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Update: Walt Disney World Moms Panel Search Ends Today

Update – September 17: Today is the last day! We will be taking applications through 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time September 17, 2010 or until we have reached 20,000 applicants, whichever comes first. Apply here.

The 2010 Moms Panel Photo Composite

Are you the person family and friends come to for advice when planning their Disney vacations? If so, Mickey might want to meet you. Disney Parks is looking for new members of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. The panel is an online forum that serves as a resource for families planning a Disney vacation, offering unique insights and time-tested tips from real Disney fans.

To apply, visit on September 13 to September 17.


  • I Would Be so honored, to be on the Mom Panel. I have Been a fan since my parents took me for the first time when I was 6. I am a mother of three, a 13, 5 and a 2 1/2 year old. My Oldest is a Special needs Child and I myself have Multiple Sclerosis. I Felt it was important to take our children so 3 1/2 years ago we made our first rip as a family. My Husband was a sceptic having never been but was converted while walking thru the gates of the magic Kingdom. Ever since my children especially my son has been saving for our next trip. Their favorite Friday night is watching the planning video and telling their little sister all about it. I have been known to plan our future trips for fun and stress relief and my friends use me as a resource quite often. I think I have a unique perspective for the panel and would be overjoyed to be on the panel. Thank you very Much

  • I have been going to WDW since 1971, and have watched it grow into what it is today. I remember the first time I saw the fireworks with my parents. The first time I saw them with my son I teared up, knowing that someday he will be doing the same. There is nothing I would like more then to share some of my Experiences and knowlege with others

  • I have applied, I am so excited! What a wonderful opportunity to help others enjoy Disney as much as my family and I have. I am a volunteer MRT and firefighter in my community and I love helping others! What better ways than to save lives and enhance lives! Good luck to everyone!

  • Do they have a moms panel for Disneyland? I would be perfect for that job. I have been a passholder for the past 8 years, my family and I go there every month. I know the ins and outs of the park. I am a mom of 3 boys , but I also know about everything the girls like at the park and the fun things for them to do. This would be a dream job!!!!!!

  • I applied.
    I can’t say I’ve always been a Disney World fan. I never went as a child. I grew up disliking the smell and chaos of amusement parks. But I figured I’d give it a try thirteen years ago when traveling on business with my family. That first visit changed everything. I’ve learned that from the moment you get off the plane until you get on it again at then end of the trip there is a whole new world. Sometimes of adventure. Sometimes of wonder. Sometimes of just “being in the moment. But always a World away from the world.

  • This is so a perfect thing for me. I am a stay at home mommy, and have been to Disney alot!!! I live in FL, and am a premium pass holder too. So, lots of time to go research things in the parks, Downtown Disney, and waterparks. What fun!! Hope I am chosen! 🙂 Good luck everyone else who applied.

  • I’m crossing my fingers that I at least make it to the 2nd round – working for Disney has always been my dream and this may be as close as I get to it. I’m a huge planner and everyone knows to come to me for a magical Disney vacation. I wish I knew how to put my passion and love for Disney in words.

  • I would be the perfect person for this.I have helped everyone I know plan trips from family members friends and co workers even some of thier families and friends.I started going when my first daughter was 1 she is now 18 I have gotten her there over 50 times.My husband thinks there should be a support group for people like me.I have put off buying a new car or some house hold job that needed to be done just so I could get my kids there now I have the 18 year old an 11 year old and a two year old the 2 year old has been ther 4 times already! I always find away to get there and I am from ny.I have planned vacations and given tips to over 30 families some I don’t even know.I just Love going there and feel I can help other people enjoy it as much as I do.So I hope they pick me and I will live happily ever after.

  • What a thrilling and once in a lifetime opportunity Disney is offering!!! This DISNEY DIVA has applied and is wishing on a star. Not great odds with 20,000 applicants, but hey stranger and magical things have happened!!! Good luck all!

