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Update: Walt Disney World Moms Panel Search Ends Today

Update – September 17: Today is the last day! We will be taking applications through 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time September 17, 2010 or until we have reached 20,000 applicants, whichever comes first. Apply here.

The 2010 Moms Panel Photo Composite

Are you the person family and friends come to for advice when planning their Disney vacations? If so, Mickey might want to meet you. Disney Parks is looking for new members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. The panel is an online forum that serves as a resource for families planning a Disney vacation, offering unique insights and time-tested tips from real Disney fans.

To apply, visit on September 13 to September 17.


  • Sounds wonderful! I was hoping that this would be happening soon! YAH! I’ll be back on the 13th!

  • I would love to join!!!! I think I would be great, bring the insight from an overseas visiter, as I come from New Zealand, so have to plan everything from over here, on the internet. Is there a “country of residence” rule to becoming a Disney Mom?

  • I’ve been a Disney fanantic since they opened in Florida when.
    I would love to be a part of the panel!!!!
    I’m a mom of two from South Carolina. We’ve been enjoying Disney as a family since I was pregnant with my first born, who is now 21.
    WE LOVE DISNEY WORLD! Each trip is just as exciting as the first. We all have our favorites and manange to fit it all in with some experienced organization.

  • I would love to do this…We are traveling there for the first time with our newest addition. Plus I would love an excuse to plan more than one trip a year. Been going to Disney World since I was five and we drove our own trailer down to fort wilderness. How do you apply?

  • I am SOOOO applying. I’m a mom and a stepmom and currently planning a DFTW!

  • I would love to be a part of this panel!! My husband and I visited Disney world on our honeymoon and have been many times since then with our two girls. Last month we were able to be there for our 10th year anniversary. We love Disney and everything it stands for. I would love the opportunity to share some tips and tricks we have picked up over the years!

  • We have annual passes and My daughter and I go to the parks all the time. I always share info with my friends, like the cleanest bathroom to go to in the parks!

  • Taking everyone to Disney is more of a vacation for them as it is for me! Very rarely do you find a place where everyone can be happy no matter what you are doing. So much part of the thrill of planning the vacation for everyone as actually going. Would love to be on the Mom’s Panel

  • Im Definitely the one mom for this job…I have been to Disney World 54 times since I was not even 6mos.old, now Im 37yr single mother of one,who’s already been 14times since he was born 7yrs ago…I have family members,co-workers,ex-co-workers,friends who will call me out of the blue and ask for help,why?when?where?what time?…for anything and everything that has to do with Disney or Disney Vacations
    So…please consider me for this chance to sharpen my Disney skills for others….thanks in advanced
    p.s.I would meet my favorite mouse ANYTIME!!! 🙂

  • I sure hope Canadians can apply!
    We just got back from Disney World… vacation as always!!!

  • I’m not sure what they are looking for in age or children, but I would love to be a part of this panel, I guess I will have to give it a try. My kids are grown but we still love Disney, my husband and I are actually headed to Ft. Wilderness and the parks this weekend!

  • Absolutely! I have planned a couple of our last trips!!!

  • I am absolutely going to try 🙂 I’ve been to Disney Orlando well over 100 times! We go twice a year, for ten days a trip, and my boys, 10 and 6, could give a tour or answer any question you throw at em, they’ve been so much. I can’t wait for this to open up again 🙂

  • As a parent of two children including a special needs child who has been to disney around 10 times I think I could give advice from a unique point of view.

  • We have been going to Disney since it opened in 1971. For the past 12 years, my family goes to Disney e very year after Christmas. About this time of year my family calls me to make the arrangements from the gathering number, hotel selection, places to eat and the agenda for the trip. I am the planner for the trip every year. I have been a annual pass holdeer for many years. When my kids were small and their friends with with us to Disney, they would often ask ” Does your dad work here ?” He knows things about the parks and knows how to get from point to point with out looking at a map. This would be a great honor to help other families plan and get the most out of their vacattion time.

  • I would love to do it! Disney World is the top family destination in the World! I started going to Disney at three. I have visited too many times to count. It has always been a great time! Our children love it too!

  • I’m a grandfather of four, ages 2,4,6 and 8. My wife and I take our children and spouses with the grandchildren to Disney World every Thanksgiving and I do the planning. We have a ball every year and I plan to do this every year the God allows me to, or the grandchilds get too old and don’t want to go anymore,— never happen.

  • I would love to be a member of the Disney World mom’s panel, my first son is just 9 month old an I’m now planning his first visit to Disney World. I was 1 year old when I first visit Disney World in 1977, and my last visit was for my honeymoon, I’ve been there about 25 times and being from Spain that is not a usual thing. I’m the planner for everyone I know who wants to visit Walt Disney World, and I’m known for it even at work (in a Hotel & Resorts Group Company) !!! Everybody knows, Disney its my place in the world!!! I LOVE WDW!!!

