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Update: Walt Disney World Moms Panel Search Ends Today

Update – September 17: Today is the last day! We will be taking applications through 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time September 17, 2010 or until we have reached 20,000 applicants, whichever comes first. Apply here.

The 2010 Moms Panel Photo Composite

Are you the person family and friends come to for advice when planning their Disney vacations? If so, Mickey might want to meet you. Disney Parks is looking for new members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. The panel is an online forum that serves as a resource for families planning a Disney vacation, offering unique insights and time-tested tips from real Disney fans.

To apply, visit on September 13 to September 17.


  • Did anyone hear if they were picked?

  • Oh I’m so excited about this! My family and I are so passionate about everything and anything Disney! Brings a tear to my eye just about every time :*}

  • I didn’t get a confirmation email after I submitted my application. Is there any way to verify mine was received? Thank you!!

  • I am so excited about this. I applied the day of the 13th!!! I am in the process now of planning a trip for my entire family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, nephews, parents, sister, etc…. I am planning every little detail for us. This moms panel would be a dream come true for me. I LOVE to plan trips to Disney. There’s nothing like seeing the Disney Magic come alive in someone and know you helped!!!

  • I am the ambassador for Disney. I have been going since a small child. I was there when Epcot first opened, every year we went at least three times a year, including school field trips. I have a good bit of Disney movies and know most of the characters. Recently made a trip and used all the great new features for a trip. Airport pickup and return, stayed on property, meal plan, made reservations for breakfast with princesses, and pirates adventure for my son. I also know about the many other programs most people don’t know, like behind the scenes tours, chef classes, how the wildlife park is run and many other learning opportunities. The one thing left for me to do is the Disney cruise which is planned for next year. I also know about the different tours offered. I love to share information with everyone. I would even take phone calls and emails to help families or couples who are just too confused:)) I love Disney and my kids do too. And single parents can have fun to with some kid only activities so you can take a break:)
    I would be honored and excited to be on the panel:)

  • Hello Disney Parents! I thought I’d take a moment to say good luck to all the applicants for the Mom’s Panel. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts and am thrilled to be part of such a wonderful crowd of Disney fans! Planning magical adventures is one of my favorite pastimes and I love to hear and feel the excitement in someone’s voice as they share their Disney memories or upcoming vacation plans with me. It would be an honor and a true privilege to be part of this amazing team of Moms and Parents; thanks Disney for the opportunity to apply this year!

  • To all the people concerned about being a “mom” for the Mom’s Panel:

    Look at the picture above, back row, first three spots from the left and second spot from the right; then look at the row in front of that one, second and third spots from the right; men/dads. 100% of the women aren’t necessarily moms either.
    Apply, Apply, APPLY – a little more than an hour to go.

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