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Someday Your Prince Will Come…A Royal Engagement at Cinderella’s Royal Table

A Proposal at Cinderella’s Royal Table
And let’s hope he knows about “The Glass Slipper, A Royal Engagement at Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom Park.” Because where better to stage a marriage proposal than Cinderella Castle?

Though you may be too nervous to eat, you can propose over a lunch or dinner that includes appetizers, entrées and two non-alcoholic drinks in Champagne flutes (alas, no Champagne in the Magic Kingdom). You bring the ring, they provide a glass slipper etched with rose petals. Disney photographers will be there to capture your darling’s delight. If you’re not the jealous type, Cinderella will join you for a photo.
The Happy Couple
End the sweet experience with a Chocolate Slipper Royal Dessert, a white chocolate slipper filled with chocolate mousse on a “pillow” of angel food cake with fresh berries.

Reservations are limited and Magic Kingdom admission is required. For reservations, call 407-824-4477. Cost is $300 plus tax and gratuity.


  • My fiance’ actually didn’t want to propose at Cinderella’s castle because it has been done so much. He was going to do it during the fireworks display at Epcot but got too nervous doing it in front of all those people so he waited until we were walking back to our hotel room. I of course said yes, and we are coming back next year for our honeymoon!!

  • I also got engaged inside Cinderella’s castle, the restaurant was called King Stefan’s Banquet Hall back then. This was in August 1993. We had a table by the window looking out toward the carousel and the timing was perfect as we walked out to the fireworks starting. We honeymooned at Disneyland Paris in February 1995 and have since had over 40 Disney vacations together, including having two princesses. You could say we love Disney. 🙂

  • I was proposed to at Cinderella’s Royal Table at breakfast on Friday! So romantic, of course, I said yes to my Prince Charming!

  • My fiance just proposed at Cinderella’s Castle on September 13, 2010. It was such a surprise and such a magical moment that I will never forget. Growing up as a little girl addicted to Disney movies, and Disney World being my favorite place in the world, it could not have been better. As a joke during the day, my fiance bought me a tiara and bet me I wouldn’t wear it to our dinner at the castle. So I was even wearing a tiara to complete the true princess experience. I’ve really found my Prince Charming—and Disney World certainly helped with the most amazing proposal (fireworks included! :))

    All of our friends and family are still talking about it, and giving major kudos to the future groom. My favorite part was that we had a photographer to capture every second and we have the most amazing pictures of such a life changing moment. It was also a nice tough that Arielle came over to wish us congratulations afterwards! The final finishing touch was that when the waiter gave us our clean champagne flutes and glass slipper packed up to leave, he handed us our “just engaged” pins that I had been eyeing (and wishing for) since we entered the park that morning!

    Any groom thinking of a Disney proposal for his “princess” should go for it!

    And, yes, we’re definitely having a Mickey and Minnie bride and groom cake topper!

  • I proposed to my wife at Cinderella’s Royal Table in 2001. We had lunch at the table next to the window overlooking Fantasy Land and the carousel, and our server brought the ring out on a pillow covered with rose petals. It was so great (and I scored big time brownie points with my future wife)! ;). I’m just glad she said yes!

  • Jaime,

    Congrats. When is your wedding? What part of Missouri are you from?

  • Can Snow White be there instead of Cinderella? She is my favorite?

  • My husband proposed to me in 2003 on top of the Contemporary outside the California Grill overlooking Cinderella’s castle. I have been an annual passholder since I was a little girl and this was a dream come true! We are now so excited to continue our Disney legacy by taking our 6 month old to the parks on the weekends 🙂

  • my fiance asked me to marry him IN the cinderella suite aug 2010. he went out on a whim and walked into magic kingdom town hall guest relations and asked if he could take me up there and propose, they tried to tell him about other places and he said no he will just do it somewhere in nj if he cant get in the suite. the guest relations guy came back and said ok. they took me up there and i was freaking out so excited because not many ppl get to go up there, and then he asked me, the guy who took us up even took pictures of it happening. it was amazing. we asked if we called ahead and tried to plan it would it work and he said probably not, they keep that place under lock aand key, he said sometimes its better to just ask and be spontaneuos because they can make magic happen quickly sometimes. we even got prefered seating for light parade. Disney gave me the most magical engagement! thank you!!! we are now planning a disney wedding and by the way the suite is AMAZING!!!!