  • i don’t know if I will be picked but I would love to be a Disney Mom. I feel like I already am. Like many of you , I plan all the trips for my family as well as friends and other family members. Like any good Disney mom, my now married daughter took her honeymoon in Disney and is quickly becoming ready to be a Disney mom herself. Must indoctrinate the children! haha

    I even home schooled my young ones for an extra year than I originally planned so that I could go to Disney World for a month. 🙂 It was amazing.

  • I have to say… my Uncle knows Disney inside and out and would be great to be a part of this panel… but he’s a dad, not a mom

  • I have been to Disney with family and also as a single. Let me tell you that going to the parks by myself was an unbelievable experience

  • There are all kinds of families, and it’s disappointing to see that Disney has only a “mom’s” panel. It’s stereotypical (moms stay at home and have more time) and it leaves out so many other types of families (such as those of use who have been unable to have children or adopt due to cost, who are disabled, etc.) and yet we are all still Disney fans (including my husband, who is not a “mom” either) and can all share perspective on the Parks (especially since we were married at WDW). It also seems to be a bit discriminatory in a way, because every time I see a commercial for a family of four to spend x nights at a specified level Disney Resorts or other deal, when I go check it out for a family of two, the same package is always more expensive, making me believe that, much like I pay to educate other people’s children with my tax dollars, Disney has me subsidizing the attendance of other people’s children at the parks.

    As a disabled person who will never be a mother, I just ask that Disney recognize that there are many types of families, and that not just “moms” have a perspective worthy of sharing.

  • I would LOVE to be part of the “Mom” team to assist others with planning Disney trips. I am a mother of 2 and visit Disney at least 2 times per year. I have been to Disney with groups up to 22 people and sometimes we travel just with the 4 of us. I have tried to become a “Mom” team member in the past – I truly think I have a lot to offer regarding short cuts and ways to save money. Thanks for your time!

  • This looks like a wonderful opportunity to share my love of the Disney parks!
    I use every opportunity to get my family there. We all just LOVE it!

  • Been to Disney lots of time, Dreamed about it millions more. Mom to a wonderful Daughter , Son in law, and son. “Mom” to a hundred plus more, helping with my youth group at church in Fairfax VA. for 14 years ….Have alot of experience, on things to do with kids, and what things need to keep them safe and happy while traveling/ going to the parks! Would love to be part of your panel!

  • i am a stylist by trade.. but everyone at my spa knows if their planning a disney trip im the one to speak too.. my boss calls me the disney queen.. so weather i make it as a disney mom.. in my home town im a queen

  • My mom just entered and let me tell you she’s great. She knows the ins and outs of saving a little cash while having a blast. We also have friends who have a son who has ausperger’s which is a form of autism. And my brother has always suffered with something similar. It was great when she was able to find rides to fit with their personalities. I thought about applying myself too. I’m not a mom but love everything Disney. I’m 28 and whenever I talk to someone about to go to Disney I’m always full of tips and advice, mostly from my mom ; )

  • Where do I sign up….my family and I LOVE Disney. We have been a total of 8 times since we started going in 2004!! I also have a friend whom she and I are planning a vacation together this year as she now lives in Michigan. My friends always ask me what to do when they are planning their vacations and where the best places to eat and stay are to be found. My wife and I have been Disney Vacation Club members since our 2nd trip to Disney! We LOVE the perks and the great resorts, that you get to take advantage of being a DVC member!!

  • Just submitted my application! It would be a dream and an honor to be picked for the panel. Now, all I need is Faith and Trust….and a little Pixie Dust! 🙂

  • A Mom’s panel is a great idea- love that there are all the different view points and information for a Disney vacation!
    I agree with Miccilina M above– is there something like this for Disneyland? I’d love to try to be part of that panel!

  • I’m heartbroken. I meet all of the criteria, but I won’t be able to travel Dec. 10-13.

