What Do You Want to Ask the Disney Villains?

Heather Hust Rivera

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The battle for the baddest Disney Villain of all continues online this week, and we’re giving you the chance to send the villains all your burning questions…not “burning” in the literal sense of the word, but “burning” as in the kind of questions that keep you up at night. They’d love to know that you’re losing sleep over them.

Next week, we’ll “hold court” with the Disney Villains — or one of their minions—and report back with their responses. So let those minds race, people. Send in the kind of questions that will help you decide which villain is worthy to be called the “Baddest of Them All.”

Submit your questions here, and we’ll select a few questions that we receive on the Disney Parks Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Sorry, not all questions can be answered and some of you may still toss and turn at night. How the Villains will love that! Check back next week to see if your question was selected and watch the videos to see what the Disney Villains —or their “Halloween spooks-person” — had to say.

Go ahead. Ask a question … if you dare.


  • Would ever concider joining forces with Marvel Villiams?

  • Jafar, if you had another wish to be anything but a genie what would you choose to be?

  • A question for each of you: If you had to vote someone out of the group, who would it be?

  • Ursula-Why were you banished from the kingdom in the first place? Was it because you turned all those nice merfolk into kelp?

  • Evil Queen-What happened to Snow White’s father after you married him? Did you test your “Poison Apple” recipe on him first?

  • Evil Stepmother/Queen: If you had to choose any other fruit but an apple, what would it be?

  • Maleficent – first off your my fav villian. I want to know why Arura made you so mad?

  • Maleficent–Can you turn into any other creatures besides a Dragon?

  • (For all D-Villians) When you’re not planning evil doings, what is your favorite passtime?

  • Maleficent: Why are you wearing a pink dress under your cape?

  • (For all D-Villians) Which part of Disneyland is your favorite and why, besides the ride or attraction bearing your likeness?

  • Cruella – Does PETA know about this?

  • My daughter Sarah who is 8-3/4 years old has a question for Maleficent. Maleficent why did you want to kill Princess Aurora? and are you made that your curse was broken?

  • (For all D-Villians) If there was one secret thing about you that would ruin your reputation as a bad guy, what would it be?

  • Jafar, how do you get your beard so twisted?

  • Maleficent- How did u become the “Mistress of All Evil” in the first place?

  • When you ride the Matterhorn, does the Abominable Snowman ever jump back and yelp in fear?

  • Malifiencent where you ever not green skinned?

  • For all the D-villains, when you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?

  • Dear Captain Hook,

    First I must say: Long Live the Hook! You are without doubt the best villain of all time, and it is an honor to be speaking with you! I do have a question for you, Captain… What was life like before that scurvy-brat Peter Pan so rudely cut off your hand? Were you the terror of the seas before that infamous encounter with Peter Pan?

    I hope to hear from you! LONG LIVE THE HOOK!

    From your most-loyal fan,

  • In Star Wars Saga, were you routing for the Rebel Alliance or The Empire?

  • For Demona: If you had to work with any of the classic, veteran villains, who would you work with?

  • For any villian: Do all you villians get together and do some evil plotting? Dont you think its about time to make a movie all about you guys?

  • Dear Maleficent,

    Ever thought of, oh, dodging Mickey’s sword thing attack of sorts during the Fantasmic shows?

  • Do you really like being evil did you ever consider trying to be one of the good guys? This is for all the villians.

  • This is for any of the evil ladies. What do you think of Larissa from Enchanted? Would you have done anything different?

  • Cruella, does she… or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure!

  • Cruella – besides the dalmations, which other disney animal fur would you choose for a coat?

  • To Maleficent…How did it feel to be the first Disney Villain to use profane language? “All the powers of hell!” You go, girl!

  • Maleficent, just to say you are my all time favorite Disney villain. Just one question. Are you an evil fairy, witch, or evil wizard of some kind. I’ve always pondered this question.

  • Maleficent- Just wanted to say you are my all time favorite Disney villain. Just one question. Are you an evil fairy, witch, or evil wizard of some kind? Ive always pondered this question..

  • Maleficent – You are my favorite villian! I was wondering, you’re the main villian in the book series The Kingdom Keepers. What makes Finn so much more aggrivating than other humans, and what was your motivating factor in beginning your take over of the Disney parks?

  • Dear Maleficent,

    After seeing you for the fist time on screen, a question has been floating around in my head like a little fairy bubble that needs to be pricked with a needle;
    What is your hair colour and how long is it?
    I’m truly sorry if this question has offended you, and i would gladly invite you over for some tea to make up to it if you’d like to.

    with my uttermost adoration,

  • Why don’t you include oogie boogie, poor guy is always left out

  • if you had to expose one other villian as the “nice one”, who would it be and what is the secret that would ruin them.

  • Cruella ~ Girl… can you do something with that HAIR!!!!

  • Dear Malificent,

    I am Sorry if this affends you but I was wondering if well you were related to the wicked with of the west from the wizard of Oz? I mean you both have green skin and well it just makes sense!

    ~Becca Elizabeth

  • Is there like a place that you get your minions from or are you renting them or what?…in other words how did you meet your minions?

  • Maleficent – Which villain, in your opinion, has the best outfit?

  • Maleficent -(Continued)- And, who would you say has the worst outfit?


  • Jafar my 3 year old daughter wants to know…..”How many crackers does Iago eat each week?” It is an important topic in our house lol

  • Captain Hook, if you hadn’t gone into the Rogue Mariner trade, what might you have pursued as a career?

  • Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella Wouldn’t you think Lady Gaga would be PERFECT addition to your exclusive group? I mean come on her outfits are already WICKED!!! 😉

  • What do you wild and crazy guys/gals do to wind down?

  • ursula- do u ever want to get revenge on prince eric..for what he did to you? stop being jealous of ariel

  • Evil Queen – Your majesty, does it ever annoy you when people mistake you for Maleficent? After all you were around long before she appeared.

  • Maleficant will there be another Kingdom Keepers book? If there is will you be a big part in it/

  • Each of you… Which is your favorite parade to participate in?

  • To Maleficent: Is that you underneath Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris????

  • Does it bother you that the Villains only really get 1 season (Halloween) to show off when the other characters get attention all year long?

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