What Do You Want to Ask the Disney Villains?

Heather Hust Rivera

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The battle for the baddest Disney Villain of all continues online this week, and we’re giving you the chance to send the villains all your burning questions…not “burning” in the literal sense of the word, but “burning” as in the kind of questions that keep you up at night. They’d love to know that you’re losing sleep over them.

Next week, we’ll “hold court” with the Disney Villains — or one of their minions—and report back with their responses. So let those minds race, people. Send in the kind of questions that will help you decide which villain is worthy to be called the “Baddest of Them All.”

Submit your questions here, and we’ll select a few questions that we receive on the Disney Parks Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Sorry, not all questions can be answered and some of you may still toss and turn at night. How the Villains will love that! Check back next week to see if your question was selected and watch the videos to see what the Disney Villains —or their “Halloween spooks-person” — had to say.

Go ahead. Ask a question … if you dare.


  • Hello evil people, is Frollo going to be joining the rest of you baddies this year at Disneyland Resort?

  • Would you be nervous if placed in a room with Losto Huggin Bear?

  • Maleficent, I was just wondering how your business E.V.I.L. was holding up in the bad economy? Despite the economic problems we are facing today I don’t really see a decreased need for dark magi… I mean market enterprise. But then again I noticed other villans were having trouble. So, are you staying afloat?

  • To all: If you could design a ride at at Disney theme park, what would it be and why?

  • What makes Maleificient green?

  • Ursula: Why are you not featured as prominently in the Disney Parks as often as your other comrades are?

    To all of you: What would you have done differently in order to win in the end?

  • First of all, you have excluded a villain – The Queen of Hearts. My question to the Queen – how do you feel about being excluded from the villains?

  • Maleficent. She is by far the most awesome villain. BTW…when are you ever going to build a villain park? Feature Maleficents castle as the focal point of the park (like Cinderellas castle at the parks) and feature all Disney villain rides (primarily roller coasters and anything scary like the villains. It would be amazing!!!

  • Maleficent, As others have stated, you are my very favorite Disney Villianess. I have a snow globe featuring you as the Dragon and a 2 Ft. hi Statue of you next to my reading chair. I was wondering (after reading your side of the story) did you ever have a truly “happy” day? P.S. I love your laugh.

  • Well, I’m just curious if you actually read the script before you take the part?? because it would suck to always lose!

    And the Freud in me wants to know…how was your relationship with your mother???

  • Evil Queen (most beautiful of all), do you ever let your hair down?

  • To all the villains: Where’s Judge Frollo? He’s always in the other Disney parks, will he be in Disneyland this year as well? Wishful thinking that he’s lurking about with the rest of you out in California this year. 😉

  • Queen of Hearts- Why do you like to cut off people’s heads? Why not their legs or arms?

  • to hook
    why do you loathe peter pan so much,
    and why are you afraid of crocadiles?

  • Hades- What do you do in the morning to keep your hair lit all day?

  • Is the Supreme Leader from Captain EO a Villian, or just a temporarily transformed heroine?

  • Scar, how did you get your scar?

  • To All Villains:

    1. Is it really so good being so bad?

    2. Will you be offering Villain tutorials at the parks for those of us who also want to be so good at being so bad?

    3. Have you thought about hiring a PR representative to promote your cause and to stop the vicious attacks against you by the so-called “heroes”?

    Your #1 Fan

  • Evil Queen – You are so beautiful, who does your make-up?

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