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Update: Watch ‘Let the Memories Begin’ Announcement

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Update: September 23: Did you miss today’s live coverage of the “Let the Memories Begin” announcement in New York City? We’re sharing it again – click the video player below to see it.

It’s time – we’re ready to raise the curtain on some exciting plans at Disney Parks and it’s something you’ll certainly want to check out. Our live stream of the special announcement begins right here on the Disney Parks Blog today at 12:45 p.m. EST.

We’re also providing live updates from the New York City announcement on our main @DisneyParks Twitter account and the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Facebook pages.


  • I am very excited to have the opportunity to watch this today. I am hoping that my Florida parks get a little pixie dust in today’s announcement.

  • hope it’s the return of the Dreamfinder

  • I can’t wait to hear the big news!!!!

  • Waiting!

  • I’m so excited – can’t wait!


  • Does any one know when small world is opening again????

  • Has it started yet?

  • well this is embarrassing…or am I the only one who can’t get the video, or the page to load 6 times out of 7?

  • I hope I can view it….seems to be systems problems.

  • Come on the return of The Adventurers Club and all of Pleasure Island as a night life district (Clubs, Not Shops and restaurants!)

  • Its 12:53, does anyone else have a off air message?

  • I really hope you have this available later for viewing since I am unable to watch via blog site, facebook, uStream, or any other way! Darn, I wanted to see this

  • I still can’t get the big announcement. I’ve had off air messages & blank pages along with database errors. Really disappointing

  • Is this going to replace the classic song “it’s a small world” when you ride it?

  • Let The Webcast, er Memories, Begin! 🙂

  • If you missed the webcast, it is summed up in Thomas Smith’s latest blog entry. The announcement was simply to unveil the “Let the Memories Begin” campaign. No big announcements beyond that.

  • I think I know what my worst Disney Memory is now. The press event could’ve been so much better.

  • Wow, that was disappointing. I was looking forward to some news about new attractions, or expansions at the parks.

  • Well that was rather underwhelming. I love the slogan “Let the Memories Begin”, but the rest was completely forgetable.

    The big finish being that you’re going to project vacation snaps onto the Castle?! I’m sorry but in general it’s better to have the public watching, rather than being watched. As TV tends to prove these days.

  • I think Disney Parks Blog had some technical difficulties this morning, or maybe server overload, as it was totally down during this presentation for me and apparently everyone else.

    I was able to visit a 3rd party Disney fan website and view the Ustream video live from that other website. Nice to hear the rumored Memories campaign was confirmed. But other than that, this was an opportunity for Disney to look at their webcasting techniques.

  • Small World re-opens on October 23rd.

  • Have to agree that the press conference was somewhat of a disappointment; while I thought that the theme of the new campaign was a good one (and I enjoyed the family home video clips that were sprinkled in there), I was hoping to see some new things at Walt Disney World that would make people forget all about the Wizardign World of Harry Potter. Instead, we got a commercial for a series of commercials.

  • It was only mildly amusing and sorry but not as exciting as I imagined it was going to be. Hardly worth a formal press announcement with live coverage. I found a link to the expansion of the Paris park to be more exciting.

  • Disappointing.

  • Wow, all that for an annoucement of a slideshow on the castle? FAIL!

  • Has everyone forgotten that next year is WDW’s 40th? I was thinking there would be some announcements about that.

  • It was great to be included in a live event, but yeah, that was underwhelming. Hey Disney folks! You might want to set a teeny bit of expectations next time. “Come join us as we reveal our newest Disney Parks theme for next year! See the song debut, check out the commercials, and see special celebrity guests!” Some people thought they were seeing a new theme park or new rides that had not yet made it to the press. We love social media, we really do. But I’m not sure if I’m excited to know my photo’s going to be seen on the castle unless I know I’ll be there to see it or be able to snag a photo of it for my family.

  • I have to admit that the Press Conference was bleh….. This coming from a huge Disney fan and a Marketing Consultant… I would have thought that the Press conference would have been more magical and exciting coming from the the leader in media and magic.

    It sounded as if there were 4 people in the audience and they were being forced to clap….. Love Disney but dissapointed with this…. Get em next time?

  • It was fitting that the event was hosted by Tom Bergeron. The whole thing was a joke. If you want to make an announcement via a live stream and build buzz about it, have something exciting to announce. And talk to Steve Jobs about how to do presentations that can make even mundane announcements seem magical.

    All that said, I am excited about this new presentation because just like the fireworks and parades, it will suck people out of the rides so that the lines are shorter and those of us who like the rides can do more of them in a shorter period of time.

  • I’ve gotta agree that this event was a little oversold. I think the campaign itself is a great idea, and I’m really glad to see Disney embracing social media and trying to create really personal experiences.

    However, there was just too much hype behind this event (even with it just being announced yesterday) and not much was delivered. Apart from the campaign, the only things discussed were minor updates regarding attractions and expansions we’ve known about for months.

    Disney’s never made a big public to-do about their new marketing campaigns. Even with the more personal nature of this campaign, I don’t see the need to change the announcement format. I think it just set people up for disappointment.

    Perhaps next time you should be a little more revealing when you first mention this kind of thing. If we had known yesterday that today’s announcement was going to be revealing a new promotional campaign, I don’t think anybody would have been disappointed. Not knowing anything about it, all us imaginative Disney fans filled our heads with lofty possibilities and cool new E-Ticket attractions. When we didn’t get that, we were disappointed.

    It’s marketing 101, and something that Disney is really great at usually: under-promise & over-deliver. This event was the opposite.

  • What an absolute letdown that was!!

  • I had high hopes. I’m not only disappointed because it’s just a marketing event, I’m disappointed that I wasted my precious time watching a big commercial about commercials.

  • I expected so much more. Still love the place! But really that’s all?

  • Jim… I agree. I like the idea of the new campaign, but if Disney is going to put out all this hype and roll out all the bells and whistels, I want something more. I kept waiting for an Apple style “oh and one more thing”

  • Yep….gotta agree this was disappointing. When this was announced on the blog, I was calling all my disney fan friends and telling them something big was coming. If there had been an announcement of at least ONE new ride I wouldve been happy. This was just pathetic. I do like the new theme and those commercials are going to make me cry. BUT why not just do a press release and suprise us with the commercials?? Meh!

  • I expected more too 🙁

  • What looks like a screensaver on the castle versus the most amazing themed ride experience down the road starring a certain wizard. Disney really need to get back on top again!

  • Wow, that was a letdown. No mention of New Fantasyland, Dwarfs ride or anything else fun.

  • LOL! We should all be excited! Hasn’t everyone always dreamt of seeing a slideshow on Cinderlla’s Castle? 🙂 And how ingenious – Disney had a press conference to tell us that we are doing the campaign for them.

  • If you see what Disney and the “idea’ is all about, you would appreciate it!! WHEN will this be starting??? I have sooo Many wonderful different memories at Disney…. It is “interactive”
    and now I see why they may of done the World of Color Road Shows!! Good “test” Disney!!!

  • Thank you Disney!! The years spent with you have been so SPECIAL to me and my family!!! HI HO!!!!

  • Hi, Ajesh here. I love it!

  • Boring!

  • I like the concept of webcasting, but was hoping for more content in this Special Announcement. If you read the many other comments, your Fans want more information on projects etc.

  • this is AWESOME!

  • I say in Orlando you must reopen alll the clubs at PI(Pleasure Island).we the people of the people alll love it out there and by closeing alll the clubs you toook away are place to play..

  • YAWN…

  • the host is annoying!!

  • I love the song “Let the Memories Begin” i hope that song is played during the song. Disney finally getting back to those feel good songs

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