  • DisneyWorld is our ULTIMATE vacation. We have 5 members of our family and we have been to WDW 9 times. I have to say my daughter is and expert on Disney. She is in college and works for a travel agent. She could book a trip for anyone and make it work for them.

  • I would love to be able to be on this panel. I have a daughter with spina bifida. She uses AFO’s and forearm crutches to walk. For longer distances she uses her wheelchair. I think it would be great to have someone who knows of things to do at Disney with children with special needs!

  • I love the excitement as I read through the comments! Wishing you all lots of luck and I can’t wait to meet the new panelists!

    Diane L/CT

  • I would love to be a part of this panel. The demographic doesn’t fit me either. I am a childless 30 something teacher who is definitely the Disney go to amoung family and friends! Especially to my sister and my two nieces!

  • I am so excited about this. I will be back on the 13th!

  • Brand new Disney Mom and will be back on the 13th.

  • Oh, I’m definitely applying. Disney has helped me celebrate all major occasions in my life, and is the reason I become a (Disney) runner. That’s right, dangle a trip to WDW in front of me, and I’ll run a marathon. Not fast, of course, as that would interfere with my getting my picture taken with the characters.

    One of the things I love about the Disney Moms – in addition to their great advice (zannaland…coffeee…lifesaver) – is that I can tell the group really made lifelong friendships with each other. Meeting new friends AND spreading the pixie dust to other Disney guests? What could be better?

  • This is something I have been considering for years. We have been traveling to WDW since 1972 and haven’t missed a year since 1995. We are DVC members and have 2 boys age 10 & 8. I follow Marc Mantoo on twitter and he sounds like he’s having a blast as a Disney Dad. Maybe I could take all that Disney knowledge I have picked up over the years reading books and listening to podcasts and put it to good use 🙂

  • Would be such a magical experience! Very excited!!!! Good luck to all!

  • i would love to be a disney mom i sure think i know about some tricks we have been to disney over 50 times and live in north carolina, we just love the place

  • I would love to be a disney world mom. My family and I have been visiting disney world since 2005 and already planning for 2011.
    I am a big mickey mouse fan, I wear mickey mouse jewelry, all my purses are mickey mouse, clothing. My husband and I watch all the disney world documentaries on tv because we do not want to miss a thing. We would also love to someday renew our wedding vows at disney world. All our friends come to us for info on disney vacations.

  • I would love to do this. I was a Travel Agent with AAA and was one of the best booking agents for Disney in the Mid-Atlantic region. I LOVE Disney. Have stayed in every hotel and also have been on the cruise 9 times. I have 2 grown sons and am handicapped now, so I now have a different perspective on the parks and hotels. We will be visiting again in Dec. to see the Christmas decoration. It will be my 75th time. Can’t wait.

  • I’ve got my mouse ears on and I’m so excited to do this! Here’s some pixie dust and good luck to all who apply this year. And remember, A dream that you wish will come true 🙂

  • I nominate my brother and will definitely tell him about this. He, however, will just be getting back from a Disney cruise which he got for joining DVC. Hopefully, he gets his application in. He helps us when we go [and goes with us :)] and goes himself with his family two or three times a year. He would be good at this.

  • that sounds awesome. I would love to be a part of this. I just got done planning one for my friend and she leaves friday. will def be back soon !

  • I can’t wait to apply. I have tried since the conception of this program. I would be great with this job. Yeap I will try again, who knows maybe third times a charm.This would be a labor of love for me.

  • Yes, I’d like to be a BIG part of Walt Disney Moms Panel!!! I’ve been to Disney World many, times with my daughters, during different times in their lives. So, I can comment on elementary age to high school age, and then some. Now, I go with them, their families, and my Grandbabies! I love Disney, And I am a HUGE fan of Pooh-Bear!!!!!

  • I definitely will be back on the 13. I love Disney. I eat, drink and sleep Disney. I have people coming to me continually asking advice of where to stay at Disney what specials are they having now. I am the person for this job.

  • I tried the last time there was an opportunity and made it through a few rounds of questions. Excitedly, I will try again. I’ve been to Disney now with my parents as a child, a teen, with my child and with my new extended family. I’m so glad that my blended family is full of Disney fans, it makes merging the two family units a little easier.

  • I spend a minimum, MIN-I-MUM, of 14 hours in the parks on any given day.
    On one occasion started out at Epcot getting a FastPass for Soarin’, then to MGM(Hollywood Studios) for a little while, then over to Animal Kingdom to see ‘Festival of the Lion King’ and ‘Finding Nemo the Musical’, then back to Epcot to use my FastPass for Soarin’, then to Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours to finish the day.
    Just try and keep up! No naps or sitting by the pool here.

