advantage of is going to the Paradise Pier Hotel & eating lots of wonderful sushi–we used more vouchers to cover the cost of a more expensive meal (which was fantastic!) So unless the program has changed, you should be able to get one of these cookies!

  • Diet? What diet?

  • Who else thinks they need to share the recipe for those of us that won’t make it to the parks this fall?! My next trip is planned for May ’11. I think I need one of these well before then!!

  • I’ll try one the second we step into the Magic Kingdom on Saturday!!!!! 😀

  • I want one!!!

  • WOW! I don’t arrive ’til October 5th, can’t believe I ‘m gonna miss this. I want! I want!

  • Oh this looks delicious! We will be at Walt Disney World this Saturday and will have to stop and get one on our way to the Dole Whip too!

  • Is the Main Street Confectionary different from the Main Street Bakery? Sorry if that’s a silly question, I just hear so much about the bakery!

  • is this yummy treat part of the meal plan as a snack? I hope so it looks really yummy!

    • Hi Jon – Unfortunately, this is not part of the Disney Dining Plan. But if you still want to sink your teeth into this delicious treat, you can for $4.95 per cookie.

  • Any chance you can post up the ingredients? My daughter has food allergies (namely egg) and I’d love to know whether or not she’ll be able to enjoy this when we go next month! I know it’s a long shot (most baked goods have eggs), but this just looks so yum!!

    • Yes, eggs are in the cookie. Nutritional Information can be found at the Case Line Bakery locations. All you need to do is ask and one of our hosts or hostesses will be happy to share the information with you!

  • Umm . . . yes please!!!

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