  • Susanne (127),
    What do you need to know? I just went with my 3 incredible autistic children. Resort? Dining? My knowledge is your knowledge.
    Disney Mom Allison has a special needs child abnd would love to receive questions from you. Did you know that you could ask panelists a question directly on the Mom’s Panel page?

  • Jennifer from Ohio…. I also have a special needs daughter and would love to hear your advice for disney.. we are planning a trip this dec to go…. thanks for the help…. It would be great to have someone on the panel who has special needs info! I am also going to apply, but have ony been to disney a few times….

  • I dream of becoming the first non-parent Panel member. My application is in. Now I just have to wait and hope!

  • My first visit to Disneyworld was December 27, 1971 with my Aunt, brother and sister. I can still remember the smiling girl with her arms up at 7 a.m. guiding us to our parking spot. I still have a book of a few unused tickets! My sister lost her ticket book over a bridge near the castle and a cast member fished it our and got us a new book! It’s a Small World was not finished yet, you could see the areas yet to be revealed.
    We took our first family trip when our son was just 2 and the memories are just overwhelming. When people say that they want to wait until their children are old enough to enjoy it, I say, go anytime! Our youngest was just 9 months old on his first visit and the characters were all over him, making for such adorable pictures and memories with his then 5 year old brother. My husband lugged our then HUGE video camera, bless his heart, to capture every magical moment. Our now 23 year old has been 9 or 10 times.
    We are planning a trip in January when our “baby” is off for winter break from his freshman year in college and his 23 year-old brother will take off from work at a Maryland newspaper. They have been pestering us to go, it’s been at least 6 years since we could never coordinate high school and college time off.
    The funniest thing was that my husband was reluctant to make our first trip but he’s the biggest Mickey fan now, complete with his Seiko Mickey watch, that he wears every day for 20 years!
    He puts our “Mickey” tree up the day after Halloween every year with Disney ornaments going back to ornaments that came with McDonald’s gift certificates back in the 70s!!
    There is no better vacation than Disneyworld!

  • Hey, WHAT ABOUT a Disneyland Panel, I am just an hour and a half away from Anaheim. I would still like to be on the panel if it is in FL anyway, Cyberspace is a “Small World” after all, getting smaller all the time as we reach out to each other. Micci

  • Just submitted my application! I lived in Orlando for 3 1/2 years and it was a dream come true! I had season passes and me my son would go almost every week. My husband had to drag me kicking and screaming to Georgia but we go back every fall for a week so I can get my Disney fix. It’s not enough but will have to do for now until we can retire there. I am hoping to work for Disney when we retire and move back to Florida but for now I have to console myself with an annual vacation there. I now have a 4 year old and an 8 year old and they are already Disney fanatics like me! We sit and watch the rides on youtube all the time. Hope to be picked to be on the Disney World Moms panel.

  • I applied this morning as well!!! Come on Tink, sprinkle some of that pixie dust on me!!!

  • Getting ready to apply for my 4th time! I am very excited…hopefully the pixie dust works this time!!! 🙂

  • I’m definitely interested!!!! Please pick me!! Infact, we wil be there in 2 weeks!!!!

  • I would love to be part of the Disney Mom’s panel. As with all of the previous posts, I have a love and passion for Disney. I have planned all of our family vacations and my friends all come to me when they are planning their trips to Disney. I often say that I should get a job with Disney! Being on the Mom’s Panel would be a dream come true for me. I only wish that I will be chosen for the next round!

  • This sounds like a wonderful idea. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney world. I have gone wiht and without kids. I have taken my children as infants, toddlers and now school aged kids. And also planning our upcoming trip in the summer.

  • I just applied!!! I need some pixie dust!!!

  • I would love 2 b on the panel. Disney World is my favorite place. Took my mom 4 the first time when she was 81. I recommend Disney World 2 everyone! Your vacation pkgs. r the best!

