Who’s the Baddest of Them All? Vote for Your Favorite Disney Villain

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Jafar Maleficent Ursula
Evil Queen Captain Hook Cruella De Vil

It’s Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, and the Disney Villains are claiming this is their time to rule Disneyland park. Starting today, you can join the fun online and vote for your favorite villain on Disneyland.com.

Here are the Disney villains in the running:

Jafar – The all-powerful sorcerer from “Aladdin” is full of wicked magic tricks. His cunning plan is to betray the kindly Sultan, steal the magic lamp, wed Princess Jasmine and rule forever.

Maleficent – This self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil” can really hold a grudge when she’s not invited to the party. On Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, she lures the innocent maiden to prick her finger on a spindle and fall into everlasting slumber. Then when Prince Phillip comes to rescue the Sleeping Beauty, she transforms into a monstrous, fire-breathing dragon! How medieval can you get?

Ursula – This dreadful sea witch will sink to any depths to carry out her evil deeds! With the help of two slithering eels, she torments undersea creatures, steals King Triton’s crown, and captures Princess Ariel’s beautiful voice. After she has the Little Mermaid clutched in her slimy tentacles, she conjures a massive sea storm and wages a vicious battle with Prince Eric. Could you “cast” your vote for someone this slippery?

Evil Queen – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most insanely jealous of them all? This narcissistic ruler commands a huntsman to take her stepdaughter into the forest, do away with her, and bring back her heart. When the Magic Mirror reveals that Snow White is alive and still the “fairest in the land,” the Queen transforms herself into a hag and convinces the innocent princess to take a bite of a poisoned apple. We think you’ll agree this Queen is truly “heartless.”

Captain Hook – This elegant but vengeful villain anchored his ship and crew in the waters of Never Land, only to see revenge upong Peter Pan. Hook locks up Tinker Bell, sends a ticking package to Peter Pan, kidnaps the Lost Boys and forces Wendy to walk the plank. and repeatedly attacked Peter Pan and his crew with swords and schemes to exact lasting revenge.

Cruella De Vil – This devilish lady stops at nothing when it comes to satisfying her need for greed. She thinks everyone is an imbecile and anything can be bought. She’s a crazy driver who’ll run you down with her fancy car. She plots! She steals! She dognaps 101 Dalmatian puppies just to make the perfect fur coat. The only thing perfect about Cruella De Vil is her name. Like the song says, “If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.”
Vote for Your Favorite Disney Villain
These villains will be battling each other for the title of the baddest villain of them all, now through October 28. The voting starts today at disneyland.com/halloween, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.


  • My son and I agree that Malificent is the ‘best’ villian. She puts a curse on a baby because she wasn’t invited to a party? Give me a break. Then she hangs around for 16 years to make sure that the curse gets completed and when that doesn’t work the way she wants she turns into that great dragon. Great classic evil. Talk about a major tantrum!

  • I can’t lie~ Being the Kingdom Hearts fangirl that I am, I had to vote for Maleficent. :3

    Although, I wish Yzma was on the list! She’s amazing!

  • My Vote: Evil Queen!!!! She tryed to poison a wonderful little lady!!!!!! HOW dare her!!! grrrrr:(

  • Scar and Hades top my evil list, Yzma comes in 3rd

  • No one has mentioned Madam Maduesa (The Rescuers)- She threw Penny in the dark hole for greed and blew up the Bayou with the aid of Brutus and Nero. She was down right scary when she slit that teddy bear open.

  • Charles Muntz gets my vote. The guy tried to gun down Russell, Dug, Kevin, and Mr. Fredrickson.

  • Cruella gets my vote – nothing more evil than skinning little puppies for a coat! Yikes! 😛

  • Lotso is by far the most evil of all the Disney villians but I just don’t see a big bear who smells like strawberries ruling over the rest of the bunch so I’d have to go with the Evil Queen. She’s perfect for the job!

  • The Evil Queen! She’s the classic, the first and truly… if I may reveal my more wicked side, the coolest!

  • I am going with the 1st villain from Disney – The Evil Queen from Snow White.

    Happy Halloween

  • @Missy

    It is possible to meet Maleficent. You have to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary. You can also get your picture taken with any of the other villains present at the show in front of Cinderella’s Castle (forgive me, I forget what it’s called).

  • SCAR!!!!

    no one deserves to be on here more than scar. he killed is own brother and attempted multiple times to kill his nephew. please put scar on the list.

  • Scar? Where is Scar? Come on, how much more evil can one get then killing your own brother? That’s just plain EVIL! That part gets me every time… even at WOC, I get teary eyed.