  • That is me to a tee, I am a mom actually a single Mom since 1995, I somehow with all my struggles make it to disney at least once a year. I cannot tell you how many people call me and say ” I want to take my family to disney and I know you are the person to help me”..Not do I help them, I a LOVE it, Planning the perfect vacation for people is as exciting to me as going myself. I planned a trip for a single dad I know last year and he actually called me from the Majic Kingdom and thanked me because his son was so happy and he knows without me he would of messed the whole thing up. I have gone to jobs in which I was meeting with Top executives to do business inspections and wound up in there office online at the Disneyworld website planning there vacation for them. A 15 minute inspection turned into hours of fun. I never saw or heard from him again but know that him and his family had the vacation of a lifetime. I would love to part of this panel and honored to meet with Mickey, I am going to disney in November from New York where I live after just finishing a vacation at the floridan in Feb. I cannot afford to stay there again so this one is at the Riverside, I am turning 50 and my daughter is turning 18 while we are there. How amazing is that.

  • I would LOVE to be a Disney mom! I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and we love to vacation at Disney World. We are planning for a land and sea trip in 2013. We just came back from Disney a few months ago and can’t wait to come back. I planned everything from air, hotel & meals.

    Absolutely you should take advantage of the meal plan, it makes life so easy for you and your family. Make your reservations before you leave to Disney and when you get to your chosen meal spot there is barely a wait.

    My daughter turned 5 while we were at the Magic Kingdom and for her special day she went to the Bippity Boppity Boutique, she got the works (hair, nails, makeup, costume) we also had dinner at Cinderella’s castle. What a wonderful day for a little princess. The attention to detail and how the whole park (EVERY EMPLOYEE) wished her a “happy birthday princess”, how impressive! She felt so special! I wish I could do that for her every year, the whole experience was well worth it.

  • My kids were on the TTI: The Time I Realized by Brother Was Different on Disney Channel, which was about autism and siblings. I’ve been an avid collector since I was 5 and this is our first year going. We are taking a VERY seasoned visitor with us though. I think we’d be nuts to visit for the first time without an experienced park hopper. Any advice is greatly appreciated and I’m sure we’ll be experts on dealing with Autism at the parks by the time we get back home. Thanksf or all the great info!

  • Sending pixie dust and best wishes to everyone applying! I can’t wait to welcome the 2011 Disney World Moms Panelists into our family!

    Have fun y’all!!! Good luck! Oh yeah – remember to breathe!! Allison V.

  • How about MomMom’s…..grandparents have a good deal of disposable income and love spending it on their grandchildren. Would love to help others. My husband and I love Disney as do our two children and four grandchildren.

  • I don’t know if the word “Mom” fits me, since I am a dad with 3 kids and have been going to WDW since 2003. We are going twice this year, once in Feb. 2010 and again Dec. 2010. I read the mom’s panel all the time and get a lot of information out of it and at times wish I could offer advice to some of the questions.
    All the reading on the panel I don’t see many moms, dads, grandparents, or anyone that have offered experience with kids with special needs. All the times I have been was with my two kids who have special needs so I can offer the ends and outs of getting around the parks what special accomidations they would need and what to ask for. The ends and outs of using Disney Transportation with wheel chairs and medicial equipment.

  • I so want to do this… I love Disney.. I visit often and people love to get me to help them… and I would love to meet Mickey… could it be any better?….lol
    my trip to Disney is next week…

  • Yes, i am the person that always seems to find the deals! Family and friends are always amazed at what i can find when it comes to deals. My family is headed to Disneyland for the Christmas Holiday fun this year and I’m thrilled to say this will be our first trip during the Christmas season!!! I cant wait to sign up! See you there!

  • This would be so perfect for me! I may not be a literal “Mama” but I am always the leader in planning our Disney vacations! I’m an annual passholder at Disneyland and will be at Walt Disney World Sept. 18-25th! Can’t wait to come back and apply! How exciting!

  • True Disney FANatic here!! I applied twice before for the Disney World Moms Panel but I didn’t get picked. I will be applying again this year.

    Hopefully the third time is the charm!!!

  • Oh my goodness , this would be a dream come true ! I grew up loving everything Disney as well as my three daughters. There is no other place we would rather be than at a Disney Theme Park ! The obsession runs deep as we have Disney memorabilia in many rooms of our home and one of our favorite things to do is watch one of our many theme park dvd’s on the weekend with a bowl of popcorn.I’d like to say that I have spread ” Disney Mania” to many of my daycare families as I have encouraged each one to take a Disney trip over the years and assisted them in planning and with special tips to help them optimize their Disney experience. It is always my joy and my favorite topic to discuss Disney with any willing ear ! Good luck everyone this is exciting !

  • I have been going to Disney World since opening, I think this would be a great opportunity to give little bits of information that I’ve learned through the years.

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