  • So excited to apply for The Disney Mom’s Panel ! My Husband and I have been taking Our children to WDW since they each turned 8 months old. We have 3 children, and try to travel to WDW at least 1 time per year or every other year. We missed last year as my son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was in and out of the hospital the whole year and missed his entire Junior year of school. He is now in remission and just started his Junior year over again and we are surprising the whole gang with a trip to Walt Disney World at Thanksgiving ! Its the only place we would even think to celebrate such an important celebration ! We love EVERYTHING that is Disney, its Our home away from home and its a wonderful way for all of us to escape the stresses of the previous year ! Our children have been loving WDW since they were 8 months old, they are now 17,13 and 11 years old ! I turn “50” next year and can not think of a greater gift than to be apart of your Mom’s Panel ! Thank You for considering ! Have a Magical Day ! Hugs,Kellyanne 🙂

  • Yes! September 13th is almost here! I was not chosen last year, but I am determined to apply every year until I am chosen for the Disney Moms Panel. I have been to WDW over 40 times and I’m the one who plans everyone’s Disney trips. I have permanent Mickey tatoos on my ankles that people ask me about everyday. What can I say? I’m madly in love with all things Disney! My husband and kids share in my passion.

  • It has been my dream to be on the Mom’s Panel. I plan Disney vacations for everyone I know, and I’ve been there countless times. I want to share my knowledge & secrets, but I am not able to have children. I had a miscarriage this year, and I thought I’d be a mom, and now I am not going to be. I wish Disney would allow the panel to be something other than moms. =(

  • Well I am very interested in being on the mom’s panel. I visited 4 times last year, and just got back from a Labor Day weekend visit. I will also be back the 1st week of November. I plan all my trips, meals, shows and everything Disney myself! I hope to be a valuable asset to those who have not traveled to the parks before, or those who are not as familiar with Disney. I take my family every opportunity possible! Have a Magical Day everyone.

  • I would love to do this! WE have been going to disney since I was a child. And in the past ten years we have been going twice a year. I am also in the Disney Vaction Club. We have stayed at alomost every place on property. I have made a booklet for people going to Disney. This would be a great opportunity.

  • I’ll be back to apply!!! I’m very passionate about WDW!!!

  • I cannot wait!

  • #105 – Jeremy
    Can I get the details on listening to Lou Mongello? Thanks!

  • This a very exciting opportunity….I have been going to disney since I was 2 between three to five times a year….the perks of living 3.5 hours away….not just my friends and family but also my co-workers are always asking me were they should stay and what they should do….can not wait for the opportunity to share my suggestions and experiences with everyone…..

  • Yes I am a married 50something wife an I tried to fine reasons to go to Disney World like Labor day birthday thanks giving christmas when ever what ever So I would love to be on the MOMS Panel.We statred taking the kids in 1986 an we took them every 4th July an Christmas now they are married an gone now we can go all the time HAHAHAHHA

  • I am so ready to apply this year! I bug my travel agent monthly until our trip gets so close I can taste it, I talk my kids and wife ear off about disney all year long and listen to Lou Mongello weekly. I really hope to get selected someday as a Disney dad on the Moms panel:)

  • I love the Moms Panel and can’t wait to apply again. Maybe third time’s the charm! It seems like everywhere I go, I end up talking about Disney.

  • Hooray! I can’t wait to apply!!!

  • I would LOVE to be part of the Mom’s Panel. My husband and I have been Disney Vacation Club Members for 6 years and have been going to Disney for 15. We have two young children and we are all DISNEY-HOLICS…we are totally addicted. I can’t wait to see what a rewarding experience this will be.

  • would love love love to be on this panel. We have been to Disney so many times first as a couple with no children, then with small children and now our kids are a tween and a teen. i have so many ideas for everyone!! people i know always ask me how we can do the same vacation over and over? I say its NEVER the same vacation twice!!! We have been to so many restaraunts on the dining plan, and will be trying 9 more this month!!! we love everything about disney!! i have many people that turn to me for help with their travel plans, and they can’t believe what i have told them. my friends and family always say i should be a disney travel agent.

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