  • My vote has to be Capt. Hook! He’s the classic villain with evil plans. Too bad for him that good always conquers evil and Peter Pan is always able to outsmart the old cod fish.

  • Maleficent! Jafar would be a close second, that snake he transforms into really is hideous, but Maleficent’s dragon transformation is by far the best. Disney Imagineers agree, thus the dragon in Fantasmic, which didn’t seem to work too well.

  • Ever since I was a little girl I always thought the Evil Queen was a bad person. My vote: EVIL QUEEN!! She is a true classic…


  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    Since I was a former Cast Member I don’t have a favorite Villiains since I think that Disney makes the best Villiains. The wicked Queen from Snow White, also Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. But threw all the years of movies and with the most recent movie “The Princess and The Frog” with Dr. Facilier and his Voodoo goes right along with all the other dark,scary and evil Villians. Disney Animaters Your The Best!!!

  • Evil Queen for sure. She turned on her own family!

  • I’m in agrrement with Keith, Robert and Alisha. CHERNABOG!!

  • Though he definitely isn’t the worse, my favorite is captain hook. I will say that chernabog should be on there though. And possibly a write in for Lotso Huggin Bear was pretty terrible as well. Probably the worse villain out of all the pixar movies.

  • I also have a write in…LOTTSO BEAR …he should have made the list after what he does to Woody and Company.

  • I want to do a write in for Tinkerbell. Who cried, “Shoot the Wendybird! Shoot the Wendybird!” and confused the poor innocent Lost Boys into shooting Wendy? And would Hook have known where Peter’s hiding place was, if Tink hadn’t dipped her tiny, little feet into ink? I think not! So don’t be fooled by those big eyes, and pretty face–and the nightly lighting of the castle before the fireworks! Vote for Tinkerbell as the Best Worst DIsney Villain.

  • Alright, 6 votes for Scar! About a thousand more and maybe we can get him added to the game! LoL!

  • FROLLO is the meanest of them all…where is he? Since he’s not there it’s either between Maleficent and Ursula!

  • Frollo hands down is the best worst villain! Such twisted logic and evil in the name of righteousness. He’s my vote!

  • I agree that Hades was pretty awful but if I have to pick from the ones provided, I would say Jafar.

  • What no Dr. Faciller? or Mad Mad Mad Madame Mim- she is the best, she makes rules so she can break them

  • Evil Queen is my vote but I would have liked to see Lady Tremaine. She was some serious evil… no spells or magic, just pure EVIL 🙂

  • Queen of Hearts- she cuts off heads! Another vote to include Hades, Scar and Chernabog!

  • My Son votes for Jafar and Captain hook.

  • last year i believe in DCA they had this cool thing where you got to vote for the best villain and hates and gaston where on the list…those are my two favorite villains ever 😀


  • I agree with Scar. My daughter says Jafar, but Cruella kills puppies!!!!!

  • I think a little representation from Pixar is in order, since their villains usually have a much better told emotional arc to the reasons behind their villainy. I think that Syndrome from The Incredibles and Lotso from Toy Story 3 are both incredible villains with great backstories that you can really relate to and see their motives why they made that choice. None of the above villains have that quality, they’re just bad for bads sake.

    That being said, I’d pick Jafar.

  • Scar should definitely be up there. Murdering your own brother? COME ON! And Frollo as well. He wanted to burn an entire underground civilization of people and take advantage of Esmerelda.

  • lol yes Hades! “Whoa! Is my hair out?”

    Though I have often bugged my friend who a Cast Member for the Entertainment group — how come Maleficent is not a face character in Disneyland? I’ve been dying to meet her! >:)

  • Agreed on Chernabog – I came here hoping to vote for him…

  • I really think Chernabog should be an option. After all, Walt referred to Chernabog as “the devil himself”

  • No Hades?! I’m shocked 🙁

  • another Vote for Scar. After all he did kill his own brother. Yep he’s the baddest of them all!!!!!

  • my vote would’ve also been for scar.

  • Vote for mom!!!!! I remember this from last year. So kool!!!

  • I second the vote for Frollo. Truly the most well developed in the studios history. Scar should also have been included. I dont’ know why they put Captain Hook on this. He’s more comedic than scary. Not in the same class as the others.

  • …write in vote for Judge Claude Frollo from “The Hunchback of Norte Dame”. Such a mean, mean man!!! Otherwise, my vote would have to go to the Evil Queen!!! Can’t wait to vote!!!

  • Can I do a write-in vote for Gaston? XD

  • I would have to Scar from Lion King! He’s rarely included in these types of things (Although for Lion King to have such a major part in World of Color is beyond awesome!) So yeah, Scar! LoL!

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