  • While there isn’t an engagement department anymore, you can still rent the Grand 1 yacht or a pontoon boat from any of the marina’s surrounding Magic Kingdom Resorts or Epcot. You can have private dinning deliver food and drinks including wine. It makes for a wonderful night to tour the lake and watch the fireworks they even have the soundtrack playing with the fireworks.

  • My husband proposed at Cinderella’s Castle on New Year’s Eve 2001. He gave me a glass slipper with our names and the date engraved on it. It set the theme for our wedding…everything was Cinderella…invitations, decorations, we even had a carriage to put the cards in! I could not have been more surprised and want to say thanks for making an already special event all the more memorable!

  • My fiance proposed to me in front of Cinderella Castle at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party last year. 🙂 We were dressed as Giselle and Robert from Enchanted, and he proposed during the fireworks with the ring in a glass slipper.

    After we were finished calling everyone we knew, we headed into the Emporium for some quiet. A cast member complimented our costumes, and we thanked her and joyfully told her what had just happened. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by every single cast member that worked in the shop. They were ringing bells and shouting the news to everyone. Then, we were presented with “Just Engaged” buttons and a Magical Moments certificate. I will never, ever forget that day, as long as I live.

    Unfortunately, we can’t afford to get married in WDW, but we are having a totally Disney themed wedding (complete with different Disney princesses and villains as the bridesmaids and groomsmen…we will be Ariel and Eric, and my Dad King Triton) to bring some of the magic here to Missouri. Bet you can’t guess where we’ll be going for our honeymoon! 😉

  • My son proposed to his fiance on June 6, 2010 at Cinderella’s Royal Table, too!

  • My Fiancé proposed to me right in front of Cinderella at our breakfast…which was amazing. I was so surprised I couldn’t even eat! The castle is such the perfect place.

  • My husband out-did himself with his proposal in 2001! This was back when Disney actually had an Engagement Department (which they really need to bring back!) He called Disney to inquire about ideas, and of course, they gave him the typical suggestions of Victoria & Alberts, etc. (which he knew I wouldn’t be keen on as I’m not into wine or snooty foods). He kept digging and found out about the engagement department at Disney and called them right away. Turns out they had several customizable packages available to choose from.

    He proposed on the Grand I Yacht in front of the Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks over Magic Kingdom. There was champagne and sparkling cider, a dozen red roses, an engraved glass sliper with our names and the date, mickey confetti and delicious chocolate truffles. The boat crew even offered to take pictures during the entire event with our camera.

    We were married in 2004 at the Disney Wedding Pavilion with a reception in the St. Augustine room at the Grand Floridian followed by a dessert party on the patio in Italy at Epcot during Illuminations.

    Disney really knows how to make an event memorable… the wedding team and particularly our wedding planner, Ken Weaver, did an AMAZING job pulling together every last detail perfectly. I only wish they would bring back the engagement department at Disney so that more brides to be could experience the magic that only Disney can help create.

  • I was proposed to infront of cinderalla’s castle – it was amazing!!!

  • Though proposing at or near Cinderella’s castle is a ‘traditional’ method of proposing at Disney World, I proposed to my wife while on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride while on vacation/leave from Iraq. We were lucky enough to be in the back of the boat with an empty row in front of us.

    Both of us being fans of the Pirates movies and ride, it felt natural to propose at this attraction.

  • I proposed to my fiancée at Carnation Plaza Gardens (Disneyland) at the end of one of our favorite swing dancing songs played by the incomparable Stompy Jones!

  • My husband proposed to me under Cinderella Castle in 2001!! We took our honeymoon there and on a Disney Cruise. And we’ve been back almost every year since then to celebrate!!

  • This happened to me and it was the BIGGEST surprise of my life! A real life MAGICAL MOMENT! 🙂

  • It’s most likely real. Ours was at Victoria and Alberts and it was amazing!

  • Were these models, or was this a real engagement?

    • A real engagement!

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