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Vinylmation – Toy Story – Now in 9-Inch

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Toy Story Vinylmation Figures

I can almost hear the announcer’s voice from one of those retro-tastic television commercials from my childhood – “It’s Vinylmation – Toy Story! Now in 9-inch mega size!” I love watching those commercials today as they remind me of the countless hours I spent playing with toys. In this case, however, it’s true – we are releasing Vinylmation 9-inch figures based on characters from Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story. The three different figures will be released on September 17 at D-Street in California and Florida. In a previous article, I spoke with Thomas Scott about designing the three-inch figures. This time, I asked him about the nine-inch figures.

“We again worked closely with Pixar to identify which characters should be represented in the nine-inch form,” explained Thomas. “We always planned the overall series to be a salute to characters from all three of the Toy Story films. That is why you see Bo Peep and Zurg who were not featured in the newest film, Toy Story 3.”

Toy Story Vinylmation Figures

The Bo Peep figure that Thomas mentions is a 9-inch plus 3-inch set, meaning there is the 9-inch Bo Peep figure and her three-faced sheep that is a 3-inch figure (a figure that Thomas really enjoyed designing). The set will have an edition size of 1,200.

Zurg will also have an edition size of 1,200. He’s the perfect match for the 3-inch Buzz Lightyear figure (which looks great with that bubble helmet). Need proof? Look at the photo at the top (okay, so maybe I still play with toys today).

The last figure is the Little Green Men (or is that Man?). He will have an edition size of 1,500. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the Little Green Men in Vinylmation. There was a 3-inch figure designed by Disney Design Group Artist Randy Noble in Park Series #2. This figure, however, made Thomas laugh the most.

“The Little Green Men figure makes me laugh,” chuckled Thomas. “I love the fact that the ‘Little’ Green Man isn’t so little anymore.”

Toy Story Vinylmation Figures

It made for a fun photo. Oh, how I wish some days that The Claw would transport me to a beach somewhere in Hawai’i. But I digress.

Thomas explained that the manufacturing and design process for a 9-inch figure versus other sizes is actually rather complicated.

“We have to design smarter when creating the larger figures,” continued Thomas. “The manufacturing process is more difficult to execute if the art isn’t done correctly. Some people may think that because [the 9-inch figure] is a larger canvas it would be easier, but unfortunately it’s quite the opposite.”

The hard work shows as these figures look great! On a related note, there will also be limited quantities of each figure released on the on October 6, 2010. Oh, I think that is Mom saying dinner is ready; gotta go!


  • steven currently the toy story 9 inch figures are not on the website yet. Do you think there is a further delay to this or they might possibly be released sometime today/ this weekend.


  • @Patrick-All Toy Story Vinylmation figures are available to the general public at both WDW & DLR park locations. The 3″ Figures have been on for a little while now, but it looks like the 9″ online availability may be delayed a little longer than they anticipated.

    Steven, what is the latest on the 9″ figures going online?

  • Hi Steven I’ve been checking the site all morning and haven’t seen any indication of the Toy Story 9″ being posted? Did the date get moved? Thanks

  • Hello Mr. Miller, I have been waiting for this day to get on the site you mentioned above and with no avail I cannot access to purchase the said Toy Story Figures. I am a die hard fan of this movie and have TS stuff all over my office and was wanting to add to my collection, do you know if this will be available to the normal public or do I need to belong to something or some group offered thru disney? Thanks for your time. Patrick

  • I love to collect this guys cant wait till i get there in 125 days to buy more……

  • Thank you Steven for keeping many of the series Blind Boxed w/a chaser and for pointing out the trading at the parks. I look forward to doing some of that on my next trip.

    Q?-I noticed the price of the open boxed NBC 3″ were listed online as $9.95, but were selling in the parks for $11.95. Why the price difference?

    Thanks for all the replies so far Steven. Wish I could be there next Friday for the hat releases and artist signing, should be fun.

    • @Lauren – Aces! I’m glad I was able to help. Yes, the Vinylmation – Animal Kingdom Series will soon be available on the on-line Parks Store. The on-line team said that most likely it will happen within the coming weeks.

      @Jason – October 6 is the date you seek. We will have limited quantities of the Toy Story 9″ Figures on the on-line store that day.

      @Lynda – Regarding pricing, there are currently a couple of items that have different retails on the on-line store versus the Parks & Resorts. We try to align pricing as much as we can but changes can happen.

  • Hey Steven I see that the Toy Story 3″ are finally in the online store, Is there a date yet for the 9″ will also be available online?
    ……or did I already miss my chance?

  • Steven, I just wanted to thank you for your help in the confusion regarding the Toy Story 3″ figures. I was finally able to purchase the series I had been waiting so long for. One more thing, though. I noticed that the Animal Kingdom series of vinylmation figures has not been put up on the Disney Parks Online Store yet. This series will get released online eventually, right???

  • Thank you so much not only for the news of the 9″ figures, but for the updates on the 3″ figures going up on the online store.

  • Steven, thanks for investigating the mystery of when the Toy Story 3″ series will finally be released on the Disney Parks Online Store. Keep me posted on what you find out.

    • @Kevin – I spoke with the Disney Parks On-Line Store team. The explained that items are pretty much pushed live around 1:00 a.m. (Pacific) which is 4:00 a.m. (Eastern). At least, by that time things should be live. It has to do with how the system operates (you just may need some coffee). Of course, the normal “subject to change” guidelines apply. 🙂

      @Ryan – I know Park #5 is up next (now that Park #4 is retired). We just recieved the top of production / display sample figures this afternoon. I don’t have a firm date yet, but keep watching

      @Lauren – The On-line team (and I) apologize again for the confusion. From what I can tell, the 3″-figures should go live within the next few days (perhaps tomorrow, Sept 17). Typically, new Vinylmation items are added to the on-line store on Wednesdays, but they are working to get them on-line as quickly as possible (as we know there are several fans out there anxious to get them – and why not? One word – Buttercup!).

    • @Lauren (and fans) – I confirmed with Mike from the team. They Toy Story 3-inch figures WILL be released tomorrow, September 17 on the on-line store.

      This link takes you directly to the Vinylmation Store Page:

  • That’s great to hear Steven. I know I will certainly be buying more Vinylmation figures once open window boxes hit the shelves!

  • I’m super excited about the 9 inch Toy Story 3 Vinylmations. Now if we could only get a release date on Park Series #5. The team needs to release it by Oct. 7th. That’s the last day of my fall Disney trip. I don’t want to wait until winter trip.

  • one more question, about the Oct 6 date, is there a specific time frame on when the site will start selling these items. I tired to order the oggie boggie online at but it turned out to be not available on the website the next day. I want to get the 9 inch toy story figures, the only problem to this, is that I don’t live next to Walt Disney World or Disneyland and I am not aware of the specific time frame these items are being put online for sale.

  • @Andrew – I pulled those figures from the Vinylmation Vault to get the shot. They are now back in the Vault waiting for The Claw.

    @Stacey – You just said it – “Thank you.” Those two words sum it up for me. Glad you had a great time.

    @Lauren – Hmmm … I have sent a message to our Disney Parks on-line store team to discover the truth. Will update as soon as I know more. I’m sorry for the confusion. Fail on my part.

    @Kevin – The 3″-Figures were recently released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They will be sold on-line (eventually it seems) at our on-line store

    @Victoria – Totally get your point. That is why you will see a transition to some series being open window box (the thrill of choice) and some mystery box (the thrill of the chase). The nice part about either option is that we have trading at select Park & Resort locations. My hope is that trading will help Guests find the figures they want to collect.

  • @Lynda I guess I don’t see the fun of shelling out the money and then getting a piece you possibly don’t want. I know what one I want, and I’m not going to buy a bunch of blind boxes to get it.

  • steven, when will the toy story 3 inch figures come out

  • @Vitoria – Blind Boxing is a big part of the fun of Vinylmation and I’m glad many series are keeping to this tradition.
    I do agree that Lotso would have made a nice 9″ though as he is one of the largest characters in Toy Story 3, but all the designs are so great and being a fan of the movies I will have to have all of them.

    Ditto on Lauren’s question, although I’m sure NBC’s Oogie Boogie was a nice surprise for many who were not able to get one at the parks

  • These are soooo cute. I especially love the Zurg.

    Steven, I have a question for you regarding the Vinylmation Toy Story 3″ series being released on the Disney Parks Online Store. You originally said this series would be released online on Sept. 8th. Then you said that it was delayed a week and would be released on Sept. 15th. Well, today is Sept. 15th and the Toy Story 3″ series is still not up on the Disney Parks Online Store. When will this series finally be available for purchase online? What’s going on? PLEASE HELP!

  • Is there an email address to send a personal word of thanks to Steven Miller regarding the Trade City Event?

    Thank you!

  • I know there’s a 3″ Lotso. But seeing as you don’t know what character you get prior to purchase that’s not really a good thing.

    I’d much rather have a 9 inch, one that I can choose myself. The lack of Lotso merch is something I don’t quite understand.

  • My favorite has to be the little green men. But at the end of your entry, you mentioned the manufacturing process of the vinylmation briefly. I think it would be really cool if you guys could share a quick video of how the vinylmation and pins are made. So many people are huge fans of them and it would be pretty cool to see what goes into designing and manufacturing these.

  • Wow, look at those Park 2 3″ little green men… can you send one my way? I can provide a good home! 😛

  • @Victoria – there is already a Lotso in the 3″ Toy Story series

    Thanks for the great article. Love this series. Looking forward to getting those 9″ ones.

  • don’t mean to nitpick but zurg does have a brief appearance in toy 3 at the very end when he arrives at the “new and groovy” sunnyside. love zurg! hilarious!

    • @Jennifer – Mahalo for the kind words. Ah, Vinylmation – Nerds Rock … they are coming. Keep watching this page as I’m discussing the various series we announced at the Vinylmation Showcase:

      @Victoria – No plans at this point for a 9-inch figure of Lotso.

      @Janet – Alas, you are correct – Zurg was in Toy Story 3. Oops. Well I guess he wasn’t in the majority of the film 🙂 Good eyes.

  • Is there going to be a Lotso 9 inch figure?

  • Thanks Steven! Love your writing style as always 🙂

    Now when can we expect some Nerds Rock vinylmations?

  • My 7-year-old daughter is an Alien/Little Green Men fan (“I’m their BIGGEST fan, Mom!”) and is now clamoring for the 9″ for her special treat during our end-of-September trip. I’m still chuckling over the first image. Well done!

  • @michael

    all 9 inch vinylmations are 39.95 plus tax.

    the 9/3 inch combo sets are 74.95 plus tax.

  • What’s the price point on the Zurg? My five year old son is going to want him when we go to WDW at the end of the month, guaranteed. =)

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